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An useable web-based graphical interface for lEM statistical software.
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Provides an useable web-based graphical interface for lEM statistical software.

Currently, the cool interface is only implemented for latent class analysis, and supports only unrestricted, log-linear, hierarchical log-linear (aka linear-logistic) and non-parametric ordinal (aka Croon's) models.

Additionally, it provides the raw interface which allows one to directly execute an arbitrary lEM commands from the web.


  1. Download the LEMWIN binaries from there and unpack it. Note that the destination path should have no spaces in it (and, preferrably, to be compatible with 8.3 format).
  2. Build the CLIWrapper project and point its App.config to the lem95.exe you obtained on step 1.
  3. Deploy the Frontend project and point its config.js to the CLIWrapper binary. Additionally you may configure the listening port (or initialize it with process.env.port if you're have Node.js behind iisnode or similar servers) and toggle the cluster mode (in case you're using Node's built-in web server).


Latent class analysis

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