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Rails helper for Backtweets widgets

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Backtweets Helper

Simple Rails helper to write Backtweets widgets for those that don't like to get their hands dirty with JavaScript.


script/plugin install git://



<-- Simple count -->
<%= backtweets_count -%>

<-- Compact size -->
<%= backtweets_count(:size => 'small', :src => 'RT @pengwynn') -%>

# full options

# Parameter       Default                     Description
# ___________     __________                  ________________
# url             Current URL                 The URL to measure tweets for
# title           Title of current page       The title of the page for retweets
# src                                         Leading text for retweets
# via             true                        If tweets contain '(via @BackType)'
# links           false                       If links should be opened in new windows
# size            "large"                     Size of button ("large" or "small")
# api_key                            API Key for custom URL shortener
# short_url       Generated (           Specify the pre-shortened URL that you would like to use
# background                                  Button background color (e.g. 'FFFFFF')
# border                                      Button border color (e.g. 'CCCCCC')
# text                                        Button text color (e.g. '000000')

Comments widget

<%= backtweets_comments('pengwynn') -%>

Blogroll widget

<%= backtweets_blogroll('pengwynn') -%>

Search widget

<%= backtweets_search('iphone') -%>

Copyright (c) 2009 Wynn Netherland, released under the MIT license

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