Proposed Angular2 Plugin Plan

Blake Callens edited this page Jun 14, 2016 · 2 revisions

Angular2 TypeScript/ES2015 and Bootstrap Compilation of default plugin

  • Assets will be compiled with gulp
  • All assets (TypeScript or ES2015, SASS) will reside inside the default plugin folder, in a src folder, and will compile to the plugin's public folder
  • The default plugin will be modified to use the same routing as other plugins
  • We will listen to our user base to determine if we use TypeScript or ES2015

Requirements for admin plugins

  • Must use the same compilation procedures as the default plugin
  • We will provide a sample admin plugin as a template for others to use

Other plugins

  • Can use any libraries and methods, but we will not make changes to our frontend libraries to support anything other than Angular2 use cases
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