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+Categories: docs/plugins
+Summary: Generates citations and reference lists from BibTeX files.
+# Maldini plugin
+Allows citations and reference lists to be automatically generated from [BibTeX][bibtex] files.
+## Usage
+The plugin provides a class, `Maldini::Bibliography`, which can be assigned a link to a BibTeX file, and provides methods to automatically generate citations and reference lists.
+## Installation
+Maldini is presently in pre-release development. The development version may be installed with:
+ $ cd path/to/site
+ $ echo 'gem "nesta-plugin-maldini", :git => "git://"' >> Gemfile
+ $ bundle
+## Documentation
+For more on the idea behind Maldini, see the Maldini [project homepage][maldiniproject]. You can browse the
+code on the [GitHub page][].
+[GitHub page]:
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