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Build xPUD with mkxpud

This is a brief how-to on building xPUD with Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala).

Download and extract build system

(you can find the list of up-to-date mirrors on mirror list for faster download)

$ wget http://xpud.org/download/karmic-rootfs.tgz
$ mkdir karmic-xpud
$ sudo tar zxvf karmic-rootfs.tgz -C karmic-xpud/

Internet connection inside build system

$ sudo chroot karmic-xpud/rootfs/ mkdir -p /proc/net/dev/
$ sudo chroot karmic-xpud/rootfs/ dhclient

Upgrade and Setting

$ sudo cp /etc/hosts karmic-xpud/rootfs/etc/hosts
$ sudo chroot karmic-xpud/rootfs/ apt-get update
$ sudo chroot karmic-xpud/rootfs/ apt-get upgrade

Export mkxpud from Repository

$ sudo git clone git://github.com/penk/mkxpud.git karmic-xpud/rootfs/mkxpud
$ find karmic-xpud/rootfs/mkxpud -name .git* -exec sudo rm -rf {} \;

Build the xPUD Rootfs

$ sudo chroot karmic-xpud/rootfs/
$ cd mkxpud/
$ ./tools/mkxpud all

That’s it, the default cookbook will work. :-)

Bonus: Creating Image

if you’re looking for a way to combine the kernel and rootfs, download the linux-source, and edit .config to find this line:


replace it with your absolute path pointing to the rootfs.cpio just created, then:
$ make bzImage

after compiling, the file will be put under arch/x86/boot/bzImage.