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Django's builtin i18n support stores the selected language in the session, cooki18n uses cookies instead.

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Django's builtin i18n support stores the selected language in the session. This approach has the following problems:

  • Sessions are created for anonymous users when they switch language
  • It may lead to caching issues (the pages are set to "Vary-Cookie", but in fact the session cookie does not change when the language switches)

The above is captured in the following Django tickets.

This little project aims to be a drop in replacement for Django's i18n so that you can have the language stored in a cookie, which is in line with what ticket 12794 requests.


Simply follow the Django i18n instructions. However:

  • Use cooki18n.middleware.LocaleMiddleware instead of django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware
  • Use cooki18n.views.set_language instead of django.views.i18n.set_language
  • Use cooki18n.utils.get_language_from_request instead of django.utils.translation.get_language_from_request
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