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Simple url shortening back-end developed with Vertx and deployed as AWS Lambda
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AWS Lambda & Vertx Framework URL Shortener Backend

This is a simple Vertx project deployed as AWS Lambda. It demonstrates how easy it is to create, manage and deploy a truly serverless micro service. Using the Serverless Framework deploying and managing was never so easy.

Project is a url shortening service, like tinyurl, bitly... It relies on Vertx Async Api and AWS Lambda service.

API endpoints

  • URL: POST /api

    • Params type: json
    • Required Body Params: longurl
    • Output: shorturl
  • URL: GET /{shorturl}

    • Required Path Params: shorturl
    • Output: redirect to longurl

Deploying and Running

To run/deploy this example you will need to install Serverless
Open serverless.env.yml and change JDBC parameters.
After you are done here are the necceserry commands.

$ mvn clean package
$ serverless deploy -v

After this you should have your Lambda service up and running. You can find a blog post about this example here.

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