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Our ultimate goal is improving the Penn community. We aim to do so not only by creating high-quality products, but by giving back with educational resources.

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  1. penn-sdk-python

    A Python module for the various services of Penn OpenData. Validated API token required.

    HTML 23 5

  2. platform

    API for the Penn Labs platform built using Django REST framework. Includes accounts engine, club directory, product listings, documentation etc.

    Python 13

  3. penncoursereview-sdk-python

    A Python module for communicating with the Penn Course Review API.

    Python 8

  4. common-funding-application

    The Common Funding Application is an online application that allows student groups and organizations to request funding from various funding sources at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Python 11 2

  5. penn-mobile-android

    Penn's mobile app for Android

    Java 19 2

  6. penn-mobile-ios

    The iOS app for the University of Pennsylvania

    Swift 16 2

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