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Already using haml_asset to have access to your form_for helper in the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline? Great! Maybe you're already using handlebars_assets to combine HAML and handlebars to have dynamic templates in your asset pipeline. Hopes are, by then, you got tired to add the attribute binding by hand ;)

Now either you start out and write your own Rails 3 FormBuilder, are you just drop in handlebars_haml_assets.

what it does

handlebars_haml_assets adds a new form_for command called hbs_form_for that automatically tries to figure out which attribute to bind your tags to.


= hbs_form_for :users do |u|
  = u.text_field :name

will create this for you (I've reduced the output for clarity):

  <input value="{{name}}" />

notice the Handlebars.JS binding which got automatically added for you.

Now you can start to customize things if you like - or overwrite your attribute binding, if the default does not work for you:

= hbs_form_for :users do |u|
  = u.text_field :name, value: '{{lastname}}, {{firstname}}'

Behind the scenes, all this does is to reverse_merge your options value key with the method name you're trying to access.


In order for this to work, you'll need:

  • haml_asset
  • rails 3.1

The hbs_form_for helper will only be available within your asset_pipeline.