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Analysis Notes for CS 2013/2014
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Analysis I/II Notes


If you're just here for the PDF, here you go. Be advised, however, that the PDF is constantly changing. It is not finished yet, and is likely to contain many mistakes. If you see anything fishy, please file an issue.

This repo contains all the handwritten notes from Professor Imamoglu's Analysis I/II class for CS at ETHZ. Although this page should clarify most of your doubts, you can email me and I will try to help you. Please avoid questions regarding LaTeX (installation, usage, can't compile) as the sections below are pretty self explanatory.

This repository will always contain the latest files (PDFs as well), which will be updated when progress is made. As of right now, I do NOT recommend you print out things in a final form (booklet, color,...) since they might change from one day to another. Once I am done, you will receive an email with the final files.

Although (almost) everything has been typed up, you can still report errors, and propose corections or improvements. Take a look at the Contributing section below to find out how.


Chapter Typed up? Finished drawings? Spellchecked? Math checked? Done?
1 Yes Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
2 Yes (*) Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
3 Yes Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
4 Yes Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
5 Yes Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
6 Yes Yes Yes Yes No
7 Yes Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
8 Yes Yes (*) Yes Waiting for corrections No
9 Yes Yes Yes Waiting for corrections No
Review 1 No No No No No
Review 2 Yes Yes No No No

(*) Might still be missing some content, which will be added once the corrections are made.

Getting the material

In order to get the material, there are two ways:

  • Get a .zip file, containing all of the notes, as well as the source files. This package contains Final chapters, as well as those that are in progress.
    1. Download the .zip archive here
    2. Unzip it, you will find a folder named "Analysis-Notes-master", open it
    3. Open the "PDF" Folder
    4. There are two folders you have to pay attention to:
      • Final chapters: Those files that are complete and final, are saved here.
      • Work in Progress: Everything is included in here, as well as incomplete files.
    5. Get the files you need
  • Typeset (Build) it yourself from source. Take a look at the Building section

New PDFs are generated on an (almost) daily basis, so if you are not familiar with LaTeX, just get the files from the "PDF" folder.

UPDATE: As of 21.05.2014 new PDFs are generated on a daily basis (at around 2:30 AM), so this page always contains the latest ones.


Since these documents are still a very early version, they might contain a few (if not more) mistakes. In order to report an error:

  • If you have no experience with LaTeX or GitHub:
    1. Make sure you have a GitHub account, otherwise create one here. Please use the same name as your ETHZ account, makes my life much easier if I have to contact you.
    2. On the right side of this page, click on the "Issues" tab
    3. Check if no one else has posted the same Issue. If no one has, open a new issue, stating:
      • Title: Chapter + Page Number
      • Message: Issue found, plus the eventual correction(s)
      • Tag: Add a tag that best classifies the issue
      • If you are not sure, take a look at the sample here
    4. Post the issue, it will be corrected ASAP.
  • If you are familiar with LaTeX and GitHub:
    1. First, check if someone has posted the same issue. If yes, mention it in your merge request (point v.)
    2. Fork the repo. Help here
    3. Make the changes, and commit them to your forked repo. Make sure to add detailed comments explaining what you changed, makes my life a lot easier when merging!
    4. Pull changes from the original branch. If there are major conflicts when you request a merge, your changes will NOT be merged. Make sure you are always up to date with the original branch.
    5. Once you are done, request a Merge. Help here

I will not take into consideration emails containing corrections. Please use the "Issues" tab so I can keep track of every change.


This is only recommended to people with experience with LaTeX, since the files might still contain bugs and errors that have to be ironed out. I will not answer emails asking for help if the files do not build! If you are not sure, just use the PDFs inside the .zip archive (Take a look at [Getting the material](#Getting the material)). If you are installing LaTeX from scratch, make sure you install the full release with all the packages!

  1. Linux users, make sure you sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade before you start
  2. Make sure you have the following programs installed:
    • LaTeX
    • Gnuplot
      • Mac OS: Tutorial. Take a look at the "Installing gnuplot" section.
      • Windows: Setup file
      • Linux: Depends on your distro, a quick google search should help
  3. Download the master Branch here and unzip it.
  4. Build the files:
    • Using a program with a GUI: 2. Navigate to the "Tex/MAINs" folder, and open "main.tex" using TexWorks (Right-click->open with... or similar depending on your OS) 3. On the top left, select "pdfLaTex" from the dropdown menu 4. Click on the green arrow, this will start the building process. Repeat this step at least 2 times!! 5. You should now have a "main.pdf" file in your "MAINs" Folder. 6. You can delete the other files, like the aux and log files.
    • Using the terminal: There are 3 different files located in the "Scripts" folder.
      • This builds all of the notes into one PDF
      • Builds a PDF for each chapter
      • Builds the Review for the second semester
        In the following instructions, replace with the one you choose:
      • Mac and Linux:
        1. cd path/to/Scripts/folder/ (i.e. cd /Users/Waldo/Desktop/Analysis-Notes-master/Scripts/)
        2. If it is the first time that you run this script, type sudo chmod 755, and hit enter.
        3. Afterwards, type ./ and press enter.
        4. Wait until the process is done.
        5. You will find a folder called "PDF" inside the Notes folder, with the output file(s).
      • Windows: Although this method is in no way supported, it should work on most systems. Just make sure you have TexLive installed and not MikTeX!
        1. If you haven't already, install Git (msysgit) from here
        2. Once done, open the "Git Bash" program
        3. cd path/to/Scripts/folder/ (i.e. cd /c/Users/Waldo/Desktop/Analysis-Notes-master/Scripts, here /c/ stands for your drive)
        4. Type ./, and hit enter
        5. Wait until the process is done
        6. You will find a folder called "PDF" inside the Notes folder, with the output file(s).


The following documents, as well as any other file contained in this repository (like scripts, etc.) are given as is, meaning I take NO RESPONSIBILITY if something happens to your computer, or if the information contained in the documents is not accurate.

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