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SimpleSort bukkit plugin
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	SimpleSort is a simple plugin which allows players to sort the items in their inventories and chests by the item IDs. It was created as a continuation of VeraLapsa's Inventory Sort plugin, and it's the first plugin made by the Flying Lawnmower Development Team (Shadow1013GL, Pyr0Byt3, and pendo324), so let us know if you find any bugs xD

	/sort - Sorts currently targeted chest, or top part of inventory if no chest is targeted.
	/sort top - Sorts top part of the player's inventory.
	/sort all - Sorts all of the player's inventory.
	/sort hot - Sorts the player's hotbar.
	/sort chest - Sorts the currently targeted chest.
	/sort auto [on|off] - Toggles auto-sorting of opened chests.

	simplesort.* - Allows the player to sort both chests and their own inventory.
		simplesort.chest - Allows the player to sort chests by hitting them the wand (Stick by default, but it can be changed in the config file).
		simplesort.inventory - Allows the player to sort their own inventory.

Note: To disable wand-sorting for specific players, remove the wand permission, like so: - -simplesort.chest.wand. Same goes for diabling auto-sorting: -

	wand - The name of the chest-sorting wand (STICK by default; to sort using an empty hand, change it to AIR).
	stack-all - Allows stacking of all items up to 64 when sorting.
	enable-wand - Whether or not to allow sorting chests with the wand.

Feel free to fork this and make whatever changes you want :D
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