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gma committed Sep 22, 2011
1 parent 2662691 commit ef82eb7d18b00fe0ab8523c7e389cc1d3ac5f01e
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@@ -51,6 +51,12 @@ Here's the CHANGES file with the full list of updates:
* Remove trailing slashes from all URLs, redirecting to the URL without
the slash. See ticket #60 on GitHub.
+ * Added the 'Articles heading' metadata key. When articles are listed
+ on a category page, Nesta adds a heading above the articles based on
+ the category's title (e.g. "Articles on Thing"). If you set the
+ 'Articles heading' metadata Nesta will allow you to override the
+ entire heading for a given page.
* Bug fix: require nesta/plugin automatically on load. The
Nesta::Plugin.register method is called by plugins as soon as they
are loaded, so we need to make it available. In 0.9.10 this method

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