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export GHI_PAGER=less
export GIT_SANDBOX=~/Projects/sandbox
# Wrap git with hub
if [[ -f `command -v hub` ]] ; then alias git=hub ; fi
alias g='git'
# Git flow
alias gff='git flow feature'
alias gffs='git flow feature start'
alias gfff='git flow feature finish'
alias gfr='git flow release'
alias gfrs='git flow release start'
alias gfrf='git flow release finish'
alias gfh='git flow hotfix'
alias gfhs='git flow hotfix start'
alias gfhf='git flow hotfix finish'
alias gfs='git flow support'
alias gfss='git flow support start'
alias gst='git status'
# Pairing
hitch() {
command hitch "$@"
if [[ -s "$HOME/.hitch_export_authors" ]] ; then source "$HOME/.hitch_export_authors" ; fi
alias unhitch='hitch -u'
# Uncomment to persist pair info between terminal instances
# hitch
function minutes_since_last_commit {
now=`date +%s`
last_commit=`git log --pretty=format:'%at' -1`
echo $minutes_since_last_commit
function sandbox() {
cd $GIT_SANDBOX && git clone $1 && cd `last_modified`
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