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Personal Introduction

Cong Pan

Research direction: Software reliability, software defect prediction, deep learning, software engineering

Persional Information

Education attainment: PhD student at Beihang University, one-year joint PhD study at University of Stuttgart

Tutor: Minyan Lu (Chinese) Michael Pradel (German)

Phone: +86-15011102253 (China) +49-17659800658 (Germany)


Educational Background

time university department status
2019.10-2020.10 (estimate) University of Stuttgart Institut für Softwaretechnologie (ISTE) visiting PhD student
2016.09-2021.03 (estimate) Beihang University Systems engineering-software reliability PhD Student
2014.09-2016.09 Beihang University Systems engineering-software reliability Master degree
2010.09-2014.09 Beihang University Reliability and systems engineering Bachelor degree

Technical Skills

1. Software reliability theories and techniques

  • Clear view of software reliability engineering and software engineering, keep track of domestic and international software reliability, quality and safety related standards

  • Master techniques such as deep learning, machine learning, software defect prediction, software failure prediction, automated software repair, software fault injection and so on

  • Master techniques throughout software reliability engineering process, including software reliability demands determination, software reliability allocation, software reliability prediction, software reliability evaluation, software reliability testing, and software safety techniques such as PHA, FHA, safety case, and data safety

2. Software development and testing

  • Skilled in python/C#/C, familiar with C++/java

  • Frequent use of Linux/Ubuntu

3. English level

  • IELTS 7, passed CET 4/6

  • Translation of international standards e.g. SAE JA1003 & IEEE STD 1633

Academic Papers

7 accepted papers, 1 of SCI indexing and 6 of EI indexing (3 first author)

[1] Pan Cong, Lu Minyan, Xu Biao, and Gao Houleng. An Improved CNN Model for Within-Project Software Defect Prediction[J]. Applied Sciences, 2019, 9(10): 2138.

[2] Cong Pan, Minyan Lu, Hong Zhang, and Biao Xu. Qualitative Software Reliability Requirements: Concept, Classification and Practical Elicitation Methods [C]//2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security Companion (QRS-C). IEEE, 2018: 164-171.

[3] Yongqiang Zhang, Hong Zhang, Cong Pan, and Chao Feng. Construction of User Concurrent Profile Based On Usage Logs[C]//2018 IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, Reliability and Security Companion (QRS-C). IEEE, 2018: 301-307.

[4] Lihua Gao, Minyan Lu, Cong Pan, Luyi Li, and Cong Pan. A survey of software runtime monitoring[C]//2017 8th IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (ICSESS). IEEE, 2017: 308-313.

[5] Chao Feng, Hong Zhang, Cong Pan, and Yara Guo. BPEL-based Usage Profile Construction[J]. DEStech Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering, 2017 (cmsam).

[6] Cong Pan, Minyan Lu, and Luyi Li. Data safety: Concept and analysis method review [C]//Information Science and Technology (ICIST), 2016 Sixth International Conference on. IEEE, 2016: 191-198.

[7] Jinfu Zhao, Hong Zhang, and Cong Pan. Improved reverse integration of SFMEA and SFTA[C]//Reliability, Maintainability and Safety (ICRMS), 2014 International Conference on. IEEE, 2014: 552-557.

Project Experience

1. National project: Software reliability requirements analysis operational guidance

  • Responsible for the application, proposal, task book and check & accept of the project

  • Responsible for the operational guidance of software reliability requirements analysis methods i.e. checklist, SFMEA and SFTA, which can be practically used in real-world engineering applications

  • Guidance of graduate Xie based on achievements of the project

  • Responsible for the planning and management of the research team

2. Natural Science Fund: Software functional failure representation pattern analysis and failure prediction methods research

  • Responsible for establishing time-series models (ARMA, ARIMA, etc.) to predict future failure and raise alarms ahead of failure using failure representations

  • Guidance of bachelor Gao as a part of the project

3. National project: software reliability integration techniques and environment development research

  • Responsible for development of software reliability allocation tools, software reliability analysis tools (SFMEA and SFTA), software reliability design principle tools, and software reliability evaluation tools

  • Case study of the overall environment on a flight control system

4. National project: Research of software system reliability design, analysis and test & evaluation techniques oriented to new generation architecture

  • Responsible for the application, proposal, and task book of the project

  • Guidance of bachelor Feng and Zhang as part of the project

5. National project: Research of software reliability design, analysis and evaluation techniques

  • Responsible for the research of comprehensive analysis of software reliability, such as integration/reverse integration of SFMEA and SFTA methods, computer-assisted analysis methods based on control flow graph and data flow graph, and data interchange

  • Responsible for the research of software reliability demands confirmation

  • Responsible for the development of SFMEA-SFTA prototype tool and refinement of software reliability design principle tool

6. National project: Integration of software reliability engineering and software engineering and application research

  • Responsible for the integration of the processes from software reliability engineering and software engineering, as well as data integrations

  • Participate in case study on an operating system extension (OSE) software

7. Research institute project: XXX system software safety analysis techniques and case study research

  • Responsible for preliminary hazard analysis (PHA), functional hazard analysis (FHA), SFMEA, SFTA analysis on the XXX system

8. National project: High-level reliability software testing and evaluation techniques analysis

  • Responsible for the accelerated software reliability testing methods research

  • Develop software reliability evaluation tools

9. Research institute project: software reliability management based on planning-case research

  • Responsible for research of software reliability case and software safety case

10. Technical presentation in English: Software reliability engineering (to Pakistan engineering personnel)

  • Responsible for presentation materials of software reliability requirements analysis and software reliability testing

11. Standard translation: Translation of IEEE STD 1633 (for establishment of domestic standards)

  • Responsible for overall management and proofread as well as part of the appendix translation

12. Standard translation: Translation of SAE JA1002/1003 (for establishment of domestic standards)

  • Responsible for part of the appendix translation

Guidance of Fellow Master and Bachelor Students

1. Guidance of bachelor Gao: Research and Application of Runtime Monitoring Technique of Complex Software-Intensive Systems Based on Failure Mechanism

  • Research and decision of the runtime monitoring roadmap i.e. monitoring methods, monitoring level, facilitating tools

  • Develop of the prototype tools for the 1st version of software runtime monitoring

2. Guidance of bachelor Feng: Research on Usage Profile Construction Method for Service-Oriented Software Systems

  • Research of transformation from BPEL (service description files) to usage profile

  • Assist in calculating operation probabilities based on similar projects or former versions

3. Guidance of bachelor Zhang: Construction of User Concurrent Profile Based On Usage Logs

  • Research of usage log extraction methods

  • Put forward the concept of concurrent profile to characterize SOA software

4. Guidance of graduate Xie: Computer aided software reliability requirement analysis

  • Transform existing project achievements for further study

  • Assist graduate in the prototype tools written in C#

5. Guidance of bachelor Sun: in progress

Self Evaluation

  • Strong professional competency: participate in many national and research institute projects, and have become the leader of the team

  • Creative thinking: explore new research directions for the research group by independent thinking

  • Strong sense of responsibility: have organized and been the leader of various research groups, help supervisor manage the whole team and accomplish project tasks efficiently

  • Logical thinking: use systems engineering methodology to think logically and carefully in detail

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