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# Set here your own NDK path if needed
# export PATH=$PATH:~/src/endless_space/android-ndk-r4b
# Set environment to CrystaX NDK with RTTI and exceptions instead of original NDK
# export PATH=$PATH:~/src/endless_space/android-ndk-r4-crystax/ndk-build
if grep "AppUseCrystaXToolchain=y" AndroidAppSettings.cfg > /dev/null ; then
NDKBUILDPATH=`which ndk-build | sed 's@/[^/]*/ndk-build@/android-ndk-r4-crystax@'`:$PATH
export `grep "AppFullName=" AndroidAppSettings.cfg`
if ( grep "package $AppFullName;" project/src/ > /dev/null && [ "`readlink AndroidAppSettings.cfg`" -ot "project/src/" ] ) ; then true ; else
./ -a
sleep 1
touch project/src/
cd project && env PATH=$NDKBUILDPATH nice -n10 ndk-build -j2 V=1 && ant debug && cd bin && adb install -r DemoActivity-debug.apk
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