Nesta starting point with baked-in H5BP, Compass, Semantic GS, & Capistrano
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Getting Started

Nesta Boilerplate is simple to setup and comes with baked-in support for HTML Boilerplate, Compass (and Sass/Haml), Semantic GS, Capistrano, and jQuery.

First things first, learn about Nesta then get started like so: $ git clone $ cd nesta-boilerplate $ bundle $ shotgun

Then point your browser to And voila, you're rockin' some Nesta Boilerplate goodness.

By default, Capistrano is setup to deploy from your current directory, no need to setup a git repo if you don't want. I would, however, recommend creating one and modifying config/deploy.rb to use git.

Also, you'll want to edit config/deploy.rb with all of your server-specific info.

Credit where credit's due

Many tips 'n tricks were taken from Wynn Netherland's Nesta blog, this post by Scott Martin, and Adam Stac's Nesta Boostrap. And of course, thanks to Graham Ashton for creating Nesta CMS.