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Plugins for Adminer

Usefull plugins for Adminer database tool (

You can also try our touch-friendly theme or our custom Adminer configuration in all-in-one bundle.


Minimal requirements are: PHP 5.4, Adminer 4.4.0.


Displays constant list of servers in login form. Configuration is similar to the original "login-servers" plugin but – the killer feature – each server can have a different driver!


Displays JSON data as a table.


Displays only one prefered action in table list. Get rid of schizophrenic decisions between selecting data and showing table structure. Optimize your workflow!


Allows to set custom character sets in collation select boxes. No more scrolling through 197 options to find utf8mb4_general_ci!

How to use

  1. Download and install Adminer tool.

  2. Download plugins you want and place them to plugins folder.

File structure will be:

- plugins
	- AdminerJsonPreview.php
	- ...
- adminer.php
  1. Create index.php file and configure plugins.

	function adminer_object()
		// required to run any plugin
		include_once "./plugins/plugin.php";

		// autoloader
		foreach (glob("plugins/*.php") as $filename) {
			include_once "./$filename";

		$plugins = [
			// specify enabled plugins here
			new AdminerSimpleMenu(),

		return new AdminerPlugin($plugins);

	// include original Adminer or Adminer Editor
	include "./adminer.php";

Final file structure will be:

- plugins
	- AdminerJsonPreview.php
	- ...
	- plugin.php
- adminer.php
- index.php