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+Categories: docs/plugins
+Summary: Allows you to use a different design on each page of your site, in the style of the [PeepCode blog](
+# Blogazine plugin
+Allows you to use a different design on each page of your site, in the
+style of the [PeepCode blog](
+The plugin adds a a new metadata key ('Design') that you can set on each
+page in order to specify the name of the stylesheet that should be
+served for that page.
+## Installation
+ $ cd path/to/site
+ $ echo 'gem "nesta-plugin-blogazine" >> Gemfile'
+ $ bundle
+For full instructions, see the [documentation][]. You can browse the
+code on the [GitHub page][].
+[documentation]: /docs/design/making-an-art-directed-blogazine
+[GitHub page]:
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-Articles heading: The plugins
# Plugin directory
The core code base of Nesta has been kept fairly lean on purpose. Nesta
@@ -9,8 +7,7 @@ easy to grasp starting point from which your web site can grow.
We've therefore decided to keep the code base lean and clean, while
releasing less globally useful features as plugins.
-Plugin support was only added in [Nesta 0.9.10][0-9-10] so there aren't
-any plugins to tell you about yet. For now you'll have to make do by
-reading about how to make your own...
+If you'd like to write your own plugin, see [Writing Nesta
-[0-9-10]: /blog/version-0-9-10
+[writing]: /docs/plugins/writing-plugins
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-Categories: docs/plugins
Summary: Nesta plugins are distributed as Ruby gems. They're easy to write, easy to share, and easy to install. If you can sling enough Ruby code to modify your site's behaviour in an `app.rb` file, you can write a plugin. Just read these docs first...
# Writing Nesta plugins

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