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2012-03-29 Raymond Penners <>
* account: E-mail confirmation mails are now automatically resent
whenever a user attempts to login with an unverified e-mail
2012-03-15 Raymond Penners <>
* account: The render_value parameter of all PasswordInput fields
used can now be configured via a setting.
2012-03-15 Raymond Penners <>
* account: Added support for prefixing the subject of sent emails.
2012-03-14 Raymond Penners <>
* account: Added support for a plugging in a custom signup form
used for additional questions to ask during signup.
2012-02-28 Raymond Penners <>
* account: `is_active` is no longer used to keep users with an
unverified e-mail address from loging in.
2012-02-22 Raymond Penners <>
* Dropping uniform dependency. Moved uniform templates into
example project.
2012-01-19 Raymond Penners <>
* Version 0.3.0 released.
2012-01-06 Raymond Penners <>
* The e-mail authentication backend now attempts to use the
'username' parameter as an e-mail address. This is needed to
properly integrate with other apps invoking authenticate.
2011-05-29 Raymond Penners <>
* SmileyChris contributed support for automatically generating a
user name at signup when ACCOUNT_USERNAME_REQUIRED is set to
* Vuong Nguyen contributed support for (optionally) asking for the
password just once during signup
2011-04-22 Raymond Penners <>
* The Twitter oauth sequence now respects the "oauth_callback"
parameter instead of defaulting to the callback URL
configured at Twitter.
2011-04-14 Raymond Penners <>
* Pass along "?next=" parameter between login and signup views.
* Added Dutch translation.
2011-04-12 Raymond Penners <>
* Added template tags for pointing to social login URLs. These
tags automatically pass along any "?next="
parameter. Additionally, added an overall allauth_tags that
gracefully degrades when e.g. allauth.facebook is not installed.
2011-04-11 Raymond Penners <>
* Pass along next URL, if any, at /accounts/social/signup/.
* Duplicate email address handling could throw a
MultipleObjectsReturned exception, fixed.
2011-04-10 Raymond Penners <>
* Removed separate social account login view, in favour of having
a single unified login view including both forms of login.
2011-04-07 Raymond Penners <>
* Added support for passing along a next URL parameter to
Facebook, OpenID logins.
2011-02-13 Raymond Penners <>
* Added support for django-avatar, copying the Twitter profile
image locally on signup.
2010-11-12 Raymond Penners <>
* allauth/account/ (BaseSignupForm.clean_email): With
ACCOUNT_EMAIL_REQUIRED=False, empty email addresses were
considered duplicates. Fixed.
2010-11-12 Raymond Penners <>
* The existing migrations for allauth.openid were not compatible
with MySQL due to the use of an URLField with max_length above
255. The issue has now been addressed but unfortunately at the
cost of the existing migrations for this app. Existing
installations will have to be dealt with manually (altering the
"identity" column of OpenIDAccount, deleting ghost migrations).
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