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Implement Issues API #7

pengwynn opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Commands for Issues API


Trying to think through how this should be structured; I can think of three usages:

  • A user's issues
  • A repo's issues
  • Search for issues


  • $ octonaut user <name> issues
  • $ octonaut repo <name> issues
  • $ octonaut issues <query>



I like that @adamyonk.


You have Issues for users and repos but you can also retrieve Issues for Organizations (or would that be a part of the user bit?).


That's a good question. It would definitely be worth looking into whether you can get at issues from an organizations perspective. Can you speak to that, @pengwynn?


Yeah I think we'll end up with all three of those. octonaut org <name> issues, too.


Cool stuff, I hope to finish the migration to Octokit 2.0 this week to start working on this new features.

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