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Plugin for PathVisio for integrative visualization of complex component data on the complex nodes.
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ComplexViz plugin for PathVisio

ComplexViz is a PathVisio Plugin. It has been developed specially for simplifying visualization of data on the many complexes of Reactome pathways.

##Releases Version available : 0.1.0 Works with PathVisio version 3.2.1 or higher

User documentation


  • Highlighting components of a complex
  • Showing complex components in the "Components" sidepanel, also with the data visualized
  • Calculating scores for complexes based on a user-defined criterion
  • Visualizing the complex scores on the complex nodes to highlight the complexes of interest
  • Change border colour of a complex and it's components to highlight whichcomponents belong to which complex

Known issues:

  • Side panel complex components view does not always show - sometimes resizing of the tab or mouse click are needed
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