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# hub tab-completion script for zsh.
# This script complements the completion script that ships with git.
# vim: ft=zsh sw=2 ts=2 et
# Autoload _git completion functions
if declare -f _git > /dev/null; then
if declare -f _git_commands > /dev/null; then
'alias:show shell instructions for wrapping git'
'pull-request:open a pull request on GitHub'
'fork:fork origin repo on GitHub'
'create:create new repo on GitHub for the current project'
'browse:browse the project on GitHub'
'compare:open GitHub compare view'
# Extend the '_git_commands' function with hub commands
eval "$(declare -f _git_commands | sed -e 's/base_commands=(/base_commands=(${_hub_commands} /')"
compdef g=git
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