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  • RefreshController not support new multiple times,please keep the same lifecircle with SmartRefresher
  • RefreshController can only correspond to one Smart Refresher. Don't try to assign RefreshController to multiple Smart Refreshers. The most common application scenarios are TabBarView and PageView.


  • Don't put the ScrollView component you want to add an indicator under a component's subtree. Because of the implementation mechanism, it's not implemented with components like NotificationListener.
  • When you want to turn off drop-down and pull-up functions, you can use enablePullUp and enablePullDown attributes
  • When child does not inherit ScrollView, note that box constraints are unbounded in height under Smart Refresher
  • not support SingleChildView,put it into SmartRefresher's child instead.
  • When you want to add background to ScrollView, remember not to wrap Container for ListView or GridView at the child node, wrap Container outside Smart Refresher

Behind RefreshStyle

  • In fact, the realization of this style is realized by the dynamic change of height. Try to use Align attributes more in the periphery, and there will be different sliding effects.
  • It has been found that this style does not support Icon as a widget, i.e. Classial Header. It does not support Icon. Using this indicator, you will find that Icon will be suspended in the attempt area for reasons I have not found out yet.

footer indicator

  • For the problem of not satisfying one page hiding, although the internal use of precedingScrollExtent to determine how many distances ahead, but this method is not advisable, there is a case that a sliver only occupies scrollExtent but not scrollExtent. The case of layoutExtent. So if your internal slivers have this kind of sliver, my internal judgment is not legitimate, you need to judge manually. Set hideWhenNotFull to false, and then use Boolean values to determine.

NestedScrollView(Not advice to use unless necessary)

  • ScrollController need to be placed in NestedScrollView,there is not work just placed in "child"。


  • For UnFollow refresh style, when you slivers first element with Sliver Appbar, Sliver Rheader, there will be a very strange phenomenon, do not know how to describe, that is, the location of Sliver AppBar will change with the position of the indicator. In this case, you can try adding SliverToBox Adapter to the first element of slivers.
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