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Bugs that aren't our fault, but might bite people:
* You might experience crashes because the default executable stack
size is too small. An 8 megabyte stack is more than ample. On unix,
it can be raised with 'ulimit -s 8192'. On Windows, you must use the
editbin progam that comes with MS development environments to raise
the stack on a per-executable basis, via 'editbin /STACK:8388608
* Some IPv6-enabled systems are not configured out of the box to
tunnel IPv4 connection attempts on the same port to the IPv6 socket
that is listening. If you can connect to a local game via ::1 but
not this is likely the issue. On unix systems, a user with
root privileges can do 'sysctl -w net.inet6.ip6.v6only=0', after
which you'll have to do a complete shutdown and restart of the mush
for the change to take effect. The file /etc/sysctl.conf will have
to be changed too so the change persists across server reboots.
If that's not practical, you can get an IPv4-only mush by doing
the following:
% ./configure --disable-ipv6
% make
Then do a full @shutdown of the game and run restart.
* The configure script sometimes detects functions that aren't seen
when the mush itself is compiled. Some linux distributions seem to
be very prone to this, probably due to customizations of their glibc
packages. For now, just comment out the relevant HAVE_FOO lines from
config.h. You'll have to redo this every time you re-run
configure. If you can figure out how to make the relevant prototypes
and macros visible to Penn, let us know! Some functions known to
cause this include posix_fadvise() and posix_fallocate().
You can browse the bug and suggestion database at to see more.