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Ruby library and command line utility for Tumblr
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Ruby wrapper and command line tool for the Tumblr API. In case there weren't enough of those already. This one is powered by the Weary gem.

RDoc | Gem | Metrics


gem install tumblr-rb


$: tumblr path/to/a_post.markdown
Email Address:
Published to Tumblr. The ID for this post is: 123456789

You can pass tumblr something from standard input, but you have to set your email and password as arguments:

$: echo 'Hello world.' | tumblr -a
Published to Tumblr. The ID for this post is: 123456790

Or the credentials can come from a YAML file:

$ cat ~/.tumblrlogin
password: myvoiceismypassport
$ echo 'Hello world. | tumblr --credentials ~/.tumblrlogin

Try tumblr --help if you are in need of guidance. Read tumblr(1) for more information.

Getting Started

Like Jekyll, and Mustache, Tumblr gem will transform documents preceded by a YAML frontmatter block.

YAML frontmatter beings with --- on a single line, followed by YAML, ending with another --- on a single line, e.g.

type: quote
source: Billy Shakespeare
state: draft
tags: hamlet, shakespeare
"To be or not to be."

Understood YAML parameters are taken from the Tumblr API:

Read tumblr(5) for more info.

All Posts

type                regular, photo, link, quote, conversation, video, audio
                    will take a guess if ommitted.

state               published, queue, draft, submission

format              html or markdown

tags                comma-separated list of tags

date                post date

private             true if the post is private

slug                A custom string to appear in the post's URL

group               id for a secondary blog

generator           description of the publishing application

send-to-twitter     Twitter status update if the tumblelog has enabled it

publish-on          if the post state is 'queue', publish on this date

Additional parameters for specific Post Types

regular         title

photo           caption, click-through-url

quote           source

link            name, description

conversation    title

video           title, caption

audio           caption

To publish to Tumblr, do this:

request =, password).post(document)
request.perform do |response|
    if response.success?
        puts response.body  # Returns the new post's id.
        puts "Something went wrong: #{response.code} #{response.message}"


  • Full API coverage. Leave no method behind.
  • Well tested. Like a good Rubyist.
  • Obnoxiously simple CLI. *nix idioms are wonderful.
  • Kind-of-sort-of proof-of-concept for Weary.


  • File-uploading for Photos, Videos, Audio (needs to get into Weary)


The Tumblr gem is Copyright (c) 2010 Mark Wunsch and is licensed under the MIT License.

Tumblr is Copyright (c) Tumblr, Inc. The Tumblr gem is NOT affiliated with Tumblr, Inc.

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