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Documentation, internals: Core VM

Signed-off-by: Pekka Enberg <>
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@@ -16,37 +16,43 @@ Java Virtual Machine <<Lindholm99>> <<Sun05>> <<JCP11>>, Java Native Interface
The Virtual Machine
+The virtual machine core manages classes and objects at runtime. It implements
+JVM semantics but at code level is mostly decoupled from classfiles, bytecode
+execution, and the Java runtime.
+Classes are internally represented by +struct vm_class+ and externally by
+Objects are internally represented by +struct vm_object+ and externally by
+Methods are internally represented by +struct vm_method+ and externally by
+Fields are internally represented by +struct vm_field+ and externally by
+Exceptions are not handle by the core VM itself. Instead, they are dealt with
+by the JIT runtime support code.
The Just-in-Time Compiler
The compiler is divided into the following passes: control-flow graph
construction, bytecode parsing, instruction selection, and code emission. The
compiler analyzes the given bytecode sequence to find basic blocks for
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