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Ruby wrapper for the Otter API

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Simple Ruby wrapper for the Otter API. Topsy is a search engine powered by tweets.


Topsy is hosted on Gemcutter, so:

sudo gem install topsy


# grab your API key from
Topsy.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = "ENTER-YOUR-KEY"

>> Topsy.rate_limit
=> <#Topsy::RateLimitInfo limit=10000 remaining=10000 reset=1262804400>

>> Topsy.author_info('')
=> <#Topsy::Author description="44th President of the United States" influence_level=10 name="Barack Obama" nick="barackobama" topsy_author_url="" type="twitter" url="">

>> Topsy.experts('programming')
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Author descript ... ] page=1 perpage=15 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=97229 window=nil>

>> Topsy.experts('programming', :perpage => 2, :page => 1)
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Author description="Most ... ] page=1 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=100685 window=nil>

>> Topsy.link_posts('', :perpage => 2, :page => 2)
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Linkpost content="An important reminder ... ] page=2 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=402 window=nil>

>> Topsy.link_posts('')
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Linkpost content="An important reminder about health reform on the @Whit... ] page=1 perpage=10 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=402 window=nil>

>> Topsy.link_post_count('')
=> <#Topsy::LinkpostCount all=402 contains=0>

>> Topsy.url_info('')
=> <#Topsy::UrlInfo description="" description_attribution="" oneforty="just finished installing wordpress in a linux .." url="">

>> Topsy.stats('')
=> <#Topsy::Stats all=29869 contains=0 influential=2023 topsy_trackback_url="">

=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::LinkSearchResult content="Why 30 Rock is a Rip-Off of The Muppet Show -" .. ]  page=1 perpage=10 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=714429 window="a">

>>'rock', :perpage => 2, :page => 3)
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::LinkSearchResult content="Just released! Beatles Rock Band opening cinematic. Amaz ..." ] page=3 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=714429 window="a">

>>'rock', :perpage => 2, :page => 3, :window => 'd')
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::LinkSearchResult content="Be a Google Wave Rock Star" highlight="Be a .. "] page=3 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=6064 window="d">

>> Topsy.search_count('rock')
=> <#Topsy::SearchCounts a=5191790 d=7601 h=206 m=216179 w=45462>

>> Topsy.related('')
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::LinkSearchResult title="New Twitter Feature: Body Counts | Danger Room ... ">] page=1 perpage=10 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=4458 window=nil>

>> Topsy.tags('')
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Tag name="current" url="">, <#Topsy::Tag name="twe ... ">] page=1 perpage=10 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=1885 window=nil>

>> Topsy.trending
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Trend term="u s reopens embassy in yemen" url=" ... ">] page=1 perpage=10 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=1434 window=nil>

>> Topsy.trending(:page => 3, :perpage => 2)
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Trend term="droid vs iphone" url="" ... ">] page=3 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url=nil total=1434 window=nil>

>> Topsy.trackbacks('', :perpage => 2, :page => 2)
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Tweet author=<#Topsy::Author influence_level=8 name="tama" photo_url="http://a3.twimg .. ">] page=2 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url="" total=39705 window=nil>

>> Topsy.trackbacks('', :perpage => 2, :page => 2, :contains => 'mashable')
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::Tweet author=<#Topsy::Author name="Hannah Grosvenor" photo_url="http://a1.t. ... >] page=2 perpage=2 topsy_trackback_url="" total=41 window=nil>

# Fetch search results for the query "gemcutter"
>> results ="gemcutter")
=> <#Topsy::Page list=[<#Topsy::LinkSearchResult content="New design ... ]>

# Fetch search counts for the query "gemcutter"
>> counts = Topsy.search_count("gemcutter")
=> <#Topsy::SearchCounts a=773 d=6 h=0 m=103 w=24>
>> counts.this_week
=> 24

Check the full gem documentation and API docs for more info.

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Add tests for it. This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.
  • Commit, do not mess with rakefile, version, or history. (if you want to have your own version, that is fine but bump version in a commit by itself I can ignore when I pull)
  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.


Copyright (c) 2010 Wynn Netherland. See LICENSE for details.

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