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KISS approach to a "Load more" style AJAX paginator
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KISS approach to a "Load more" style AJAX paginator


  • Django 1.3+
  • jQuery


  • Non-intrusive: your Django view is completely unaware of dynamic load-more stuff going on.
  • There is literally no code (no Python, no Javascript) required to get a fully AJAX style "load more" going.
  • KISS


  • Write your view as usual, handing over an (unpaginated) list of items to a template.

  • Render the list of items in your template as follows:

    {% load pagemore %}
    {% more_paginator items per_page=10 ordered_by="-created_at" as paginator %}
    {% for item in paginator.objects %}
    {% if forloop.first %}
    <div class="pagemore-container">
    {% endif %}
    {% if forloop.last %}
    {% if paginator.has_more %}
    <a class="pagemore-paginator" href="?{{paginator.next_query}}">More items...</a>
    {% endif %}
    {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}
    <script type="text/javascript" src="{{STATIC_URL}}pagemore/js/pagemore.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        $(function() { $(".pagemore-paginator").pagemore(); });
  • That's all!

Pagination Strategies

When a user is paginating through a list of items, while at the same time new items are being inserted, offset based slicing would result in duplicate items being shown. A way to circumvent this is to make sure that the items are properly ordered and to filter on items after a certain point. Both strategies are supported.

Paginate by Slicing


{% more_paginator ... strategy="slice" ... %}


  • Supports both querysets and lists
  • Does not order the objects unless explicitly told to (ordered_by).

Paginate by Filtering


{% more_paginator ... strategy="filter" ... %}


  • Only supports querysets
  • Enforces an ordering of the objects passed (default on id, overridable by ordered_by).
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