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This is the old changes file for PennMUSH. Changes are reported in reverse
chronological order (more recent first.) Starting with 1.7.4, each minor
version has its own changelog, in CHANGES.174 and so on.
[TN] is Thorvald Natvig, a PennMUSH developer (aka Trivian)
[TAP] is T. Alexander Popiel, a former PennMUSH developer (aka Talek)
[SW] is Shawn Wagner, a PennMUSH developer (aka Raevnos)
[LdW] is Luuk de Waard, a former PennMUSH developer (aka Halatir)
[RLM] is Ralph Melton, a former PennMUSH developer
[NJG] is Nick Gammon, the former Win32 porter
[DW] is Dan Williams, the former MacOS porter
[2.2] refers to code which originated with the TinyMUSH 2.2 developers
[3] refers to code by (or inspired by) TinyMUSH 3.0
[Rhost] refers to code by (or inspired by) RhostMUSH
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 14 January 29, 2001
Major Changes:
* Commands and functions can now be aliased to other names
in mush.cnf, so you can provide translated command names
as well as the english one, etc. Suggested at various times
by Krad@M*U*S*H and David@M*U*S*H. New file aliases.cnf
in game/ is created to put these command_alias and function_alias
directives (as well as reserve_alias). [SW]
Minor Changes:
* smalloc and bigram compression options are no longer supported. [SW]
* Internal improvements to @search/lsearch, which are now more
consistent with one another. [SW]
* mush.cnf options that refer to dbrefs now understand #<number> as
well as just <number>. They are also formatted as dbrefs in @config
and config(). [SW]
* Much longer game/names.cnf file contributed by Kyieren@M*U*S*H.
* New internal function notify_format() to replace notify+tprintf
more safely. [SW]
* Tweaks to network activity timeout code. [SW]
* @stat and lstats no longer needs to scan the entire database. [SW]
* @switch and @select can now take a /notify switch, like @dolist.
* Players may @chown by dbref, but they must still be carrying
the object if it's a thing. Suggested by Kyieren@M*U*S*H.
* @clone can now clone rooms. Suggested by Kyieren@M*U*S*H.
* @verb's matching of the <actor> argument has been relaxed so
non-privileged objects can use it on remote actors, if the normal
permission checks succeed. This makes @verb much more useful for zones
and master room objects. [SW]
* @forwardlist [2.2,SW]
* itemize() takes a list "a b c" and produces "a, b, and c" and
similar tricks. Also callable as elist() for Rhost compatibility.
* ilev() returns the current iter nesting level. [Rhost,SW]
* When indexing help files, ones that aren't in the right format
weren't being properly closed. Report by Nammyung@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* We're much more forgiving about help files that start with
blank lines now.
* Help updates by Kyieren@M*U*S*H, [SW]
* Games w/o MAIL_ALIAS couldn't load maildbs that had mail aliases.
Reported by Nymeria. [SW]
* max_pennies had a limit of 10,000 in conf.c, even though it
has always defaulted to 100,000. Reported by Intrevis@M*U*S*H.
* src/filecopy.c didn't include hdrs/log.h. Fixed by Noltar@Korongil.
* MacOS portability fixes. [DW]
* vsnprintf used in place of vsprintf everywhere when available. [SW]
* Cleanup of @atrlock code. [SW]
* '#' without any trailing numbers was treated as #0 when used as a
dbref. [SW]
* Added explicit checking for lower-case letters in good_atr_name(). [SW]
* Trying to set an attribute with a bad name now gives a better
error message. [SW]
* Fix to potential overflow bug in revwords. [SW]
* Fix to potential overflow bug in @grep. [SW]
* Configure checks for snprintf. Systems unfortunate enough not to
have this (Solaris 2.5.1, for example) are stuck with sprintf.
Report by Broncalo@DuneIII.
* CHARGES were decremented whenever an A-attribute would be
executed, *even if the attribute wasn't set on the object*.
Reported by Kyieren@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 13 January 9, 2001
Major Changes:
* Semaphores may use attributes other than SEMAPHORE. These
"named semaphores" make it easier to have multiple semaphores
waiting on the same object. [SW]
* New attribute flag AF_NODUMP prevents attributes from being
dumped to the db. It applies to QUEUE, SEMAPHORE, and attributes
used as named SEMAPHORES. [SW]
* @wait/until can be used to put commands on the wait queue until
some absolute time (in secs) is reached. [SW]
* @cpattr/noflagcopy copies attribute data without flags.
Same for @mvattr. Suggested by Noltar@Korongil.
* foreach() takes start and end arguments like TM3/MUX2. [3,SW]
* locate() has a new option to force matching the preferred type,
and an undocumented option to eliminate ambiguous matching is now
documented. [SW]
Minor Changes:
* Experimental support for translating 8-bit accented characters to HTML
entities for Pueblo. [SW]
* Objects without a @lock/zone that are used as zones are noticed and
warned about during dbcks. [SW]
* Some people prefer that +channel "foo now cause you to say "foo
on the channel, instead of stripping the initial quote. Now
it's a mush.cnf option (chat_strip_quote). Suggested by Dave Milford.
* isint() now ignores tiny_math, so isint(foo) will always return 0. [SW]
* Hopefully fixed a problem with puppets doing look for non-Pueblo
players with Pueblo support turned on. The line after the look
could appear to come from the puppet even if it didn't. [SW]
* If you disabled a command with a one-character token (like say),
then running the command with the token ("hi!) would fail, but
wouldn't return the right thing for $command matching. Now it
returns the canoncalized raw command (SAY hi!) so you can trap
it in softcode. Reported by Mackenzie@SWGT Mush
* General linting [SW]
* Help fixes by Rince@M*U*S*H.
* make customize doesn't try to link mkindx any more. And README and
os2/Makefile don't refer to it either. By Bobby Bailey (Chil@M*U*S*H).
* The internal tprintf() function is safer. [SW]
* Crash bug in @edit fixed, and @edit code is cleaned up. [SW]
* max_pennies documented in mush.cnf. Noted by Oriens@Alexandria
* cmdlocal.dst now includes cmds.h. Reported by David@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 12 January 4, 2001
* A new @lock/chzone, set on a ZMO, controls who may @chzone
objects to the ZMO. This can simplify multi-player building
using ZMOs. Suggested by David@M*U*S*H
* @wcheck/me checks all of a player's objects for them.
* cflags() function gets channel flags.
* ctitle() gets channel title for an object. Suggested by Luke@M*U*S*H.
* strinsert() function does insert() on strings. Suggested by
Reagan@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* channels() on an object you can't examine now shows you channels
that you have in common with it. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H
Minor changes:
* Runaway objects are now logged, along with the command that
pushed them over the edge. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* All instances of fprintf(stderr,...) after logging is started
are now handled through do_rawlog(LT_ERR,...). By David@M*U*S*H.
* @atrchown works more reasonably. [SW]
* @lock/link on an unlinked exit restricts who may link it.
* Everyone (even mortals) sees object names at the top of
their descriptions when they look at them. Suggested by Jeff
Ferrell most recently.
* New reserve_alias mush.cnf directive makes run-time command
alias reservation possible. Suggested by Jeff Ferrell.
* Mortals may use @command to get info about commands. Suggested by
* Messages logged during help file indexing distinguish indexing
of admin topics. Suggested by mith@M*U*S*H
* Help fixes by [SW], Jeff Ferrell, mith@M*U*S*H, Mirth@AtheneuMUSH.
* Help update to @cpattr based on behavior noted by Noltar@Korongil.
* cwho and @chan/who behave better with hidden (@hide) players.
Reported by Reagan@M*U*S*H.
* MUSHes with no @functions crashed on @list calls due to a
problem with the hashtable code. Reported by Whiskey. [SW]
* A bug in handling of errors under debug in process_expression
was reported by Reagan@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* Rare memory leak in process_expression fixed. [SW]
* Inconsistencies in the handling of destroyed objects/players
and their locations fixed. [SW]
* The QUEUE attribute was not properly cleared on restart
for non-player objects. It was buggy in other ways, too. [SW]
* The AF_SAFE attribute flag couldn't be reset. Reported by
* @teleporting into garbage could cause crashes. Reported by Howie
* The help_command and ahelp_command directives now look for
whitespace generally, not spaces specifically.
Suggested by Krad@M*U*S*H
* SIGHUP once again re-reads the config file. [SW]
* If an exit @created an object, that object would be inside the exit
until the next dbck. Now it is created in the exit's source room. [SW]
* Turning the lowest possible integer number into a string could
result in garbage output. [SW]
* Solaris needed arpa/nameser.h before resolv.h in mysocket.c
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 11 December 4, 2000
Minor changes:
* Added 'comsys' as help alias for 'chat'. Suggested by David@M*U*S*H
* New win32 project files and MSVC build instructions by Jenny Lind.
* Improved test for non-broken getdate and getnameinfo.
* Loading panic dumps does better on chatdb. By Maverick@M*U*S*H
* You may leave a channel even if you're the wrong type
to get onto it. Suggested by Cheetah@M*U*S*H.
* Typo in the win32 strcasecmp code fixed [NJG]
* stddev's algorithm improved. [TAP]
* If the go command is restricted, other commands produce spurious
errors during the exit-matching phase of command parsing.
Reported by Jamie@M*U*S*H
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 10 November 20, 2000
Major Changes:
* Improved detection of errors saving the game. If any problems
are encountered, the save is aborted, and online admins notified so
they can fix the problem before finding out about it too late. [SW]
* The INHERIT flag has been renamed TRUST, which better describes
its function. INHERIT remains as an alias.
* @chan now takes /ungag, /unhide, and /unmute as well as the
usual @chan/gag <channel>=no. By David@M*U*S*H.
Minor Changes:
* money() called on a no_pay player returns the value of
MAX_PENNIES to ease softcode checks. Suggested by Oriens@Alexandria.
* Removed help and &help entries from the distributed pennmush.nws
because people will generally want to override them anyway
and we shouldn't introduce problems. Suggested by Jeff Heinen.
* safe_str and friends optimize trivial 0 and 1 letter strings. [SW]
* A version of word-based compression that's almost 8-bit clean
is now included. [SW]
* We now use stricmp and friends for strcasecmp and friends on
Win32, rather than roll our own. [SW]
* @mail aliases couldn't be used by players who didn't have
permissions to see the alias members, which is wrong.
Fixed now. Report by Grinna@M*U*S*H.
* lnum(1) and lnum(0,0) were broken. Report by Jeff Ferrell
* Help updates. [SW]
* @set obj/notanattribute=flag now returns a 'No such attribute' error.
Reported by David@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* Help file indexing tries to detect files that aren't in the right
format. [SW]
* function restrictions were checking the wrong object. [SW]
* objmem and playermem counted eval-locks and atr-locks incorrectly.
Reported by Javin@DynamixMUSH. [SW]
* Fixes to win32 NT_TCP stuff. [NJG]
* Rare memory leak in do_page fixed by David@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 9 November 20, 2000
Major Changes:
* Help files and their associated commands are now defined with
the 'help_command' (or 'ahelp_command') directive
in mush.cnf. So you can translate the help to french and
add an "aidez-moi" command if you like. [SW]
* Help file indexes are now kept in memory and built by the
server. The mkindx program is no longer used. [SW]
* Added restrict_function and @function/restrict, like the versions
for commands. [SW]
* User @functions can now override built-in functions, if you
@function/delete the built-in first. You can also @function/restore
the built-in back. [SW]
* @[oa]zenter and @[oa]zleave on ZMOs are triggered when someone
enters or leaves a given zone. Motion between rooms in the same
zone doesn't trigger these. "Zone" is based on the mover's
absolute room (outermost container) so that entering and leaving
an unzoned object in a zoned room doesn't trigger these either.
Suggested by Michael Kurtz.
* New /silent switch for @teleport without @[o|a|ox]tport msgs.
Minor Changes:
* Still less allocation involved in outputting text to connections. [SW]
* @scan has better output when multiple attribs match. [SW]
* Added internal absolute_room function for use by fun_room
and move.c and wiz.c, etc.
* MEM_CHECK now uses a sorted linked list and is faster. [SW]
* References to kill_timer removed from win32 sections. [SW]
* conf.c reports error via logging routines, not fprintf. [SW]
* Assorted minor bug and warning fixes. [SW]
* Fix to example in help regedit by Amberyl.
* @wait and other timing functions were broken under win32.
Fixed now. [LdW]
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 8 November 12, 2000
Major Changes:
* Objects' names are stored in a string tree like attributes, so
we don't have hundreds of copies of 'West <W>;west;w' and such
taking up memory. Attribute name "hash table" is now a strtree. [SW]
* We no longer use alarm() to know when to run stuff on the queue. [SW]
* @shutdown/reboot is now supported on Windows builds. This is
slightly experimental. By Revian.
Minor Changes:
* %qa-%qz now operate as global registers like %q0-%q9.
Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H and probably others.
* Hashtable lookups are faster (collision chains are sorted) [SW]
* @uptime/mortal suppresses the extra process information [SW]
* Wizard @uptime prints better process information on linux. [SW]
* @listen, @filter and @infilter respect the REGEXP and CASE attribute
flags. Suggested by Maestro@M*U*S*H [SW]
* Having many @waits or semaphores is more efficient, because we
sort those queues by time and we stop looking sooner. [SW]
* User-defined lock names must follow the same rules as attribute
names. The name part of attrib and eval locks have to also. [SW]
* @chan/title's confirmation message is nicer. [SW]
* Minor optimizations related to strcpy() and malloc() overhead. [SW]
* safe_format uses vsnprintf if your system has it. By Luke@M*U*S*H.
* replace_string is safer. By Luke@M*U*S*H.
* iter() is smarter about quitting when the function invocation
limit is reached or the buffer is filled. [TAP]
* lnum() has been greatly sped up. [TAP]
* RWHO references removed from game/mushcnf.dst, game/restart,
etc. by mith@M*U*S*H.
* Fix to help filter by Revian.
* COMPRESSION_TYPE 0 didn't compile. Report by David@M*U*S*H.
* Clarification of @lock/teleport in help @elock by Envinyatar@M*U*S*H
* Compiling w/o MAIL_ALIASES didn't declare load_maliases.
Reported by Envinyatar@M*U*S*H
* clone() was stomping %0-%9. Report by Revian.
* @dol with an empty list now does the right thing (nothing)
instead of running the command once. Report by Linda Naughton [SW]
* spname cleanup by mith@M*U*S*H.
* Fixed a bug in @function function-name [SW]
* make update should finally handle CHAT_TOKEN_ALIAS right.
It's also smarter with mush.cnf
* isword() on a null string now returns 0. Suggested by Ashen-Shugar.
* channels(object) returns a better error when object isn't matched.
Suggested by Trispis.
* Fix to help rand() to reflect actual error return value. Reported
by Philip Mak.
* More translated strings noted by Krad.
* Problems with encrypt()'s logic fixed by Ashen-Shugar. [Rhost]
* Other encrypt() sillyness fixed by Brazil.
* Potential crashers around DEBUG and other buffer overruns
have been fixed. Report by Tajan and Rimnar. [SW]
* notify_anything allocates less memory. [SW]
* Fixed mistagged memcheck "restart.descriptor".
* MacOS portability changes. Should build on MacOS X public beta
(Darwin) systems nearly straightaway. [DW]
* Restart script test for already-running MUSH condensed to one
line. Suggested most recently by Cory Albrecht.
* Serious crash bug in page fixed. Reported by Revian.
* Win32 bugs fixed by Luke@M*U*S*H: problems with dumping
compression suffixes, problems with @uptime
* MUSH no longer crashes if a player alias is > 32 chars in length.
It truncates names that are too long instead. By Luke@M*U*S*H.
* We don't check AF_PRIVATE attributes for $/^commands on children.
By Luke@M*U*S*H.
* Under win32, the MUSH would often start ignoring commands from
players after the first 98 per connection. Fixed by Revian.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 7 October 12, 2000
* filterbool(), for TM3 compatibility. Like filter(),
but tests for any true value, not just 1. [3,SW]
* case(), for TM3 compatibility, and caseall(). Like switch()
and switchall(), but does an exact match, not wildcard. [3,SW]
* valid() takes more categories. [SW]
* localize(), for TM3 compatibility. Like a cross between
s() and ulocal(). [3,SW]
* @break, for Rhost compatibility. Stops processing the
current action list. [Rhost,SW]
* @enable and @disable can be used on any boolean config option. [SW]
* @function/enable and @function/disable for built-ins
* @function function-name reports some information on the function,
like @command command-name.
* New attribute flag 'safe' prevents accidental modification.
Suggested by Stephen Viscido. [TAP]
Minor Changes:
* The daytime config option is no more. Do a few @searches in
its honor. [SW]
* lsearch() permission is controlled by @search, and entrances()
by @entrances, for consistency with other functions that have
a corresponding command. [SW]
* The number of reboots is tracked, and the restarts() function
added, for TM3 compatibility. [3,SW]
* Rearranged some compile flags to suit systems that have
/usr/local/include/ident.h. By Luiz Claudio Duarte.
* More strings marked for translation. By Krad@M*U*S*H
* :, [, ], (, and ) are no longer legal in attribute names
due to ambiguities and security issues. [TAP,SW]
* Ranges in @search, lsearch() and @find can be either #dbrefs or
(for backwards compatibility), integers. Inspired by ElendorMUSH. [SW]
* Broadcast messages in bsd.c replaced with GAME prefix.
Suggested by Krad@M*U*S*H.
* Fixed a bug in filter() where it only looked
at the first character of the evaluated attribute. [SW]
* Some more noise from info_slave was removed. [SW]
* do_pcreate and do_chownall now live in game.h and not
externs.h. Reported by Maestro@M*U*S*H.
* Clean-up of atr_add calls in void context. [TAP]
* IPv6 buglet fixed. Report by Vexon@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* @config/set can no longer be used to set options in the files
and messages categories, as this has icky consequences. [SW]
* Fixed a logic bug in letters_to_privs where not all the letters
were being turned into privs properly. Report by Bolt@M*U*S*H [SW]
* Fix to isint() so that isint(1a) is 0. [SW]
* Added safe_boolean internal function, and fixed a hang bug
in edit() reported by Walker@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* Fixed problems in panic dumps/reads of maildb and chatdb. [SW]
* @edit is a bit more efficient. [SW]
* Assorted lock structures are allocated in big chunks like
attribute structures, to save malloc overhead. [SW]
* User-defined lock names are stored in the attribute name tree. [SW]
* Various help fixes [SW, Javelin]
* LASTLOGOUT time now forces two-digit day for convtime niceness. [SW]
* Very large malias names or member lists could cause buffer
overruns. [SW]
* Buffer overrun fix, fix to str_chr. [TAP]
* tprintfs removed from DEBUG output so DEBUG doesn't mess up
messages in ^-commands anymore. [TAP]
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 6 September 20, 2000
Minor Changes:
* Translation files are now archived separately on the ftp site.
* A variety of options.h settings have been removed.
defines are totally gone. [SW]
moved out of options.h as they're special-purpose. [SW]
* More common function error messages were made into variables
rather than being hardcoded in as string literals. [SW]
* If a player is set HALT, their queued commands will not run.
* Speedup in process_expression. [TAP].
* The regedit(?:all)?i? family of functions, like perl's s///. [SW]
* Case-insenstive versions of regrab() and regraball(). [SW]
* etimefmt(), which is to timestring() as timefmt() is to time(). [SW]
* Error messages that were already variables are now translated. [SW]
* Fixes to various metaconfig rules. [SW]
* Open_Anywhere and Link_Anywhere were sharing the same
bitmask. Fixed. [SW]
* You can escape : in $command patterns that are being regexp-
matched now. [SW]
* Rewrites of the regexp functions so that, say, regrab() and
regraball() point to the same actual code, using called_as to
know when to stop. They also use PCRE's match optimizing
pcre_study() function when appropriate. [SW]
* Buglets in game/restart and game/mushcnf.dst fixed.
Reported by Krad and Nymeria at M*U*S*H.
* page_aliases directive in mush.cnf works now. Report by Nymeria.
* Same for float_precision. Report by Oleo@M*U*S*H.
* mushtype.h now included in compress.c. [DW]
* Less noise in log/netmush.log from failed ident queries.
* More strings marked for translation.
* Fixes to problems with @search reported by Oleo@M*U*S*H.
* Weird evaluation of functions in softcoded commands fixed. [TAP]
* Cleanup of typos here and there by Padraic@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 5 September 7, 2000
Minor Changes:
* FLOATING_POINT is no longer an option (it's always on). [SW]
* EXTENDED_ANSI defaults to enabled. [SW]
* @receive/@oreceive/@areceive triggered on the recipient
after a get or give, so you've got access to who caused
you to acquire the object and the object's dbref now.
* @give/@ogive/@agive triggered on the giver with object's
dbref in %0. Suggested by Oriens@Alexandria.
* Fixes for systems with broken or incomplete IPv6 support. [SW]
* Uses of index() changed to strchr() for consistency. [SW]
* Much removal of duplicate function prototypes and rearranging
of headers. hdrs/globals.h is now hdrs/case.h. hdrs/intrface.h is
no more, and hdrs/boolexp.h, hdrs/log.h were added. [SW]
* @search supports "quoted player names".
* We no longer report failed connect to ident servers in the log.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 4 August 8, 2000
Major Changes:
* Internationalization:
* Support for international time formats via LC_TIME locale [SW]
* Support for message translation
* Support for locale-sensitive ordering of strings (LC_COLLATE) [SW]
To take advantage of the new features, you should have your
LANG environment variable set to an appropriate locale
before you 'make install' (which will cause the right message
catalog to be compiled), and you should see the section
in game/restart for setting it there (which will actually cause
the server to use it).
* IPv6 support [SW]
* @dolist/delim and @map/delim [SW]
* @stats/tables [SW]
* SESSION command displays session statistics (experimental) [SW]
* uldefault(), like udefault but saves registers like ulocal() [SW]
* switchall(), for Tiny compatibility. [SW]
* cemit() with an option to act like @cemit/noisy [SW]
* vmin() and vmax(), for returning the min and max of each pair in two
vectors. [SW]
* utctime(), convutcsecs() for UTC/GMT time instead of server-local. [SW]
* convtime() uses getdate() if present, along with a variety of templates
* that it can accept. [SW]
* timefmt() - like the strftime() C function. [SW]
* pcreate() side effect function suggested by Adamas and Padraic@M*U*S*H
* starttime() now returns the first startup time, and
restarttime() returns the time of the last @shutdown/reboot [SW]
Minor Changes:
* +help is mentioned in help help. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* include directive for config files, with an example moving all
the restrict_command's to another file. [SW]
* make indent runs expand, then indent, because indent doesn't seem to
handle tabs very well. [SW]
* sorts patchlevels correctly. Patch by Jeff
* LASTLOGOUT attribute records logout time, like LAST, but not
visual. Suggested by Oriens@Alexandria, and others.
* Internal cleanup by David@M*U*S*H. New @config category 'messages',
* Internal functions safe_integer(), safe_number(), and safe_dbref()
to replace safe_str(unparse_FOO(data), buff, bp) calls [SW]
* You can now @trigger an attribute containing a $command or
^listen and it'll work (skipping the $...: or ^...: parts).
So you can now do this:
&DO_WHO obj=$who *: @pemit %#=[u(who,%0)]
&DO_+WHO obj=$+who *: @tr me/do_who=%0
(But you can do this much more efficiently with regexp...)
* table() is less CPU-intensive in extreme cases. [SW]
* Hopefully, Configure now determines pagesize on FreeBSD.
Method suggested by Matt Harris.
* CHAT_TOKEN_ALIAS comment clarification by Oleo@M*U*S*H.
* pcre regexp engine updated to version 3.4.
* Typo in @chan/who fixed by Vexon@M*U*S*H.
* @attribute/access won't modify AF_INTERNAL attributes now.
* Additional win32 portability fixes. [NJG]
* con() was buggy in a bad way. Fixed now.
* Configure -d should now work on linux systems that don't have
crypt libraries. Reports by mith and Inek@M*U*S*H.
* Fix to Z_TEL on things.
* Help fix to @lock5 by Datron@SW2.
* Swedish and Hungarian translations for most strings are
included in this patchlevel.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 3 July 12, 2000
Major Changes:
* Restrictions to the 7-bit ascii charset have largely been removed
except in attribute names, to help international users. [SW]
* If available, we now use setlocale to support international
charsets (and eventually other conventions, though this should
be considered experimental). If you set your LC_CTYPE environment
variable to, say, 'fr_FR', french-accented characters should work.
Wide (multibyte) charsets are not supported.
Minor Changes:
* Internal cleanup of page/whisper code by David@M*U*S*H.
* New mush.cnf directive, page_aliases, for showing alias of
paging player. Supported by code by David@M*U*S*H.
Requested by many. A contrib version by Flame dates to 1996.
* @chat on a non-existant channel returns an error message. [SW]
* Two new CRYPT_SYSTEM options. One checks both SHS and crypt(3)
for passwords, and saves them back using SHS. The other does
the same for plaintext passwords. These should encourage folks
who currently use crypt(3) to make a painless move to SHS. [SW]
* @remit can take /silent and /noisy switches now. Suggested by
Philip Mak.
* @lemit and @emit can take /silent switch. [SW]
* @config/set can set configuration parameters at runtime. [SW]
* The set algebra functions can be given a sort order for output. [SW]
* CHAT_TOKEN_ALIAS could get defined w/o a character value.
Added a better explanation of CHAT_TOKEN_ALIAS in options.h.dist.
and fixed utils/ to handle commented defines that take
values a bit better. Report by Nymeria@M*U*S*H.
* You can no longer initiate following a disconnected player.
Report by Dave@Galactic.
* CHANGES for 1.7.1 and 1.7.0 were missing. Back now.
* Typo in options.h.dist corrected. Report by Padraic@M*U*S*H.
* Small Configure portability improvements.
* Better handling of cases where the maildb has messages from
dbrefs that are out of range (due to truncating a db to remove
corruption, for example). Suggested by Ashen-Shugar.
* We now check for sitelocked sites before asking info_slave to
do ident lookups.
* Many help clarifications. [SW]
* linux Configure can use nm to find symbols, finally.
* help locate() now includes the z flag.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 2 June 3, 2000
* New @sitelock options to control access to god, wizards, admin
by site. [SW]
* @force can now take /noeval [SW]
* squish() can take a second argument to squish non-spaces. [SW]
* div(), floordiv(), modulo(), and remainder(), a set of functions
jointly adopted by MUSH and MUX servers for compatibility. [TAP]
* @@() and null() functions suggested by [LdW].
Minor Changes:
* @uptime now shows initial restart time, not just time since
last reboot.
* Each player now has a limit to the number of @mail messages
in their inbox (folder 0), configurable in mush.cnf.
Suggested by Edwin@M*U*S*H.
* More linting and improved indenting [SW]
* PARANOID works right for broadcast messages (like @cemit) now
too. Report by Vexon@M*U*S*H.
* You can no longer follow what you can't see.
* CHAT_TOKEN_ALIAS info appears in options.h now. Report by
* Mac portability changes. [DW]
* Disconnected players don't follow any more. Suggested by Don Burks.
* Various fixes to better resist crashing due to attacks involving
overwhelming connections.
* @mail/stats for all was broken. Fixed now.
* Clearer message after failed @pemit. Suggested by Rince@M*U*S*H
* Destroyed things stop following/leading. Report by Ashen-Shugar.
* follow didn't properly set up the followers as enactors.
We no longer short-circuit process_command. Report by Moe@Chicago.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 1 May 18, 2000
* @oemit now takes a list of players. Adapted from patch by Philip Mak.
Minor Changes:
* Reconnecting is less spammy - we don't show motds again
to players already connected. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* Configure problem that resulted in weird compile failures on
bind/accept in src/bsd.c fixed.
* Further linting. [SW]
* FreeBSD getrlimit problem diagnosed by [SW] is worked around.
* Couldn't compile w/o FLOATING_POINTS defined. Fixed.
* Fixed a few dependencies in the Makefiles to insure that
hdrs/patches.h and hdrs/switches.h are rebuilt properly.
* Indentation cleanup.
* We now recognize egcs as if it were gcc 2, and set ccflags
* Increased size of some hash tables for performance. [SW]
* Help fixes. [SW]
* flags(obj/attrib) behaved badly unless attrib was CAPITALIZED.
Fixed now. Reported by Vexon@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.3 patchlevel 0 April 20, 2000
Major Changes:
* If you create a 'patches' subdirectory and keep any user-contrib
patches you apply in there, and if the patches are properly
formatted, i.e., they include these lines:
# Patch name:
# Patch version:
your MUSH's @version and INFO output will report them.
In addition to being helpful for you, this will help the
developers when you send us a bug report including your
@version. [TN]
* As @cemit doesn't override @chan/gag and allows
NOSPOOF notification, it basically now operates just like
@pemit/list (you can protect yourself from spoofing, and you can
silence it). Accordingly, the cemit power is no longer
necessary. It's now a runtime option.
* @malias (@mailing lists) by Daniel Peters.
* Attribute names are now stored in a single string tree,
so we don't have thousands of copies of the string
"FINGER_NOTE", etc., taking up memory. [TAP]
* As a consequence of the attribute name tree, the STARTUP flag
is no longer needed, and will be automatically removed from
* Attributes are now inserted in alphabetical order, which
speeds lookup. [TAP]
* Panic dumps now dump the maildb and chatdb, appended to the
end of PANIC.db. The MUSH handles breaking them up on restart.
* New link_anywhere power allows @link'ing to any destination.
* Mortals may create VARIABLE exits. At the time the destination
is computed, the exit is check to see if it has permission to
link there (i.e., the exit controls the destination or the
exit is link_anywhere or the destination is link_ok).
To keep old code from breaking, all existing variable exits are
given the link_anywhere power at first db read in this patch.
Suggested by David@M*U*S*H.
* The follow command is implemented!
* Nested iter is now useful. The itext(n) function returns
the value of ## for the nth innermost iteraction, where
0 is the most inner, and inum(n) does the same for #@. [TN]
* New regexp library, pcre, now allows perl 5.005 compatible
regular expressions! Suggested by [SW].
* Objects are now limited in the number of attributes that may
be set on them. This prevents a DoS attack. Suggested by
* Some more english-style matching (look my 2nd box). [TN]
* config() returns a list of config option names.
config(<option>) returns the value of a config option.
(e.g. config(money_singular))
* sort() now accepts an output delimiter, a la iter().
Suggested by Jason Newquist.
* channels() now accepts a delimiter. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* money(<integer>) returns the name of the money, either singular
or plural, depending on <integer>. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* timestring() with a pad flag of 2 forces 2 digit numbers.
Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* fmod() function returns floating point remainder on division.
Written by Michael Thole.
* brackets() function returns bracket counts for its unparsed
argument. Handy for debugging. By Jason Wilcox.
* edit() can take multiple find-replace pairs. By Chili@M*U*S*H.
* clock() function by Ari@SpaceMUSH and Chili@M*U*S*H.
* flags() function can show attribute flags as well.
Suggested by Kami@SW2
* mailstats(), mailfstats(), and maildstats() added by Kami@SW2
* nattr() (aka attrcnt()) returns number of attributes on
an object. Suggested by Ashen-Shugar.
* map() and foreach() now provide the element's position
through %1. [LdW]
* spellnum() function spells out numbers in words. [LdW]
* wrap() for server-based line wrapping. Adapted from code by [LdW]
* lmath() function lets you do math on delimited lists, and makes
it easy to emulate Tiny's ladd/lsub/etc. [SW]
* bitwise math functions. [SW]
* mean(), median(), and stddev() functions. [SW]
* bound() function for bounding numbers. [SW]
* regrab(), regraball(), and regrep() regular expression
versions of grab/graball/grep. [SW]
* controls() can now be used if you control either the <obj> or
the <victim>. [RLM] suggested this in July 1998, but we were
too boneheaded at the time to agree on it.
* teach <command> shows others in your room the (unparsed)
command that you want to demonstrate, and then causes you
to execute it. Suggested by Reed Riner.
* /preserve switch for @clone and @chown to preserve privbits.
By Kurt Fitzner.
* rpage and rwho have been removed.
* @nameformat on a room allows you to specify how the room's
name should be displayed to those inside it when they look.
* An optional second token for chat (in addition to +) can
be set if you'd like + and = (or whatever) to both work.
Patch by Kami@SW2.
* @scan returns the matched attribute name as well as object.
Suggested by many, including Thi@M*U*S*H.
* ; waves is treated as :waves, instead of as ;waves.
Suggested by Sandi Fallon, for tiny compatibility.
* cv command at connect screen forces a !DARK connect.
Suggested by David@M*U*S*H.
* with obj=command tries a $command on a specific object. [TN]
* @mailsignature finally implemented.
* @chan/join and @chan/leave are aliases for @chan/on and @chan/off,
respectively. Suggested by [LdW]
* @chan/decomp/brief decompiles a channel without listing players.
* LISTEN_PARENT flag causes the object to inherit ^listens
from its parent. By Kurt Fitzner.
* Internal ACCESSED flag removed.
* PARANOID player toggle replaces the old paranoid_nospoof
configuration directive, and allows per-player setting of
nospoof format. Suggested by Trispis@M*U*S*H
Minor Changes:
* New lock @lock/command controls who may use $commands on an
object. @lock/listen controls ^patterns, @lock/use controls both.
Patch by Kurt Fitzner.
* The max_obj_val and max_wiz_obj_val configuration options
have been removed, as they're rarely used. You can change them
in hdrs/conf.h (search for ENDOWMENT).
* src/connect.c is no longer distributed. It wasn't ever used
for anything anyway.
* @fixdb command removed.
* @config/functions and commands can show listings in lowercase.
* match_list changed to try to match player aliases. Allows
"look <alias>" for a player in the same room. Reported by Corum.
* See_All players can now see/check AF_WIZARD attributes
(but AF_MDARK still requires that you be roy/wiz).
Suggested by Balazs Gasparin.
* VERBOSE PUPPETs relay to their owners even if the owner's
in the same room. Dedicated to Julianna@ATS.
* You may now @dest objects that you control via a zone,
as you could have done so indirectly before anyway.
Reported by [LdW]
* Sending the MUSH process an INT signal now causes graceful
shutdown (not panic dump). Sending a USR2 signal causes
a normal dump. As before, HUP causes config reload and
TERM causes a panic dump. [TAP]
* @chan/list shows your gag status. Suggested by Matt@M*U*S*H
* When chatting, we only match partial channel names against
channels you're actually on. Suggested by Matt@M*U*S*H
* By default you can no longer speak to a channel you're not
on. This is configurable per-channel with the new "open"
priv. Suggested by Akiko@M*U*S*H.
* If you can't go through an exit because it's linked to
garbage or its variable destination is invalid, we no longer
process the SUCC and DROP message set on the exit.
* The Inherit() macro no longer includes a Wizard test -- we
don't need it anymore as we protect Wiz objects in controls().
* getrandom has been replaced by get_random_long, with a better
algorithm and interface. Suggested by Stephen Dennis. [TAP]
* Win32 compilers now get the __cdecl hint so they can compile
using __fastcall which can greatly increase speed. Patch by
Stephen Dennis.
* For WIN32, use GetSystemTime instead of timeGetSystemTime.
Patch by Stephen Dennis.
* For WIN32, use a combination of wsadata.iMaxSockets and
options.max_logins to pick a reasonable number of available file
descriptors. Patch by Stephen Dennis.
* Default dump messages now call it a 'save', not a 'dump',
to avoid newbie confusion. Suggested by Vedui.
* You're notified if you set an attribute/flag on a quiet object
that you don't own. Patch by Kurt Fitzner.
* @decomp now comments its "No attributes found" message so as
not to break scripts. Report by Kurt Fitzner.
* More Mac tweaking. [DW]
* \ and % are no longer valid in attribute names. Suggested by Ali Abdin
* Cleanup to logging code. We now try to do almost all of it through
log.c functions for better encapsulation. Patch by David@M*U*S*H.
* New @lock/examine to restrict who may examine visual objects.
Suggested by [LdW]
* Examining objects now shows channels they're on, if any.
Suggested by Big Spoon@M*U*S*H.
* Channel-hidden players are now marked in @chan/who for those
who are allowed to see them.
* @uptime shows more upcoming events, and shows them to mortals.
Suggested by Kyieren@M*U*S*H.
* @chzone obj works like @chzone obj=none. Suggested by Mystery8@M*U*S*H
* Player creation is now announced to MONITOR players. Suggested
by Paul@M*U*S*H.
* Poll message kept across @shutdown/reboot. Suggested by [SW].
* The military_time directive is removed from mush.cnf. It only
affected the way time was shown in @idle/@haven/@away messages
anyway. Reported by Angelus@M*U*S*H.
* help for lnum() and dig() improved. Leo@ATS TrekMUSH
* help for @charges improved. Suggested by Scott Weber
* @mvattr a/b=a/b would clear the attribute. No longer.
Reported by Octavian@M*U*S*H
* type(obj) would log a "WEIRD OBJECT" message if obj was
a garbage object. Reported by RLM. [TAP]
* Bug in deciding when to take a penny for queued commands fixed
by Stephen Dennis.
* Portability fixes for gcc 2.95.2 and other compilers who require
that function pointers in prototypes include the function args.
Reported by Gepht.
* @chan/decomp should include the channel description, too.
Report by David@M*U*S*H.
* Two other ways to be inside an object inside yourself reported by
Ashen-Shugar, and one by Rhysem@M*U*S*H.
* Small memory leak when doing @cpattr of a standard attribute to a
non-standard attribute is fixed.
* Help clarification for pemit() suggested by Falor@M*U*S*H.
* Help parents and @search3 fixed. Suggested by rodregis@M*U*S*H.
* Tport_anything didn't allow teleporting things to exits.
Noted by Vexon@M*U*S*H.
* Z_TEL flag works on ZMO's as promised now. Report by [SW].
* Potential crash in moveit fixed. Report by Howie@NF TrekMush
* @cemit now does the checks that @chat does, in regard to being
of the right type, allowed to speak, on the channel, etc.
Suggested by Oleo@M*U*S*H.
* getstring_noalloc was doing an fgetc into a char variable,
instead of an int, so wasn't 8-bit clean. Report by Slava.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 35 January 27, 2001
* Fixed a bug in filter introduced in p34. Report by Jason Rhodes.
* Help for sort() now indicates that 'n' sorts integers. Report by
Dave Milford.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 34 October 2, 2000
* filter now looks at the whole result, not just the first
character, when checking if the filter function returned '1'. [SW]
* raw_input and raw_input_at are now unsigned char *, so
they build right on HP/UX and similar. Report by Jeff Hildebrand
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 33 August 17, 2000
Fixes (backported from 1.7.3p4):
* Bug in con() patched.
* Bug in deciding when to take a penny for queued commands fixed
by Stephen Dennis.
* Configure portability fixes
* Better handling of cases where the maildb has messages from
dbrefs that are out of range (due to truncating a db to remove
corruption, for example). Suggested by Ashen-Shugar.
* Various fixes to better resist crashing due to attacks involving
overwhelming connections.
* @mvattr a/b=a/b would clear the attribute. No longer.
Reported by Octavian@M*U*S*H
* type(obj) would log a "WEIRD OBJECT" message if obj was
a garbage object. Reported by RLM. [TAP]
* Small memory leak when doing @cpattr of a standard attribute to a
non-standard attribute is fixed.
* Tport_anything didn't allow teleporting things to exits.
Noted by Vexon@M*U*S*H.
* Z_TEL flag works on ZMO's as promised now. Report by [SW].
* Potential crash in moveit fixed. Report by Howie@NF TrekMush
* getstring_noalloc was doing an fgetc into a char variable,
instead of an int, so wasn't 8-bit clean. Report by Slava.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 32 April 17, 2000
* @cpattr from a non-standard attribute to a standard one
didn't preserve the AF_STATIC flag, and a subsequent atr_clr
could cause a crash.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 31 April 9, 2000
Minor Changes:
* The SAY_TOKEN now applies to channels. That is, +public "Hi!
will not result in a doubled initial quote any more.
Suggested by Tyler Spivey.
* Uninitialized negate_perms in the monitor flag table.
Report by Concordia@Beyond the Fire.
* Updates to help changes to match CHANGES.
* Another way to end up in an object in your inventory has been
fixed. Report by Lensman.
* Unused ancient ccflags cruft removed from hints files.
* Considerable linting and cleanup. [SW]
* MacOS portability improvements. [DW]
* You may reset your @alias to itself in different case.
Suggested by Bolt.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 30 March 14, 2000
Major Changes:
* New US export rules allow us to include shs.c and funcrypt.c
in the Penn distribution! Yay!
* Code is included in bsd.c for Windows NT users that uses
NT's native i/o instead of the bsd socket layer for
much improved performance. If you want it, edit src/bsd.c
and uncomment the define at the top. [NJG]
Minor Changes:
* New eplayer, eroom, eexit, eobject classes for searches,
like Tiny. By Rhysem.
* @sitelock/access.cnf can now use regexp patterns. By Raevnos.
* The Exits() macro is replaced with Source(), Home(), etc.
where sensible. By Maverick@M*U*S*H.
* Example of bzip2 compression defines in mushcnf.dst by David@M*U*S*H.
* shs.c can now be configured to reverse endianness, so you
can more easily use win32 dbs on unix (or vice versa) without
password hassles. This is in mush.cnf. [NJG]
* JUMP_OK no longer allows anyone to @tel an exit into your room.
You must control the destination or have the open_anywhere
power in order to do this now. Report by rodregis.
* Calling do_log with LT_TRACE resulted in no logging. Report by David.
* MacOS (and general) portability improvements, suggested by [DW]
* help for before(), after() notes case-sensitivity. By Audumla.
* hasflag() didn't work with MONITOR. Report by Mystery8.
* A little more linting. [NJG]
* Fixed help reference to 'global functions'. Report by Falor.
* Some gmalloc fixes around missing newlines. Report by Raevnos
* Improvements to help switch(). Report by Omozali.
* Buffer overflow in @wall fixed. Report by rodregis.
* Fixed (I think) the FreeBSD/Linux problem of not finding
sigchld/sigcld and similar ilk. Hints for FreeBSD are back.
* Crash bug in @link fixed. Report by Howie@New Frontier TrekMUSH
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 29 January 23, 2000
* src/sig.c didn't include config.h. As a result, some systems
with sigaction that didn't keep signal handlers installed
(some linuxes) would crash very quickly on the second SIGALRM.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 28 January 14, 2000
Minor Changes:
* New 'deny_silent' option for access.cnf sites.
Turns off logging of denied connection/creation/guest/register
from a site, to prevent logfile spamming by twinks.
Reported by Kludge-BC.
* TFPREFIX attribute, if set, is used in place of FugueEdit>
in @decomp/tf. [SW]
* @grep/print no longer requires you to be set ANSI. Suggested
by Philip Mak.
* Improved reporting of function invocation limit. [TAP]
* /noeval switch added to think command.
* Changes to enhance portability to Mac 68k platform and others
that need < 32k of local data per function. [DW]
* Objects are only considered to be listening if they're
connected players, puppets, have an @listen set, or
are things/rooms with MONITOR flags. Previously, things/rooms
with ^patterns in attributes were considered listeners, even if
they weren't MONITOR. Suggested by Luke.
* gmalloc.c updated from 1987 version to 1995 version. By Gepht.
* help corrections for shl and shr by Vexon@M*U*S*H.
* help corrections for @clock by Krad@M*U*S*H.
* RLIMIT_NOFILE bug fixed by Susan Thorne.
* Eliminated variables named 'new' to promote easier C++
compiles. Suggested by Gepht.
* Compiling with CSRI_TRACE works again. [TAP]
* signal stuff broken out to src/sig.c to allow link w/info_slave.
* strcasecmp and friends prototyped better in externs.h. [DW]
* Overzealous test for inherit flag on zoned objects corrected
by Nveid.
* Clearing an @attribute'd attribute's value on some object
and later manipulating the attribute could corrupt the
@attribute table in some cases. Fix suggested by Kami@SW2.
* Nested pemits could truncate one another. Reported by Alierak.
* Channel messages didn't correctly set %#. Reported by Saberwind.
* info_slave used ident even if use_ident was off in the
mush.cnf file. Reported by Rhysem.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 27 September 22, 1999
Minor Changes:
* Added Raevnos's sitelock/name patch to allow removing names
with @sitelock/name !<name> and to fix a display bug.
* bsd.c, info_slave.c, and player.c now deal in IP addresses as well
as hostnames (which can be spoofed), providing more reliable logging
and access control. IP addresses are stored in the LASTIP attrib
on players, as per LASTSITE. Suggested by David@M*U*S*H.
* Hidden connections are announced as per DARK ones. Suggested
by Julianna@ATS.
* New /noisy switch to @cemit prepends <Channel> to message.
Suggested by Spork@M*U*S*H.
* help vmul() incorrectly defined the dot product (which vdot() does).
Reported by [SW].
* Typo fixed in help @set3. Reported by Logain@ATS
* Typo fixed in help @emit. Reported by Rhysem@M*U*S*H.
* Various help fixes by mith, Big Spoon, and Krad@M*U*S*H.
* @function now works for mortals as the help indicates. Report by mith.
* @log/wipe should be @logwipe in comments in mushcnf.dst.
Report by Spork@M*U*S*H.
* Object names are now limited to 256 characters. Fixes some
buffer overflow issues.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 26 July 18, 1999
Minor changes:
* @verb didn't save stack args before dealing with the WHAT/OWHAT
msgs, as TinyMUSH does. Changed to emulate TinyMUSH.
Reported by Angel. [SW]
* The noeval-eqsplit fix cause weirdness with attribute setting by
directly connected players when specifying the obj by function.
Fixed. Reported by Julienna@ATS.
* Wizards couldn't modify atrlock'd attribs without breaking the
lock first. [SW]
* @find by Wizards showed all garbage objects. Reported by mith.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 25 July 10, 1999
Minor changes:
* New 'nofixed' command restriction, by popular demand.
* CONFIGURATION messages in netmush.log shortened to CONFIG.
Suggested by mith.
* Attributes with the Wizard flag can no longer by created/modified
by any non-wizard, even that attribute's owner. Reported by
Kurt Fitzner.
* @pcreate now shows the dbref of created player. Suggested by
* When you receive an @mail message, you're now told the number.
Suggested by Rak@M*U*S*H, among others.
* The @toad command has been removed. The security issues it
presents, though not unsolvable, aren't worth solving just to
provide Wizards with a humiliating alternative to @newpassword.
* %q0-%q9 were not preserved during evaluation of player-message
attributes (DESC, SUCC, DROP, etc.) Reported by Geoff Gerrietts
* Added some hints from FreeBSD. Suggested by Lord Argon of
* Better Configure handling of library paths.
* 'nogagged' wasn't working correctly in restrict_command. Fixed.
* @search on rooms sometimes reported a null room. Reported by mith.
* Nearly all source files now include conf.h (which includes options.h),
and do so before any other PennMUSH header file except config.h
and copyrite.h. Suggested by Joel Ricketts.
* Fixed a few comparisons of <= db_top. Reported by Kurt Fitzner.
* @oemit <obj>=<message> was emitting to the enactor's location,
rather than to <obj>'s location, as it should have been. Fixed that
and fixed help oemit() which documented this wrong behavior.
Reported by Kurt Fitzner.
* An 8-bit-unclean construction in bsd.c fixed by Christoper/Chicago.
* p/noeval <message> (repaging) eval'd message anyway.
* Args to $commands that looked like functions were being eval'd
even if not in brackets. Reported by [SW]. [TAP]
* @lock/listen could cause weird pose corruption. Reported by
David@M*U*S*H. [SW]
* Clarification of wiz_noenter in mush.cnf suggested by
* Bug in orflags/andflags could cause weird results with toggles.
Like nospoof players tested positive for 'J'. Reported by Saberwind.
* Bug in make customize fixed. Reported by Saberwind.
* References to a PASSWORD attribute removed from help. Reported by
* Fixed db_top bug in search/lsearch reported by Saberwind.
* @halt code was screwy. Reported by Krad@M*U*S*H
* Wizards could grant @powers to God. Reported by Saberwind.
* delete() with negative position arg could crash. Reported by
* @clone of an exit while inside an object could have unpredictable
effects. Reported by Andy@RobotechMUSH
* Typo in help aposs() fixed. Reported by Philip Mak.
* @hide now defaults to @hide/on. Reported by Saberwind.
* ldelete() added help list functions. Reported by Rak@M*U*S*H
* @attribute/rename didn't update the attribute's name quite right.
Reported by mith.
* @clone by a room didn't properly set the cloned object's location.
Reported by Philip Mak.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 24 April 5, 1999
* @search/lsearch didn't behave right when given an upper range
argument of exactly the highest dbref in the db. Reported by
* Unlinked and HOME-linked exits were mishandled during dbcks,
just like variably-linked ones in pl23. Reported by [SW].
* Help fixes. [TAP]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 23 April 2, 1999
* The NoLeave() macro was misdefined, but also not used (whew).
Now it's defined right and used.
* Giving a / without a switch to commands caused unpredictable
behavior. Fixed. Report by Broncalo@Dune III.
* Variable-linked exits were mishandled during dbcks, resulting in
them being relinked to their source rooms.
* @grep/iprint showed the hilighted matches in the same case as
the pattern was given, rather than the case there were in the
attribute. Reported by Philip Mak.
* The LAST attribute was set differently when players created and
when the later connected. The latter case wasn't appropriately
prepending single-digit dates with a 0, which fouls up convtime()
calls on LAST. Noted by [SW].
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 22 March 19, 1999
Minor changes:
* More extensive macro cleanup, based on a patch by David@M*U*S*H
* Notable for your own code: Inherit() is now Inheritable(),
DarkLegal() checks if something's ok to be invisible when it's DARK,
Destroyed() is now IsGarbage(), and some other new helpful macros
can be found in hdrs/dbdefs.h
* Objects now store their creation cost, not their 'value' (which
used to be cost/5 - 1, and had relevance for sacrificing, a now
obsolete concept). There is no longer a limit on how much you
can spend to create an object, and it's all refunded when the
object is recycled. Reported by David@M*U*S*H.
* Two memory leaks and one unbalanced mem_check fixed. [SW]
* @oemit <room>/<object> was broken in many ways.
Reported by [SW].
* Help @drop/@odrop/@adrop updated to mention use on exits.
Suggested by Stewart Evans.
* God using @logwipe and giving the wrong password crashed the MUSH.
* search() was behaving as lsearchr() not lsearch(). Noted by
* Bad range arguments for @search and lsearch() now give an
error message and don't charge the player. [SW].
* Help @search3 had a typo. Fixed by Halatir@M*U*S*H.
* Restricting the 'goto' command now also restricts movement
through exits. Suggested by Christopher Poff.
* Objects and rooms now notify their contents when they start/stop
listening. Report by [RLM].
* Error in help for @channel referring to @config. Krad@M*U*S*H
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 21 February 16, 1999
Minor changes:
* The restart script now tries to determine its own directory,
so it may not require editing to set GAMEDIR any more.
Idea by David@M*U*S*H.
* Various @find/@search/@entrances commands charged you the
FIND_COST even if you didn't have permission to run the command.
We don't do that any more. Report by Jonathan Booth.
* $command and ^listen pattern matching is now case-insensitive
even when the attrib is set REGEXP, unless the attrib is set
CASE. In the past, glob matching was case-insensitive and
regexp matching was case-sensitive, which cause problems if
you tried to regexp match a disabled standard command.
Now you've got full flexibility. This may break any current
regexp-based $command or ^listen matching that relies on
case sensitivity (set those attributes CASE). We now also
have a new insensitive regmatch function: regmatchi()
Report by Jonathan Booth.
* Anyone could @chan/priv channels, even if they didn't pass
the modlock. Report by David@M*U*S*H.
* DARK disconnects are now shown correctly on chat channels.
Really this time. :) Report by Broncalo@Dune III
* help for CONNECTED flag updated. Report by matcat@M*U*S*H
* Using @kick within a user-defined command could crash the MUSH.
Reported by Kludge-BC. [TAP]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 20 January 26, 1999
Minor changes:
* Many expression replaced with macros by David@M*U*S*H.
* @mail/silent/urgent didn't set the message urgent.
Patch by Halatir@M*U*S*H.
* You could get free coins by repeatedly killing your objects.
Reported by Max@M*U*S*H. [TAP]
* You could rename a channel to a name already in use.
Reported by David@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 19 December 2, 1998
Minor changes:
* The main select() polling loop now times out every second,
so we will reliably call local_timer() and handle alarms
every second. Suggested by [NJG].
* 'make' now performs a make in game/txt, assuring that help
indices are rebuilt after a patch. Suggested by Broncalo@Dune III.
* Crash in using @cpattr with standard attribs fixed.
Reported by Atuarre@ATS.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 18 November 25, 1998
Minor changes:
* Guest players don't receive a paycheck any more. Suggested by
* look_helper() internal function now uses privtabs. As an
epiphenomenon, @set obj/attr=locked is now synonymous to
@atrlock obj/attr=on. Suggested by [SW].
* Win32 compile fixes. [NJG]
* DARK disconnects are now shown correctly on chat channels.
Report by Broncalo@Dune III
* Quiet players no longer see 'Title set.' messages when
using @chan/title. Patch by Halatir@M*U*S*H.
* @cpattr/@mvattr now copy attribute flags. Report by Jon Booth.
* Some compiler warnings fixed by Atuarre.
* The 1 and 5 minute dump warning messages weren't being used.
* When matching regexp's, later parenthesized subexpressions
weren't correctly assigned to %-vars when earlier ones
were empty. Report by Geoff Gerrietts. [TAP]
* Some messages as a result of looking at a room were being
placed onto the wrong queue, so remote viewers (@listen *,
@pemit/remit to somewhere) would get things out of order.
Reported by David@M*U*S*H.
* Help added for functions() and fixed for timestring().
Report by Geoff Gerrietts.
* soundex() misbehavior for very short words fixed.
Report by kmoon.
* @attribute/access acted as if it were always /retroactive. [SW]
* Changes of flags on a standard attribute were lost across
restarts. Reported by [SW].
* lcstr, ucstr, capstr, and encrypt and decrypt in the
"real" funcrypt.c are now ansi-aware. The former 3 preserve
ansi formatting, while the latter two strip it. You must download
a new version of funcrypt.c from (USA/Canada)
or -- it is not patched herein.
Reported by Ashen-Shugar.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 17 November 11, 1998
Minor changes:
* Newly created players now have a default uselock of =me.
* Number of available file descriptors is printed in startup log.
Suggested by Doogie@ATS Trekmush.
* The @chat/@cemit commands can no longer be used by gagged players.
* Adding functions in funlocal.c shouldn't produce compiler warnings.
Patch by Halatir@M*U*S*H
* log(0) or ln(0) could crash non-IEEE compliant math libraries.
Reported by Drakwil and Talos at SNW.
* csrimalloc wouldn't compile with glibc. Fix by Mike Selewski.
* Order of checks for number of file descriptors changed to
do better on POSIX and hybrid systems like FreeBSD. Suggested by
Doogie@ATS Trekmush.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 16 October 17, 1998
* table() could be used to crash the MUSH. Report by Ashen-Shugar. [TAP]
* whisper/list didn't work. Report by Kamala@ATS TrekMUSH, via
* andflags(player,C) checked for the (useless) CHOWN_OK flag
rather than the COLOR flag. Its now been special-cased to
check COLOR on players. This is a kludge, but probably worth it.
* Top of admin WHO now lists 'Loc #' not 'Room #', as that's more
accurate. Suggested by Saberwind.
* @log/wipe returns as @logwipe. Its absence was reported by
* Date in hdrs/version.h now y2k compliant.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 15 September 7, 1998
* @emits weren't propagated through AUDIBLE exits. Report by Nammyung.
* Building w/o ROYALTY_FLAG defined works again. Report by Scott Weber.
* When matching $ or ^ patterns with the REGEXP attribute flag set,
a failed match would then be improperly checked for normal
matching as well. Reported by Jason Rhodes.
* Attribute flags weren't listed in @decomp. Reported by
Jonathan Booth.
* Make customize never got updated to match the new mushcnf/restart
system. Now it has. Reported by Manic@FinalFrontier
* @edit now works on attribs starting with _. Reported by Jason Rhodes.
* Help files should work better on Win32. Reported by Miphon. [TAP]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 14 August 4, 1998
Minor Changes:
* You may @parent to an object you control via ZMO, even if you
don't own it. Patch by Halatir@M*U*S*H
* In lsearch() and @search, you may refer to object types
in either the singular (ROOM) or plural (ROOMS).
* Most chat messages now include the name of the channel.
Suggested by Philip Mak.
* Long @chat messages crashed the server. Reported first by Rusty
and Siris@M*U*S*H. [TN]
* Setting the ZONE flag on a non-zonelocked player should give
a warning, and wasn't. Reported by Halatir@M*U*S*H
* @@ was parsing its argument. No longer. [RLM]
* The @config listing was weird w.r.t. compression. [TN]
* @shutdown/reboot could cause a crash if a player had an
* Hint to linux users about undefining I_MALLOC when using
gmalloc. Reported by Kyle Forbes.
* @shutdown/reboot now calls local_shutdown(). Reported by Kyle Forbes.
* When loading a db in which an object with dbref n has attributes
owned by players with dbrefs > n, the attribute ownership was
reset to GOD. This should no longer happen unless the owner
really is invalid. Most recently noted by [SW].
* Exits that have contents (corrupt!) are fixed up in dbck.
* dbck is run whenever the db is loaded.
* objeval() help fixed. Reported by Yeechi Chen.
* Compiling without ROYALTY_FLAG defined was broken. Reported by
Scott Weber.
* Sufficiently tricky use of locks could cause a crash due to
massive function invocation or recursion. Reported by Atuarre. [TN]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 13 July 7, 1998
Minor changes:
* @mail/file now shows the folder name of the destination folder
as well as its number. Suggested by Julianna@ATS TrekMUSH
* Problems with ANSI causing Pueblo to bleed have been identified
and fixed!
* Bug with cwho() fixed. Report by Tripsis@M*U*S*H. [TAP]
* 'make diffs' in Makefile updated to use prcs and to produce
diffs for patches without Index: lines which may confuse
non-POSIX versions of patch.
* Fixed typo in options.h reported by Kyle Forbes.
* Comments in src/services.c and src/filecopy.c are now C-style,
not C++ style. Some compilers were puking on these, even though
WIN32 wasn't defined and the preprocessor should've ignored this
stuff. Go figure.
* Side-effect functions like pemit() didn't obey the restrictions
on the corresponding command (like @pemit), and setting attributes
with @set could get around restrictions on ATTRIB_SET.
Reported by Scott Weber. [TAP]
* Help for t() and elock() clarified by Octavian@M*U*S*H.
* next() could be used on an object in a room that the player
didn't control to get the room inventory. Reported by Octavian@M*U*S*H
* hint/ has been renamed hints/ This means it won't
be properly recommended by Configure on A/UX systems, but Win32
programs often puke on files name 'aux.*' because they're braindead,
and there are lots more Win32 users than A/UX users. Bummer.
* When A was inside B, and @listen B=*, A would hear everything
in B's room (good) except B's own speech (bad). Report by
Nemesis @ Beast Wars 2
* help exits clarified by Nammyung@M*U*S*H
* help comp() clarified by Halatir@M*U*S*H
* @squota without a limit now shows the victim's quota in addition
to asking what it should be set to. This more closely matches
the old behavior of @squota without a limit being treated as
@quota. Reported by Matt@M*U*S*H
* @chan/what on a nonexistent channel didn't produce any
feedback. Reported by Octavian@M*U*S*H.
* Typo in help zone master rooms corrected. Report by Matt@M*U*S*H.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 12 June 11, 1998
* GAGGED players could pose/semipose. Reported by Jorhan@M*U*S*H. [TN]
* convsecs() help clarified.
* @decomp obj/attr didn't work if you couldn't examine the object
even if the attribute was visible. Reported by Jonathan Booth.
* make customize had a problem with the way it handled the
hlp directory. It now creates a real hlp directory, but makes
all the standard hlp files symlinks to the distributed ones.
(It used to make the hlp/ directory a symlink, which did bad
things with 'txt/Makefile'. Report by Gasparin Balazs.
* help control rewritten to clarify the real algorithm.
Suggested by [SW].
* Configure is more flexible when determining if you're
building under cygwin. Reported by Miphon.
* zfun() worked, but gave an error message anyway. Fix by Rob@DuneIII
* hdrs/regexp.h renamed to hdrs/myregexp.h to avoid conflict
with standard regexp.h header file in cygwin.
* Roy/see_all players could, under some circumstances, evaluate
functions with wiz privileges. Reported by Atuarre. [TAP]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 11 May 25, 1998
* The PennMUSH copyright notice has been changed, as the
licensing terms for TinyMUD/TinyMUSH 2.0 have changed,
and to update the TinyMUSH 2.2 part of the copyright and
the PennMUSH part as well. 'help copyright' now gives the
copyright, and it's in COPYRITE and hdrs/copyrite.h.
The licensing terms are now shorter, but practically very similar.
* Possible infinite loop (with disk-filling output!) in @dbck
with certain types of DB corruption fixed. Report by RLM and
Arathorn@CDI. [TAP]
* @undest intermittent crash-bug fixed. Report by Arathorn. [TAP]
* regmatch() crash-bug fixed. Report by Tavoan@ATS. [TAP]
* Ansi bleeding problem fixed. Report by Atuarre@ATS. [TAP]
* The embedded version of mkindx used by Win32 builds had a bug -
some global variables weren't getting properly reset.
Fix by Stephane Thibault.
* Help for @oxmove added. Report by Bray Roned@ATS.
* isnum() was broken if tinymath was defined. Report by Daniel Peters.
* portmsg needed MUSH_IP_ADDR, which is now runtime configured.
It no longer does (see comment in portmsg.c if you need this
functionality). Report by Daniel Peters.
* Help for dig() and lnum() clarified by Andre Leopold.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 10 April 24, 1998
* MANIFEST updated to reflect the deletion of src/nmalloc.c
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 9 April 21, 1998
* Myopic flag didn't work unless Pueblo support was on. Reported by
* help debug referred to can_debug, a now-obsolete power.
Reported by Rodimus Prime @ TF2005.
* @chown to a Zone Master didn't work. The @chown code has been
rewritten to be easier to read. Report by Trispis@M*U*S*H.
* open_anywhere was mis-listed in help powers2. Report by Trispis.
* nmalloc.c is removed, and Win32 compiles should be a bit easier.
* Win32 build no longer limited to 64 sockets; 256 instead. [NJG]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 8 April 2, 1998
* round() could crash on very big numbers on some systems.
Reported by Atuarre@ATS.
* Problem with exits getting a contents list in certain
conditions fixed. Reported by Atuarre@ATS. [TAP]
* Problems with puppets and Pueblo fixed. Report by Mop-Boy.
* mkindx problem with dos text files fixed. [NJG]
* Order of include files in htab.c was wrong, caused compilation
problems on SCO Openserver. Reported by Flame.
* On Win32, the MUSH could quit without flushing its buffers. [NJG]
* When inside of an object with @listen *, you didn't see things
when the object did a 'look'. Reported by Vedui.
* Warnings in rwho.c eliminated. [NJG]
* More fooling around with mymalloc.h to help the Win32 compile.
Suggested by NJG.
* open_everywhere power get left off help powers list at some point.
Reported by Steven@Champions.
* Error message for joining a non-existant channel was different
from that for joining a channel that exists but you can't
see. Reported by Octavian@M*U*S*H.
* get()'ing an attribute that isn't set now returns an error
message only if the default permissions don't allow you to
get it. This allows get(player/ALIAS) to always work, returning
an empty string if the player has no ALIAS. [TAP].
* base_room mush.cnf option got left out.
* dbck didn't check for disconnected rooms correctly. Noted by
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 7 March 10, 1998
* Typo fixed in pennflag.hlp. Report by Keith Howell.
* Bug in mid() that could cause crashes on some OS's when using
bad arguments fixed. Report by Yanek@DragonStarMUSH. [TAP]
* @wait obj=command fails when tiny_math is defined. Report by Yanek.
* With tiny_math defined and tiny_booleans not defined,
strings in booleans weren't being treated as 1. Report by Yanek.
* @decompile now shows @powers, too. Report by Jonathan Booth.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 6 March 8, 1998
* src/mymalloc.c now includes config.h correctly. [NJG]
* @zemit would change zones of objects while running.
Report by Steve Sanderlin and Vedui.
* Minor cosmetic bug in @config/list. Reported by Mike Wesson
* @chown'ing an object to a Zone player doesn't reduce the Zone
player's quota, but @chown'ing an object back from a Zone player
should reduce yours (and didn't). Report by Vedui.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 5 March 2, 1998
* @cloning an object on a channel could crash the MUSH. Report by
* You couldn't add 2 objects with the same name to a channel.
Report by Mordak@ATS.
* Help for inc() fixed. Brian@M*U*S*H
* On Win32, the text file indexes are now properly sorted,
and things work ok if you don't have a text file defined. [NJG]
* Wiz objects couldn't add players to channels. Report by Mike@M*U*S*H
* Compile problem with fork and win32 fixed. [TAP]
* You shouldn't get nospoof notification from your own emits. [TN]
* You no longer get nospoof notification from every @chat, only
from @cemit.
* @lock obj=here or @lock obj=exit failed. Report by Luke@M*U*S*H
* The MUSH announces where it's sending stderr when it starts up. [NJG]
* If there was nothing on the queue, and no user activity,
the MUSH could wait as long as 999 seconds before checking to
see if it should do anything (like a dump, a shutdown, idling
someone out, etc.) This has been changed to 5 seconds.
Report by NJG.
* Encryption buffer for SHS encryption was too small, could cause
password problems. [NJG]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 4 February 24, 1998
* Fixed a few more compiler warnings under Win32. [NJG]
* Output to a non-ANSI, non-COLOR player could cause crashes.
Reported by Vedui.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 3 February 22, 1998
* Fixed a slew of compiler warnings under Win32. [NJG]
* Jonathan Booth Removed a few #ifdef EVENTS that lingered.
* Room names weren't shown bold to people who had ANSI
but not COLOR set. Report by Sylvia
* Added help alias pueblo() for pueblo. Suggested by Vedui.
* Fixed some problems with ansi() and tf reported by Vedui.
* @readcache could cause crashes. First report by Mop-Boy.
* src/tcl.c is now better located by Configure. [TN]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 2 February 19, 1998
* Reading of compressed dbs didn't work right. Report by Roger Christie
* Fix to help to remove reference to @config/globals. Mordak@ATS.
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 1 February 18, 1998
* max_dbref was limited to 256 by mistake. Report by Rhysem@M*U*S*H
* restricted_building in mush.cnf didn't work. Does now.
Report by Rhysem@M*U*S*H
* memchecks for hash tables didn't work right. Report by [SW]
Version 1.7.2 patchlevel 0 February 9, 1998
Major Changes:
* Support for the Pueblo MUD client (
which allows the MUSH to send html to the client. This is
runtime configurable with @enable/@disable and mush.cnf. [TN]
* Regular expression support: the REGEXP attribute flag causes
attributes to match $ and ^ patterns using regular expressions.
regmatch() matches regular expressions. [2.2]
* PennMUSH tarfile now unpacks itself in a pennmush/ directory,
by popular request. pennmush/ is now the 'top-level' directory;
patches should still be applied from within the pennmush/ directory.
* More compile-time options are now run-time options:
INDEX_COMMAND, RULES_COMMAND, HATE_DEST (general command rename?),
* All the functions that used to be optional are now
enabled. The increase in code size is negligible, and
the decrase in options is a win. We'll probably add
some way to restrict function use in mush.cnf in the future.
* The original MUSH chat system is no longer distributed or
supported. The OBJECT_CHAT option is thus obsolete.
If you've been using the old system, your db will automatically
be converted to the new one, but you will need to recreate
your channels and readd players to them.
* ADD_NO_COMMAND_FLAG has been removed, as few people need
to add NO_COMMAND en masse to all their rooms and players
any more. Those that do can use MUSHcode for this.
* The definitions of GOD, MAX_ARG, have been moved out of options.h,
because redefining these isn't really an option you want to exercise.
* dune.h is no more. Raise a glass to it.
* Non-standard attributes that are created by objects are set to
no_command by default. This improves security in many common cases,
but may require your object code to @set the attribute !no_command
after it creates it, if the attribute is meant to contain
a $command. Attributes set by players themselves (typed directly
from a socket) still work as they used to, as do standard
attributes (@va-@vz, for example). [TN]
* Hash table code has been tightened up. [TN]
* New option: tiny_math. Treat strings as 0 in math functions
rather than errors. This is handy for Tinymush compatibility,
even though it may make real errors harder to find.
Suggested by Ashen Shugar.
Minor Changes:
* idlesecs() now returns the number of seconds idle for the least
idle connection of the player.
* conn() now returns number of seconds connected for the longest
connected connection of the player.
* I wrote the COPYRITE file some time ago, but forgot to include
it in the dist. Oops!
* UFAIL/OUFAIL/AUFAIL is here. Suggested by Mike Affourtit.
* controls() is now ok if you are See_All; you don't need to
actually control the object you're testing. Reported by RLM.
* If you're allowing empty attributes, ICLOC is set to ""
on newly created players, instead of " ", to permit testing
with hasattrval. Suggested by Jonathan Booth. [TN]
* Improvements to FPE handling on FreeBSD. By Jason Young.
* New switch /noeval for @mail. Suggested by Mop Boy.
* The "dbcomp" directive in mush.cnf has been removed.
"compress_suffix" has been added. Databases are now specified
without compression suffixes.
* You are warned if you fail to define an option in the config file.
Suggested by TN.
* @config can now list config options in logical groups.
* mail.c has been removed. extmail.c is used directly instead.
* hasattr/get/xget/eval now are less likely to tell a player something
they're not privileged to know about the existence of attributes. [TN]
* The big_que function has been renamed parse_que. The parse_que
function (which just called big_que) is gone.
* FAQ updated, as well as other references to
* Giving a negative argument to convsecs() would crash Win32.
As there's no reason to ever do that, you now can't.
Reported by Javin@DynamixMUSH
* dist2d and dist3d now return floating point numbers when
FLOATING_POINTS is defined, as they said they would.
* help for pi() now refers to it as 3.141593, which is what
the function actually produces, due to rounding. Report by Vedui.
* help for beep() notes that royalty can use it to. Report by Vedui.
* Using a maildb that referred to db#s that didn't exist
in the object db (e.g., replacing your object db with minimal.db
without removing the maildb) would crash the server.
Now the server fixes up invalid messages after loading maildb
Report by TN.
* Connect screen and other cached text files should now be
automatically terminated with CRLF, so windows and other
telnet programs will see them correctly. Report by many. [TN]
* The separator in iter() is now parsed. Report by Ashen-Shugar.
* match(foo,>) always returned 1; similar problems with matchall,
grab, graball, strmatch, and elements. Report by Ashen-Shugar.
* Objects listening for channel broadcasts with ^<chan> *: didn't
work. Now they do.
* When you disabled a command in order to override it in MUSHcode,
calling the command with switches didn't work.
Reported by Ben Kenobi. Patch by Eyal Sagi and TN.
* Calls to cut in utils/ relied on "-f 2" working like
"-f2". On at least Ultrix 4.4, it doesn't. Report by Cwilla.
* Link strdup.o to info_slave because some systems need
strdup! Report by Cwilla.
* Some help file typos cleaned up by Ken Ray.
* exit() used to work on non-rooms. Not anymore. Report by
* All header files now idempotent.
* @tel me=home or @tel home now works in all cases where 'home'
works. Report by Vedui.
Version 1.7.1 patchlevel 3 January 12, 1998
Minor Changes:
* A file called MANIFEST is now distributed. Configure uses this.
Don't mess with it unless you know what you're doing.
* An additional note for those upgrading from versions before
1.7.0p9, describing an anomaly with player parents and how
to handle it has been added to README. Report by Roger Christie.
* controls() now requires that the function caller control
the object named in the first argument. Suggested by TN.
* Player parents were being cleared at every login.
Fixed by Jonathan Booth.
* effect should be affect in game/txt/newuser.txt.
Reported by Jason Young.
* hints file for OS/2 now included. Suggestions by Sylvia.
* FNDELAY changed to O_NDELAY in ident.c. Suggested by Sylvia.
* Minor change to time_format_1 to make 64bit SGI happier.
By Thaddeus Parkinson.
* Help for inc()/dec() improved. Suggested by Jonathan Booth.
Version 1.7.1 patchlevel 2 January 5, 1998
* References to TinyMUSH in the .txt files are now PennMUSH.
Reported by Corum.
* It was possible to use @name to create players with the same
name. Ick. Reported by Sylvia.
* utils/ now produces a preindented switchinc.c,
to match the one that gets diffed in patches. [TAP]
Version 1.7.1 patchlevel 1 December 29, 1997
* table() now behaves with ANSI_JUSTIFY. Reported by Jonathan Booth.
* ident.c was defining strdup; so was strutil.c. Now only
strutil.c does. Reported by Matt Philips. [TAP]
* Bug in restart script fixed. [TAP]
* shs.h patched to autoconfigure endianness. Reported by TN.
* shs.h fixed to be idempotent. [TAP]
* shs.h is now distributed with PennMUSH. You still have to get
shs.c from if you want it.
* README now refers to [TN]
* We no longer recommend setting use_dns to no on win32 systems.
It seems to work fine as yes.
Version 1.7.1 patchlevel 0 December 21, 1997
Major Changes:
* It is no longer necessary to edit src/Makefile when building.
RWHO is now integrated, and totally runtime configured in mush.cnf.
IDENT is now configured from dune.h. The IDENT/ and RWHO/
directories are no more.
* The win32 build now requires the gnu-win32 package
(available at XXX). It can be built either with MSVC++
or the free win32 version of gcc included with gnu-win32.
The build is better integrated into the distribution --
the win32/ directory is no more. [TAP]
* You can now build with one of 3 password-encryption schemes:
None, Unix (des) crypt(3), and shs (requires getting shs from This will be useful to folks who're using
shs encryption on Win32 platforms and then move their db to
a Unix platform -- they can just use shs under Unix and all's well.
This is set as CRYPT_SYSTEM in options.h
* @log/wipe used to require entering the game account password,
but that's non-portable. Instead, a "log_wipe_passwd" is now
specified in mush.cnf.
* README rewritten [TAP]
Minor Changes:
* @lock/drop on a room now controls who can drop things in the room.
* "configure" (lower-case 'c'), a wrapper for Configure that used
to be included is no longer. Few used it, and it can screw up
win32 systems that aren't case-sensitive.
* blind_page was written as blindpage in game/mushcnf.dst.
Reported by Raevnos@ShadowMist.
* udefault() was broken. Reported by John Hutchinson
* Some lintwork in csrimalloc.c, to get rid of signed/unsigned
warnings and others.
* help @list fixed to show the correct @config switches.
Reported by Leo@ATS TrekMUSH
* @chan/gag now works correctly. Report by Vedui.
* Help for remove() updated. Reported by Vedui@Robotech.
* hasattr() didn't check if the invoker had permission to read
the attribute. Reported by Vedui@Robotech.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 11 November 18, 1997
* page/blind produces a separate page to each person paged,
so they can't tell if the page was a multipage. This is the
same as the default PennMUSH page behavior (but see Options)
* New mush.cnf option 'blind_page'. If 'yes', page defaults to
page/blind. If 'no', page defaults to page/list. By popular
request. :)
* New dune.h option MUSH_IP_ADDR. Define if your host system has
multiple IP addresses to specify which address to listen on
for connections. By Bobby Bailey (Chil).
Minor Changes:
* All calls to isalnum replaced with isalpha || isdigit, because
some linux systems appear to have a broken isalnum!
* For some reason, the variable name 'restrict' in fun_lsearch
broke compilation on James Cook's system. Gwennie@SNW fixed
this by changing the name. Ok, I've changed the name, too,
as a preventative measure. *shrug*
* When a player can't connect because logins are disabled or
the MUSH is full, we no longer (a) show a disconnect message
to MONITOR players, (b) purge the player's mail anyway, or
(c) show the player quit.txt in addition to full.txt/down.txt.
Suggested by John Hutchinson.
* When a halted player triggers a $command *:, %0 was including
an initial space that wasn't being trimmed. Reported by
Jonathan Booth. [TAP]
* functions() works right again. Patch by Atuarre@ATS TrekMUSH
* look/out allowed looking at any db#. Reported by Lews Therin@DDM
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 10 October 30, 1997
Minor Changes:
* Players can now have @parents. Inspired by AJ Prowant.
* @drain was doing @notify instead. Ick. Reported by Amberyl.
* Royalty can @boot, as the help suggests. Reported by Vedui@Robotech
* (Hopefully current) copies of hdrs/funs.h and hdrs/cmds.h are
kept in the win32/ directory for win32 folks who don't have
a Bourne shell and can't run utils/
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 9 October 16, 1997
* @clone could corrupt the db on some machines in some cases.
Report by Jonathan booth. [TAP]
* @list attribs now works. Report by Corum@StormWorld.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 8 October 15, 1997
* Hopefully the final command_parse fix.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 7 October 15, 1997
* The ANSI_JUSTIFY patch got left out somewhere. It's back.
Report by John Hutchinson.
* +channel and exits are broken in 1.7.0p6 due to our stupidity.
Fixed again. Report by John Hutchinson.
* @cemit was restricted to Wizards, and should have been restricted
to Wiz or Royal. Fixed. Reported by Vedui@Robotech.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 6 October 9, 1997
New Functions:
* cand(), cor() are short-circuit boolean functions. Suggested by
Flame who saw reference to them in a patch to TinyMUX. [TAP]
* if() and ifelse() do about what you'd expect. Suggested by
a number of people. [TAP]
Minor Changes:
* Prototypes for the functions in src/local.c are now in
* round(.15,1) = .1 on many systems due to the floating point
representation. A tiny kludge around this is now in place.
Reported by Flame.
* @command/disable say now disables " as well. The same applies
to other single-character command forms. If you disable SAY,
commands of the form "hi! are rewritten as: say hi! before
being passed to the checker for user-defined commands
so you need only set up $say *: to catch both. %c will, as always,
contain the raw command as entered (i.e. "hi!). Aliases
(like 'p' for page) are treated similarly when the aliased
command is disabled -- you need only match $page *. [TN]
* The Huffman compression algorithm is now 8-bit clean, in
preparation for a future internationalization of PennMUSH
(Eh? Dite "help" pour aide. :) In addition, none of the compression
algorithms treat the first character of a compressed string
specially anymore -- they don't have to. [TAP]
* The script no longer copies over all the distribution
help files from game/txt/hlp. Instead it makes customdir/txt/hlp
into a link to game/txt/hlp, which is a good thing when future
patches update the help files. Dedicated to Oleo.
* @list/attribs showed many duplicate attribute names.
Reported by John Hutchinson.
* Fixed a mislabeling of allocated memory by htab.c, so mem_check
stats will be correct.
* @channel/gag now works.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 5 October 1, 1997
Minor Changes:
* New os2/ subdirectory with information for those looking to
build under OS2. Maintained by Sylvia (
* Examine/brief could sometimes cause crashes. Reported by
Sean Fike. [TN]
* cmds.c and command.c didn't do the right #includes for the
original chat system. Reported by Magus.
* Added help for @shutdown/paranoid. Reported by Sean Fike
* @chan/decompile on a nonexistant channel didn't return an
error. Reported by Mike Wesson
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 4 September 19, 1997
New command:
* The @shutdown command now takes a /paranoid switch
to perform a paranoid dump when shutting down
(or rebooting, if given with /reboot as well). Idea by Flame.
New options:
* You can define the MAILER option in dune.h to be
something other than sendmail if you want to put a
wrapper around the mailing program used to send out
passwords to players using the 'register' command.
* If you define LOCAL_DATA in options.h, you can
use functions in local.c to maintain your own data structures
associated with each db object. [TN]
* If you define the TINY_TRIM_ORDER option in dune.h,
the trim() function takes arguments like TinyMUSH's.
* If you define ANSI_JUSTIFY in options.h, the rjust, ljust,
and center functions will ignore ansi codes when computing
where the string should be placed, so they'll work right for
strings with ansi. Wadhah Al-Tailji contributed a patch
for this concept. TN wrote this particular implementation.
* rnum() didn't find exits properly. Reported by Vedui.
* Null channels would get added if the chatdb's channel count
got unsync'd with the actual number of channels in the chatdb.
Reported by Matt@New England: The Reckoning.
* @wcheck/all didn't work. Report by Wolverine@Holodeck1
* HPUX needs _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED in the hints. Report by Angel.
* db reading error messages are slightly more verbose.
Suggested by Flame.
* Mortals examining DARK rooms don't see contents anymore.
Report by Jonas Oberg. [TN]
* Attribute names may no longer contain the caret (^) character.
It's a security risk. Noted by Rob Wilson.
* hdrs/funs.h was being appended to, not rebuilt. Noted
by John Hutchinson.
* setunion fixed again, so that setunion(a a,) correctly
returns 'a', not 'a a'. [TN]
* Various references to mellers1 updated to
* COPYRITE file added to explain a couple of the unclear
points in hdrs/copyrite.h and to serve as a pointer.
* @chan/rename didnt work. Reported by Jonathan Booth.
* Help for entrances() updated by Naomi Novik
* Players no longer hear about all the channels they're
no longer gagged on when they disconnect. Report by
Naomi Novik.
* The time noted in the LAST attribute now will always
have day numbers 01-31 instead of 1-31, just like time()
does. This makes convtime() work better on LAST for some
systems. Reported by Valin@PernMUSH.
* MUSHcoding a command called $attr * would crash the MUSH.
Fixed. Reported by Sam Knowlton. [TN]
* Disabling say now disables ", (same for pose, semipose,
emit, and chat and their corresponding tokens).
Reported by Flame.
* The hint for Dec Alpha OSF now indicates that you need to
use native malloc. Reported by Sean Fike.
* We now check for the assert() macro in Configure. NetBSD may
not have it, according to Logan Five.
* Doing a LOGOUT after a @shutdown/reboot caused crashes
because mail pointers weren't being reset.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 3 August 13, 1997
* setunion(,list) should work now.
* @wall/wizard and @wall/royalty work right. Report by Alan T. [TN]
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 2 August 12, 1997
* Linux 2 is now instructed not to use nm to find objects
in libraries since its nm output doesn't seem to be
BSD compatible or something.
* Compile with CSRI malloc in debugging mode didn't work.
Reported by TwinSuns MUSH.
* Exits in transparent rooms with COMMA_EXIT_LIST had
vanished. They're back! [TN]
* More command parser bugs ironed out. [TN]
* 'e' is examine, 'b' is brief, 'w' is whisper
(unless you reserve them). [TN]
* @config said conflicting things about possessive get.
Report by Jonas Oberg.
* When not using @prefix, audible messages were prefixed
with "From <source>" instead of "From <source>,".
Fixed. Report by Jonas Oberg.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 1 August 7, 1997
Minor Changes:
* New file local.c (from local.dst) makes more local hooks
available. Some of the hooks in command.c have been moved
here, so you may have to mess around a bit if you've already
added things in command.c's local_startup or local_shutdown. [TN]
* Functions can now be defined and added all within funlocal.c
so you don't have to muck with the function.c table. [TN]
* restrict_command didn't restrict commands to God correctly.
Reported by Jason Newquist.
* @command indicates if commands are restricted to God.
* When COMMA_EXIT_LIST was defined, rooms with no exits
still showed the "Obvious Exits:" message. Report by Michael Rudel.
* Partial switch-matching for commands is back.
And CMD_T_NEWSTYLE is gone. [TN]
* Makefile doesn't clobber existing funlocal.c/cmdlocal.c
any more. Report by Jason Young.
* inv wasn't working for inventory, and other command aliasing
flaws are fixed. Report by Corum. [TN]
* MUSH wouldn't compile if PLAYER_LOCATE wasn't defined. Fixed.
Report by Alan T.
* Some leftover defines removed from game.c and mushcnf.dst
* @lock didn't parse right. Fixed. Report by Corum.
Version 1.7.0 patchlevel 0 July 31, 1997
The major goals of this release are to make what used to be
compile-time options into run-time options, and improve a number
of internals.
Major Changes:
* The hashtable functions from TinyMUSH (htab.c/htab.h) are
now used by PennMUSH (with permission), so instead of
every subsystem writing its own hashtable code, they now
all use the standard code.
* The giant switch in game.c has been replaced by hashtabled
commands. [TN]
Groovy new features:
* @command/enable and @command/disable for any command
* Multiple switches (@pemit/noeval/silent) work
* The left side of the = is always evaluated before
the right (previously, this was compiler-dependent).
* Command table is built during compilation, and there's
a standardized command interface, so adding commands
is easier.
* local.c contains hooks for local routines to run
on startup and shutdown, and to use to add new commands.
* Configuration options which restricted or disabled commands
SITELOCK_COMMAND) have been replaced the 'restrict_command'
directive in mush.cnf. Check there and be sure things are
set the way you want them!
* Commands may be overridden by completely disabling them,
and providing a MUSHcoded version instead.
* Ident and DNS lookups are handled by a slave process
if possible. [TAP]
* The help files have been rewritten by Naomi Novik!
* The MUSH now closes and reopens the log files when it
receives a SIGHUP signal. [TAP]
* @shutdown/reboot will dump the database and restart the
MUSH without disconnecting the players. So will a USR1 signal.
Good for patching in new source code on the fly. Based on the
patch by Cro@Spaceballs which is itself based on ideas from
TinyMUX. This may be nonportable - if it fails on your OS, would like to hear about it.
New commands:
* @command (see above)
* @list/commands
* @attribute, similar to Tinymush (but doesn't save data
across shutdowns at this point, so you've got to use it
on an @startup!). Also @list/attribs.
* @function/delete
* @channel/gag <channel>=<yes|no>, keeps you on the channel
(preserving your title, etc.) but silences it so you don't
hear messages. The channel is automatically ungagged if
you log out from the MUSH.
* @conformat and @exitformat allow custom-formatted Contents:
and exit lists. [2.2,TAP]
Minor Changes:
* Configure now looks for libbind.a, the BIND 8.1 library
* @config shows more of the configuration options
* @mail/unfolder <folder> can be used to remove a mailfolder's name.
Suggested by Julianna Barrenson.
* The default malloc is now CSRImalloc, which is now distributed
in a single-file form with the MUSH.
* The MALLOC define in src/Makefile has been removed.
Unlike MALLOC_D and MALLOC_O, it didn't do anything.
* The "CHANGES" file now contains only the current
version's changes. Older changes are in the
* The attribute flag AF_ODARK is now assumed to be default,
and is thus no longer used or stored. Instead, AF_VISUAL
is used to indicate a visual attribute (previously, this
was indicated by the absence of AF_ODARK). To note this
change in the db, a new DBF constant, DBF_AF_VISUAL,
has been defined.
* Code for "privilege tables" (like chat channel privs,
attribute flags, etc.) has been centralized into privtab.c
* Locks on zone exits now evaluate with the right enactor.
Problem noted by Leonid Korogodsky. [TAP]
* Win32 compatibility improvements. [TAP]
* Prefer limits.h to values.h. Suggested by Atuarre.
* SIGCHLD and SIGCLD now both work. Noted by Naomi Novik
* If you idle out and get hidden, only the idle descriptor
should get hidden. Noted by Gepht@Hemlock
* With DBF_LESS_GARBAGE, garbage objects were loaded with
owner NOTHING instead of owner GOD, which could cause
crashes in the @mail code. Reported by Harvester@StarWars.
* Problems with getrandom() on some systems fixed.
* Help for dist3d() clarified. Reported by
Kova'khan@Among the Stars TrekMUSH via Leo at the same MUSH.
* You may now use power() for integral powers of negative
numbers. Suggested by John Hutchinson.
* setunion(,test,|) used to return |test, now returns test.
Reported by Ashford @ V MUSH
* SAFER_UFUN now blocks non-God eval'ing a u() on God.
Reported by MRR@ATS
* Building with SunOS cc and COMPRESSION_TYPE 0 works now.
Reported by Jonas Oberg.
Personnel Changes:
* Ralph Melton has retired as a member of the PennMUSH
devteam. Alex and Javelin send him best wishes and big
thanks for all his work. Replacing Ralph will be
Thorvald Natvig. Welcome aboard, TN!
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 6 May 11, 1997
* inc() and dec() didn't work right with NULL_EQ_ZERO.
Fixed. Report by Dennis DeMarco
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 5 April 29, 1997
New Commands:
* @channel/title sets a player's title for a channel.
The title appears prepended to their name.
I forgot this, and Thorvald Natvig noticed.
Minor Changes:
* The inc() and dec() functions can now increment and
decrement strings that end in integers. For example:
inc(LINE_10) => LINE_11
inc(LINE-10) => LINE-9 (incrementing -10)
inc(LINE1.9) => LINE1.10 (incrementing the 9)
* The LOWER_MATH option has been removed. Everybody
gets shr(), shl(), inc(), and dec().
* New attributes OIDESCRIBE and AIDESCRIBE do what you'd
expect for the internal descs of objects. Suggested
by Stacy Robinson.
* @chan/on by a Wizard always succeeds, even if there's a
join lock. Suggested by Mike Wesson.
* Enhanced protection against malicious ANSI codes.
* @channel/decomp displays locks in a better format.
Suggested by Naomi Novik.
* Numbers are now checked to be sure they're not so
large as to bring down the system, at least in theory.
Suggested by Atuarre.
* Configure rebuilt under dist-3.0 pl70.
* queue_write has been modified to reduce the number of
packets sent out on the net; it only sends when needful
and lets the usual output loop handle most output.
The many packets issue was noted by Doogie.
* All references to "parent rooms" have been changed to
"zone master rooms" for clarification. Noted by Jonas Oberg.
* Long output should no longer cause NeXT
systems to disconnect the user. Fix by Mike Kienenberger
* Long output should no longer cause Win32 systems to
disconnect, but it will throw out the beginning of
the output. Fix by Hans Engelen.
* Bad objects on chat channels are now removed when the
chatdb is loaded. Suggested by Dennis De Marco.
* help for last() added. Report by Flame.
* Objects couldn't be added to object channels. Fixed.
* If a site matched in access.cnf, but didn't specify
a certain access rule, a later matching site could. This
is bad for 'register', and not what was intended (that
a matching site completely controls that site's access).
Now fixed. Report by William Browning.
* If you're on a channel but don't pass the see-lock,
@chan/who returns a better error. Report by Cro.
* help for remove() now mentions delimiters. Noted by J. Wilcox.
* All tabs in helpfiles replaced with spaces. [TAP]
* Loading a db that didn't have garbage objects stored
caused a slew of warnings about null names. Should be fixed
now. Reported by Atuarre.
* FreeBSD hints improved, thanks to Atuarre and Doogie.
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 4 March 3, 1997
Major Changes:
* The disk db can now be dumped without including GARBAGE
objects, which may make it somewhat smaller. [TAP]
Minor Changes:
* The %? substitution returns the current function invocation
count and recursion depth as two space-separated numbers. [TAP]
* dig() can take a single argument instead of 3.
* set(obj/attr,flag) no longer says "Set" when the object or
player is QUIET. Reported by Graywolf.
* Search_All players couldn't use @search. Now they can.
Reported by Cro.
* lnum(2,1) didn't work right, and things were broken with
floating point args to lnum. Fixed.
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 3 February 9, 1997
New function:
* graball() as per TinyMUSH 2.2. [TAP]
* On some systems, make clean would go into an infinite loop
if src/CSRI didn't exist. This should now be fixed.
Report by Cro@Spaceballs.
* Restart script now looks for minimal.db.gz if minimal.db.Z
can't be found. This helps people running under Mklinux
on Power Macs(!). Report by Jason Newquist.
* Fix to matchall(). [TAP]
* move.o doesn't compile if FIXED_FLAG isn't defined.
Noted by Andy Jalics.
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 2 February 2, 1997
Minor Changes:
* If forking to do dumps, lower the priority of the dumping
process to keep the parent process more responsive.
Based on a patch by Doogie@ATS TrekMUSH.
* Code cleanup and fixes to comp_w.c. Problems reported by
* Portability fixes for alpha-linux systems. Thanks to Roger
Chen for facilities to work on this.
* Added help for @dump/debug. Report by Flame.
* Note added to game/txt/Makefile about braindead Irix 6.2 make
* Ident source files now do better #ifdef'ing of Unix include
files to help out Win32.
* Configure changes to enhance portability.
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 1 January 25, 1997
* New command: @dump/debug. Like @dump/paranoid, but
it also tries to fix the memory db, so a shutdown/restart
may not be necessary. It is never forked. Suggested by Atuarre.
* externs.h now declares crypt() as char *, not const char *.
* free_access_list's declaration is now K&R compatible again.
* repeat() now doesn't work with a null string, which prevents
a denial of service attack. Report by Atuarre. [TAP]
* Fencepost error in huffman compression code fixed.
Report by Mike Wesson. [TAP]
* idlesecs() is now referenced in pennfunc.hlp. Report by Flame.
* parse() is now referenced in pennfunc.hlp. Report by Sandi Fallon.
* lsearch() now gives the correct types in the help.
Report by Sandi Fallon.
* Halted messages now indicate the object that was halted,
even if they are halted as the result of a chown.
Report by Sandi Fallon.
Version 1.6.10 patchlevel 0 December 16, 1996
Major Changes:
* The attribute matching order has been cleaned up. Code by [TAP]
If you do ex obj/attribpattern, and...
1. If attribpattern has no wildcards:
a. Return attribpattern's value if set, else
b. Return the value of an aliased attribute, if any.
2. If attribpatern has wildcards:
a. Return anything which matches the pattern, and
don't bother about aliases.
Here's a little example:
only DESC set only DESCRIBE set both set
ex foo/desc* DESC DESCRIBE both
ex foo/describe (error) DESCRIBE DESCRIBE
Minor Changes:
* parse() is now an alias for iter() [TAP]
* Attribute set/clears report the name of the attribute in the
set/cleared message. [TAP]
* fun_lattr is now in fundb.c. [TAP]
* Improved setq/setr help. [TAP]
* Typo in help evaluations corrected. [RLM]
* The side-effect version of lock() no longer returns a value.
Reported by Corum.
* help quota() added. Report by Dennis De Marco.
* help INHERIT updated to reflect current control structure.
Suggested by Vedui.
* vmul() with a separator now returns the vector separated with
that separator, as promised. Report by Atuarre@TrekMUSH.
* FIXED now overrides STICKY, so you can't set yourself STICKY,
get yourself dropped, and go home. Report by Anthony Ivan.
* lsearch(all,flags,c) worked, but lsearch(all,flags,Pc) didn't!
This is fixed. Report by Flame.
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 9 November 18, 1996
* A Wizard doing @find on a MUSH with garbage crashes the MUSH.
Fixed. [TAP]
* Fairly major security problem due to a typo in the player-
destruction code fixed. Reported by Dennis DeMarco.
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 8 November 10, 1996
Major Changes:
* The control system has changed slightly: only wizards
control wizobjects and only royalty control royobjects.
If a mortal's object gets wizbitted, the mortal will
cease to control it. Also, protection is now afforded
to players from non-inherit objects.
* Setting an @listen on a room caused a crash. Fixed.
(Note: @listen on rooms still doesn't work - it's not
supposed to -- use LISTENER and ^patterns -- but at
least it doesn't crash. :) Report by Flame@B5.
* dune.h.dist now defaults the index and rules indx files
to ending in .idx, as they should. Noted by Jason Newquist.
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 7 October 30, 1996
* The help for vmul() suggested it did an elementwise product
of 2 vectors, returning a vector. In fact, it was doing a
dot product (sum of the elementwise product, which is a scalar).
vmul() now does what the help suggests, and vdot() does
a dot product.
* Bug in comp_w.c (word-based compression) which could cause
loss of subjects in @mail has been fixed. [NJG]
* Help for "control" made more explicit, and help for "controls()"
references "control", not "controls".
* @wait 0 now queues its subject immediately, rather than waiting
1 second. [TAP]
* The "Patchlevel" file is now more grammatical. For Sam Knowlton. :)
* Variables named "listen" have been renamed "listener" to
remove compiler warnings about shadowing the listen() system call.
Reported by Flame@B5
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 6 October 24, 1996
* Removed needless calls to tprintf() within do_log() in
* Fixed the variable j in fun_lnum to be the right type
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 5 October 15, 1996
* COMMA_EXIT_LIST causes exit lists to be comma-separated,
and include the word "and" before the last exit. [NJG]
* lnum() with multiple arguments now behaves exactly like
Tiny 2.2's lnum().
Minor Changes:
* @pcreate failure messages distinguish between bad passwords
and bad names. Related to a suggestion by Philip Mak.
* elements() used to put a leading space in output. Fixed. [RLM]
* index(foo|||,|,2,1) now returns nothing, instead of ||,
as it should. Fix by Harvester@StarWarsMUSH.
* @cpattr a/DESC=b (where a has a DESCRIBE attribute and no DESC
attribute) correctly grabbed DESCRIBE from a, but copied it to
DESC on b. This is now fixed. [TAP]
* Various unused variables and missing prototypes fixed. [NJG]
* More win32 fixes. [NJG]
* Revised comp_w.c to handle table overflow better. [NJG]
* splice() wasn't putting spaces back in between words.
Reported by Philip Mak.
* Help for aposs() was never added. [MPC]
* mkindx doesn't compile on systems without strcasecmp. Fixed.
Reported by Stephen Sanderlin.
* Configure: -lsocket is used if it's found (also -lcrypt, -lnsl)
* Various missing includes fixed
* Linux systems weren't doing daylight savings time right.
We now always try to use tm_isdst = -1 to get this right.
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 4 October 9, 1996
* Restart script fix in 1.6.9p3 is buggy. Fixed the fix.
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 3 October 7, 1996
* @wipe/wipe() of a single attribute (no wildcards) no longer
checks the SAFE flag on the object.
* Wildcards are now accepted for the attribute name when setting
attribute flags.
* @succ and &succ could create duplicate success attributes.
Fixed so that @succ -> SUCCESS and &succ -> SUCC,
and no more duplicates. [TAP]
* Help for @purge had disappeared. Back.
* Forgot to include restart patch mentioned in 1.6.9p2 [PeaK]
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 2 October 5, 1996
New Compile Options:
* The behavior of attributes is now configurable; you can
emulate attribute setting behavior from 1.6.8 and earlier,
use the currently recommended settings, or anywhere
in between. [TAP]
* lnum() now takes an optional second argument, which is the
number to start with, e.g. lnum(3,4) => 4 5 6
Suggested by [MPC]
* @mail/debug clear=<player> now clears all the player's
mail, not just their current folder. Fix by
Leonid Korogodsky.
* look/outside at an ambiguous name crashed. Report by Vedui.
* New hints file:
* Help for setq() now included. Report by Flame@Babylon5
* Added -w to the ps in restart so the output isn't
truncated. [PeaK]
* Restart changes to prevent some race conditions under Linux 2.0
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 1 September 26, 1996
New Function:
* setr() is like setq() but returns the string as well.
It's identical to [setq(#,string)]%q#. Suggested by Adam Dray.
* Bug with @clone fixed. Report by Vedui.
* Bug with @mail folder 15 fixed. Report by Vedui.
* @sitelock/register worked backward. Fixed. Report by [MPC]
* rnum() now requires that you can examine the room.
By Jason Rhodes, with minor mods.
* Better messages when a player or thing is set audible.
Suggested by
* Configure now uses your email address instead of your name
when trying to subscribe to the mailing list; on some systems,
it's hard to get a valid name -- getting an email address
is usually possible. Suggested by Cro@Spaceballs
* Configure no longer adds multiple copies of the same gcc
warning flags when you run it again. Reported by Cro@Spaceballs
Version 1.6.9 patchlevel 0 September 16, 1996
Attribute Rewrite [TAP]:
* There is now a distinction between an empty attribute and
a non-existant attribute:
@va me <--- wipes out my VA attribute
@va me= <--- sets my VA attribute to be empty
Empty attributes retain their locks and flags; wiped attributes
are gone forever.
* @set and set() can not wipe out attributes. @wipe and wipe()
* You can now include ':'s in $-command and ^-command patterns
by escaping them with '\'.
* Standard attribute names are kept in a string table and
memory is not allocated for them. We guesstimate a 3-5%
savings in memory use from this change.
* objmem() and playermem() are now more accurate.
* Internal changes: new attribute flags AF_STATIC, AF_COMMAND,
AF_LISTEN; atr_comm_match doesn't look directly at compressed
strings any more; restructured some routines (atr_clr to clear
attributes, atr_add to set them).
* Add help topic SETTING-ATTRIBUTES to explain the above.
* Fixed small error with closing a NULL file in access.c [TAP]
* Improved help for @destroy
* Dashed lines in @mail are now 2 hyphens longer. [MPC]
* The Configure hints files weren't properly used when
compiling with gcc.
* The color flag is now aliased to colour as well. [MPC]
* With MAIL_SUBJECTS, the @mail/list could get scrambled
for messages from players with long names. Reported by
* Small memory leak when access.cnf is reloaded via kill -HUP
has been fixed.
* Vestige of old TEMPLE code removed from do_drop. Reported
by Mike Selewski.
Version 1.6.8 patchlevel 1 September 7, 1996
* The mail*() functions were broken due to a typo. [MPC]
* The addr field in the descriptor structure has been expanded
from 50 characters to 100 characters, because you'd really
like to store the entire ident response from encrypting
ident daemons.
* The MAIL: announcement at login now counts your cleared
mail in your mail totals, in case something clears mail for
you while you're offline. Suggested by Mike Wesson.
* Better string protection for parse_chat which may fix
a potential crash when speaking on +channels.
Version 1.6.8 patchlevel 0 September 3, 1996
This is intended as a maintenance release because 1.6.7 has had
many rapid patches to achieve stability.
* "make install" now implies "make all". Corrects a problem
with not remaking hdrs/buildinf.h.
* README file now shows the utils directory in its directory tree.
Reported by Mike@StarWars.
* On startup, PennMUSH now logs its version information.
* @log/wiz was logging to trace log, not wiz log. Reported by
Dean Moore.
* @mail system behaved badly if you @shutdown on an empty
maildb on some systems. Reported by Mike Selewski.
* Detection of getpagesize() system call is now handled by
Configure. Fixes problems on Irix, reported by Mike Selewski.
* Minor typo in Irix hints file fixed.
* Stupid misspelling of August in CHANGES-10 fixed.
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 6 August 31, 1996
* The attribute clear fix in 1.6.7p5 is buggy. Now it's really
fixed. Report by [MPC].
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 5 August 30, 1996
* Sites not listed in the access.cnf file should have been
allowed, not denied access. Fixed. Best report by Cwilla@Victory
* A little more info in mush.cnf about how player_creation and
access.cnf interact
* Trying to clear a never-existant attribute got the right
error message, but clearing an attribute that had existed,
but been already cleared got the "Foo - Set." message.
Fixed - atr_add now skips disposed attributes. Report by [MPC]
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 4 August 28, 1996
* Bug in mail functions that caused mail(1:0) to crash
has been fixed. Reported by Corum@StormWorld.
* Another Win32 fix by Pat Pinatiello.
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 3 August 28, 1996
* Configure wasn't setting HAS_SENDMAIL correctly because the
updated config_h.SH wasn't included in the diff!
* @mail/clear's message about unread mail was screwy.
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 2 August 27, 1996
* Forbidden_Site wasn't working quite right
* Win32 compatibility improvements suggested by Pat Pinatiello.
Hopefully, no further real hacking should be required to
build under Win32 with Visual C++. Pat's instructions included
as win32/README.visualc++
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 1 August 27, 1996
* #ifdef's and the like were missing which prevent compilation
unless HAS_SENDMAIL and CHAT_SYSTEM (>2) were defined.
Fixed by [TAP].
Version 1.6.7 patchlevel 0 August 22, 1996
Major Changes:
* The lockout.cnf and sites.cnf files are no longer used.
Instead, the file game/access.cnf controls all aspects of
site-based (or, with ident, possibly user-based) access.
Sites can be explicitly allowed or denied the ability to:
* Connect to guest players
* Connect to non-guest players
* Create players
Sites can be configured to:
* Use email registration (see below)
* Set all players from the site SUSPECT
See the file game/access.README for file format information.
The LOCKOUT and WCREATE defines have been removed from options.h.
* A new access option, email registration, is available.
From the connection screen, the command
register <player> <email address>
will create the player with a random password, which will be
emailed to the address. The email address is stored on the player
in the wiz-only attribute REGISTERED_EMAIL.
Obviously, this requires that the system have a way to send email.
Ideas in this code came from Jim Cook.
* @powers are now tabled in flags.c.
* Nick Gammon's word-based compression algorithm is now
COMPRESSION_TYPE 3. This algorithm may be faster than
Huffman on the whole, and may provide better compression
for large (>1.5Mb of text) databases.
* @mail message-lists now understand the format [folder#:]msg[-msg]
For example, the first 3 messages in folder 1 are 1:1-3.
@mail commands that are not given any message list are assumed
to apply to all messages in the current folder. You can also
do this explicitly by using the word "folder". When you use
the word "all", you match all messages in all folders.
For example, try: @mail all
@mail internals rewritten to increase code reuse.
New Commands:
* @sitelock has got an additional syntax to support the new
access.cnf system.
New Functions:
* powers() returns the list of powers set on a thing.
If HASPOWER_RESTRICTED is defined, you must be able to
examine the thing to do this.
* mail(), mailtime(), mailstatus(), and mailfrom() now accept
this syntax:
mail([<player>,] [<folder #>:]<message #>)
* cemit() does what you'd expect. Suggested by [MPC].
New Powers:
* Open_Anywhere power allows the player to open an exit between
to any room, even if the player does not control the source
or target room.
Minor Changes:
* Previously, a player with the Halt power could use
@halt obj=command to effectively @force any object.
This form of @halt is now only allowed if you control the
object. Bug reported by Flame.
* When EXTENDED_ANSI is defined, ansi codes are stripped out
of strings before checking them against LISTEN and ^patterns.
Suggested by Mike Wesson.
* HAVEN players are no longer notified when they send back
an @haven message in response to a page. Page-locked players
still are. Suggested by Naomi Novik.
* @decompile me results in a decompile with "me" as the object name
@decompile <player> results in the player's name as the object name
@decompile of an exit will use the exit's short name instead of
its full name for setting attributes and flags.
* Utilty scripts (,,,, and are now in the utils/
* Default rwho server is now,
which replaces riemann, which has been turned off.
* time() and convsecs() now indicate the first 9 days of the
month as 01..09, rather than 1-9, which makes convtime()
happier when you convert back.
* You may @tel an exit back into its own room. Added for
compatibility with other MUSH flavors. Suggestion by Philip Mak.
* Dark connections are now broadcast only to MONITOR wizards and
royalty. This involved replacing the raw_broadcast and
toggle_broadcast functions with a new flag_broadcast function
which subsumes them. Suggestion by Philip Mak.
* Noted the 256-character limit on channel descriptions in the help.
* abs() now deals correctly with floating points.
* Win32 compatibility improvements suggested by Pat Pinatiello.
* Updates to BUGS, README.Deprecated, and FAQ [TAP]
* An ANSI_NORMAL is sent at the end of the Doing message in WHO.
* mail() and related functions now accept "me". Bug noted by
* Help for @squota no longer says that it works like @quota
when no limit is given, because it doesn't.
* Bigram compression was not freeing memory that it used
for initialization. Fixed, and made faster.
* Help for @unlink fixed; you can't pick up unlinked exits. [TAP]
* Potential string overflow in new_connection fixed. Idea by [TAP]
* Code cleanup: many old sections that were commented out
with #ifdef NEVER ... #endif have been removed.
* @set obj=!going gave an error message but still reset the flag.
Now it should just give the error. Reported by Philip Mak.
Version 1.6.6 patchlevel 0 July 28, 1996
This version involves primarily cleaning up and streamlining code
in preparation for major internal changes in later releases.
Major Changes:
* The following options are now standard and no longer turned
on via dune.h/options.h: RALPH_LOCKS, EXTENDED_MAIL,
New Commands:
* @firstexit command moves an exit to be first in the list of
a room's exits. Based on contrib/topexit.165p3 by Marlek@Earth1996
(but note that it requires control over the *room*, not the
New Functions:
* poll() returns the current poll. By William Knopes.
* TEMPLE flag has been removed. This requires adding a new
DBF bit. [TAP]
Minor Changes:
* Admin no longer automatically pass leave-locks and NO_LEAVE.
Suggested by Naomi Novik. [TAP]
* Users could cause an infinite loop with @mail/fwd. Fixed.
* The fix to pmatch() in 165p4 didn't quite do the job.
Alex's does. [TAP]
* @mail/stat commands now show correct number of cleared messages.
Bug reported by [MPC]
* Typo fixed in help for items() [MPC]
* help for BUILDER now calls it a power, not a flag.
Version 1.6.5 patchlevel 4 July 9, 1996
New Functions:
* entrances() works like @entrances, including the cost.
Suggested by Julienna@TrekMUSH.
* whisper/list takes multiple recipients. Suggested by [MPC].
Minor Changes:
* A DARK-reconnected message has been added. Idea by [MPC]
* LFAIL/OLFAIL/ALFAIL attributes now control the message
seen when a player fails to leave an object due to the
NO_LEAVE flag or a leave-lock. By Naomi Novik.
* pmatch() on a DARK or hidden player by an unpriv'd player
now returns #-1 (can't find the player).
* inc(very_big_n) now works exactly like add(1,very_big_n) instead
of returning a huge negative number. Same for dec().
Reported by [MPC].
* Fixed spelling of Tinyfugue in help @decompile. [MPC]
* Documented the way hasflag() works a bit better to forestall
a common confusion: why hasflag(me,r) doesn't check for the
royalty flag.
* If a player tries to join a channel she's already on but
which has since been locked against her, she receives the
already-on-channel message now instead of the can't-join
message. Suggested by Cwilla@VictoryMUSH.
* Compile-time information in @version has been expanded and
made much more robust for systems whose make program is
broken. We now create the file hdrs/buildinf.h at the
beginning of each build, which contains the info.
* WHO at the connect screen works correctly now even if
#0 is privileged. Bug reported by Doyce Testerman.
Version 1.6.5 patchlevel 3 June 29, 1996
New Command:
* @shutdown/panic causes a panic dump and shutdown. God-only. [RLM]
Minor Changes:
* When you destroy a room you don't own, the "wrecking ball"
message now includes the name of the owner, like the messages
when you destroy objects you don't own. Suggested by
Matt Chatterley.
* The channels() function, with no arguments, returns the
list of all channels (which the player can see).
* When you try to get an object that's not in your location,
and POSSESSIVE_GET is not defined, you don't receive
any message at all. Fixed by Thaddeus Parkinson.
* DARK-disconnect messages now appear.
* All calls to random changed to getrandom (except the one
in getrandom!), and the prototype for random removed from
utils.c, where it causes conflicts for at least OSF/1.
* portmsg.c extensively hacked to use the autoconfiguration
info so you can "make portmsg" on supported systems.
* Help for mortal() and @mortal removed. [RLM]
Version 1.6.5 patchlevel 2 June 19, 1996
* @grep didn't check to be sure you were allowed to see
the attributes it searched. Reported by Mike Wesson.
Version 1.6.5 patchlevel 1 June 12, 1996
New Functions:
* channels(dbref) returns the list of channel names that
dbref is on.
* When paging player(s) with spaces in their names, the
LASTPAGED attribute stores them with quotes around them,
so that repaging will work.
* @mail/fwd shows you how many players it successfully
forwarded to.
* @chzone here=none produced a spurious message if here was
Wiz/roy. Fixed. Reported by Matt Chatterley.
* udefault failed to evaluate the arguments it passed to the
attribute to be u'd. Reported by PeaK.
* Added include of sys/types.h in ident code. Necessary for
* @chf would not return a Huh? Fix by Hemlock MUSH admin.
Version 1.6.5 patchlevel 0 June 2, 1996
* The "One" character in minimal.db.Z (#1, aka God) is now
distributed without a password. This takes care of people
who don't have crypt(3) or have a modified one (FreeBSD),
since you now log in without a password, and set one,
and all is well.
* README has been extensively updated.
Minor Changes:
* When paging, LASTPAGED is set to the list of succesfully
paged players' names, if any page was successful. This
is how page/list always worked; now applies to normal page.
* &foo obj = bar used to set FOO to " bar". Similarly, you
could use page/noeval (or any speech command with /noeval)
to page messages with initial spaces. For TinyMUSH compatibility,
this is no longer possible; leading spaces are trimmed now. [TAP]
* F_INTERNAL flags (like GOING) are now visible unless they're
also F_DARK. [RLM]
* When you @decomp obj/atr and atr doesn't exist, you now get
a message about it. Suggested by Matt Chatterley.
* PREFIX semantics now like INPREFIX (see 1.6.4p2) [TAP]
* Bug in parse.c which could causes crashes fixed. Reported
by Atuarre. [TAP]
* On at least 2 systems, the system date was screwed up,
which made updating dune.h and options.h still produce
files younger than dune.h.dist and options.h.dist.
This is not our fault, but we'll fix it anyway - now we
touch dune.h.dist and options.h.dist before we update
dune.h and options.h.
* @wiping a STARTUP attribute didn't reset the STARTUP flag. [TAP]
* Fixed bugs in the freebsd hints.
* All of a sudden, linux systems have started barfing on
our declaration of signal() in externs.h. All right, if they
want to play that way, we now test for this in Configure
and don't declare it ourselves if it would break things.
* Changed Amberyl's address in the source to
* Somehow the fix for add(+1,0) got left out of 1.6.4. Back in.
* The ansi() function now produces underscore with "u", as
advertised. [TAP]
* Warning about discarding const in assignment fixed in game.c.
Version 1.6.4 patchlevel 2 May 14, 1996
Minor Changes:
* At game startup, semaphores on all objects are cleared.
Prevents objects from having leftover semaphore states after
a shutdown. [TAP]
INCOMPATIBILITY WARNING! If you have objects which expect
to always have sempahore -1 (or something else), be sure
that they do "@drain me; @notify me" in their STARTUP
(as recommended in Amberyl's MUSH Manual).
* @dump/paranoid produced db's with incorrect db flags
when CHAT_SYSTEM was 3 or 4. Reported by Matt Chatterley.
* Under certain conditions, one could get inside a ZMO using
the "go" command. Fixed. [RLM]
* A strcpy in fun_match is now a safe_str. [PeaK]
* INPREFIX fixes: (1) no space if INPREFIX evals to a null string,
(2) message to be prefixed is passed as %0, (3) %1-%9 are
temporarily cleared. [TAP]
Version 1.6.4 patchlevel 1 May 11, 1996
* Forgot to #ifdef MAIL_SUBJECTS around fun_mailsubject.
Reported by Mercurial Mink@Protean.
* Quirk in @dbck fixed. [RLM]
* Possible denial of service attack using repeat() fixed. [RLM/TAP]
* Problem with Configure script under certain conditions (esp FreeBSD)
producing bad compiler flags fixed. Report by Mike Wilson.
Version 1.6.4 patchlevel 0 May 3, 1996
Major Changes:
* eval_boolexp rewritten again. Important features:
- If A is locked to @B, evaluating A's lock is identical
to evaluating B's lock
- To do an indirect lock or an elock(), you must be able to
read the lock on the target object (i.e., you must be
See_All, control the object, or it must be Visual)
(New macros Can_Run_Lock and Can_Read_Lock for this)
- As a result, channel locks will work as advertised if
you indirect-lock them to VISUAL objects
* Changes to handling of plain strings (with no evaluation)
resulting in doubling of speed. [TAP]
* If you fail the page-lock on a DARK player, you receive their
AWAY message rather than their HAVEN message. That is,
failing a page-lock on a DARK player is just like paging
a DARK HAVEN player.
* INHERIT check moved to controls() function
New functions:
* mailsubject() returns subject of a given mail message,
analogous to mail() and mailfrom(). By Atuarre.
Minor Changes:
* Don't go through some major sections of the parser if we've
be given PE_NOTHING. Performance boost. [TAP]
* Players who are allowed to idle past inactivity limit, and
are unfindable, and can hide, are hidden (as before), but
only receive the notification once, instead of every
hour (or whatever your limit is). Players who are all of the
above but can't hide don't get any notification now.
Suggested by Gepht@Hemlock
* When allocating a new boolexp, set its struct members to
null values for better debugging. [RLM]
* We no longer save/restore the r-values when evaluating
the left side of the equal sign in attribute setting.
So @desc %q0 = %q0 now works as expected. Reported by PeaK.
* Locks set when players are initially created (lock, elock)
are now set to "=me" instead of "me". [PeaK]
* When EX_PUBLIC_ATTRIBS wasn't defined, you never saw the
DESCRIBE attribute listed when you examined objects. [AKM]
* Vacation and Connected were being handled incorrectly
internally; the type of object wasn't being checked. [TAP]
* Now that Connected is fixed, the call to @doing doesn't have
to prefilter for players, so don't. [TAP]
* +nn is now considered a number, so add(+20,1) works.
Reported by Dennis De Marco.
* String boundary problems sometimes when you hit the
function recursion limit could cause crashes. Fixed.
Reported by Oliver Stoll. [TAP]
* Making on Linux should hopefully now work with -g. [PeaK]
* Warning message when @chzoning an inherit player used
to be announced when @chzoning *any* player. Fixed. [PeaK]
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 7 April 25, 1996
* beep() works without arguments now, as promised. [TAP]
* repeat(string,-number) caused an infinite loop. Reported by
* The create() function didn't accept a single argument. [RLM]
* last(a b c) was returning " c" instead of "c". [TAP]
* The Configure script did indeed send email to listproc if
you asked to be subscribed to the pennmush mailing list.
But it sent it with Precedence: junk, which listproc ignores.
* %q9 wasn't preserved due to a typo in function.c. Fixed. [PeaK]
* SIGHUP now handled synchronously to prevent race conditions.
Noted by PeaK.
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 6 March 30, 1996
Minor Changes:
* A channel's owner now always passes the channel's modlock.
* Wizards may now do folderstats(player,folder). Previously
on God could, but wizards could see the stats for the player's
current folder, and could reset the current folder, so it
doesn't make sense to restrict. Report by Cwilla@Victory-MUSH
* @function is restricted to see_all players. Suggested by
Oderus (Mike Wesson).
* @sitelock/ban and @sitelock/register had their effects
mixed up. Reported by Matt Chatterley.
* Objects that were undestroyed were having the GOING flag
removed but not the GOING_TWICE flag. Fixed. [RLM]
* element() now works as advertised. [RLM]
* Systems without IEEE math now can't do power(x,y) if
*either* x or y is greater than 100. Report by InsaneJoseph@WoP
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 5 March 12, 1996
New Powers:
* The immortal power has been split into 3 powers:
no_pay (has unlimited money), no_quota (has unlimited quota),
and unkillable (can't be kill'd). For backwards compatibility,
@set player=[!]immortal sets/unsets all three. Objects which
were immortal before this patch will have all 3 flags set.
Minor Changes:
* The DEBUG flag can now be set by any user. The Can_Debug power
will automatically be removed from all objects.
* The "directive not found" message in loading mush.cnf has been
changed to a more comprehensible/less scary "directive in
cnf file ignored" message.
* FIXED players can no longer "go home" or "move home"
* was producing incorrectly titled index entries. [RLM]
* More fixes to elock() and zone locks. Elock() should now work
even when RALPH_LOCKS isn't defined. Zone locks are checked
on the correct object. [TAP]
* @open exit=variable should work correctly now. [TAP]
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 4 February 27, 1996
* Complex evaluation locks may be better behaved. [RLM]
* ex/debug now shows flag bits in hex, not decimal [RLM]
* % failed to quote the following character in some cases.
Fixed to work like 1.50. [PeaK]
* iter() only allowed a single-character output separator instead of
an arbitrary string. Fixed. [PeaK]
* Bug in extmail.c which caused crashes on find_exact_starting_point
with newly created players may be fixed.
* Repaging with page/list uses the correct format.
Also, failing to page anyone successfully doesn't clobber
LASTPAGED when using page/list.
* Dark-connecting admin now trigger connection messages on
admin chat channels (unless the channels are quiet)
* Help for pos() corrected.
* Things starting with #- (error messages) are now treated as
false (0) in boolean functions, as under 1.50. [TAP]
* The recursive_member function was inefficient, and potentially
buggy, which could allow things to be teleported into things
they contained. Fixed.
* @drain wasn't lowering QUEUE attrib. Fixed. [RLM]
* Zone master help updated to refer to zone locks [RLM]
* Memory malloc'd by replace string, though freed, didn't
have its mem_check cleared in a few places, which could make
it appear that replace_string was leaking. [PeaK]
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 3 February 12, 1996
New option:
* If NULL_EQ_ZERO is defined in dune.h, a null string will
be considered a zero in a math function. For example,
add(,3) will return 3, instead of #-1.
Minor Changes:
* Guests may not join or leave channels. [Mike Wesson, Oderus]
* edefault() core dumps fixed.
* eval() now behaves correctly. [TAP]
* ALL players (inc. Wizards) now subject to BUILDING_LIMIT.
* Quota now properly updated on object destruction. [RLM]
* Misc. fixes to object destruction, especially in the case
of what happens to SAFE objects of destroyed players. [RLM]
* Queue was handled strangely for priv'd players. Fixed.
* New internal macros NoQuota and NoKill, both the same as
NoPay, established in preparation for future splitting of
Immortal power into 3 powers.
* help @clock2 typo fixed.
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 2 February 7, 1996
[L@E] refers to Lukthil@ElendorMUSH, who did many patches to 1.50
that I'm just now getting to integrate.
Minor Changes:
* Wizards are now effectively pemit_all
* @dol/notify notifies even if given a null list. [L@E]
* See_All players can see quotas with @quota. [L@E]
* If we're logging forces, don't just log forces *by* wizards,
log forces *of* wizards (and things they own) by anybody.
Idea by L@E.
* Removed obsolete code: clear_atr_name
* mkindx now sorts index entries alphabetically, so it
doesn't matter what order you have get() and get_eval()
in your help file - help get will give get().
Code by Pavel Kankovsky (PeaK).
* #-1 was being considered "true" instead of "false" when
TINY22_BOOLEANS was not defined. [RLM]
* munge() is better behaved when there are duplicates in the
first list, accurately matching them with the second. [L@E]
* Emits weren't propagating through audible exits when
there was nobody in the room. Fix idea by L@E.
* Charges were broken. Fix idea by L@E.
* Immortal players could lose coins when their non-immortal
objects ran code. Fixed. [L@E]
* @edit is less likely to overflow buffers when using ^ and $. [L@E]
* @halting objects used to queue them for #0. Fixed. [L@E]
* Semaphores weren't removed when an object was halted. Fixed. [L@E]
* Possible permissions problem in running STARTUP when objects
are chowned fixed. [TAP]
* make etags now picks up dune.h and options.h [RLM]
* Code consolidation: chowning when an exit is linked is done
via a call to chown_object now. [RLM]
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 1 February 4, 1996
Minor Changes:
* NO_LEAVE is now settable by anyone
* The script indexes admin news and help separately.
* *emit() functions can now have unescaped commas in their last
argument (the message). [TAP]
* lit() doesn't screw up on braces. [TAP]
* @search and lsearch() using eval were broken. [TAP]
* @unlock foo worked, and also gave a Huh?. Fixed. [RLM]
* When a player was destroyed, their SAFE exits would be
destroyed instead of chowned. Fixed. [RLM]
Version 1.6.3 patchlevel 0 January 31, 1996
Major Changes:
* Assume that object A is locked to @B, and object B is
locked to canuse/1. It used to be that when player P tried
to pass the lock on A, the canuse attribute on *A* was
checked, instead of B. Fixing that required that we check
to be sure that B is allowed to evaluate the CANUSE attribute
on A, which required internal changes to boolexp.c.
Minor Changes:
* Objects can now send mail as themselves, not their players.
Mail from objects is reported as being from an object
when read. The format for @mail(/read) has changed somewhat.
* page[/list] now stores the last player(s) you paged in a LASTPAGED
attribute, so you can re-multipage. The behavior is a little
different for page and page/list. Page stores exactly what
you typed as the last player/list of players to page; page/list
stores only those names for whom the page succeeded.
* The site of last failed login used to be a visual attribute.
* Parser misbehaved on: think ( foo ), removing spaces. [TAP]
* @edit and related wasn't stripping leading spaces from the
right side of the = sign. Fixed.
* Problem with count of unread mail on login with EXTENDED_MAIL
* @channel/rename can now rename a channel to the same name
with case changes, without an error.
* +channel now matches partial ambiguous channels in a smarter
fashion - it looks for a channel you're on.
* Better help for @clock
* die(0,x) now returns 0. die(negative #,x) returns an error. [TAP]
* @chan/decompile can be used by the channel's owner or
anyone who passes the modlock, as well as Wizards.
* Channel hide locks work right. [RLM]
* @chan/decompile now shows the correct commands for locking
channels. [RLM]
Version 1.6.2 patchlevel 1 January 28, 1996
* get_eval error about # of args fixed.
Version 1.6.2 patchlevel 0 January 26, 1996
New Commands:
* @mortal <command> lets a privileged player run a command
as if they were unprivileged. [TAP]
* ahelp/anews shows admin help/news topics to admin players.
Admin-only topics are in the same files (help.txt/news.txt),
but topic names begin with '&'. For example:
& for-all-players
& &admin-only
* page/list <players>=<message> will do a multipage with a less
spammy format for the pager.
New Functions:
* mortal() lets a privileged player evaluate as if there were
unprivileged. [TAP]
New Flags:
* MORTAL, to support @mortal and mortal(). Used internally, and
not settable. Can be reset by Wizards, just in case, though. [TAP]
Minor Changes:
* If you have a channel "admin" and a global +admin (no args),
calling +admin will run the global, not give the
"What do you want to say to that channel" message, under
extended chat.
* If a panic db is corrupt, the restart script will move it to
save/PANICDB.corrupt instead of removing it.
* Problems with compile when HAS_SIGACTION is undefined.
Noted by Brian Favela, affects Linux.
* Duplicate uselock check in atr_comm_match removed.
Noted by Brian Favela.
* Looking at an exit showed the full name and aliases, not just
the full name. [TAP]
* Compiling without EXTENDED_MAIL works right.
* Potential buffer overflow problems in look_exits() fixed.
* get_eval() really uses a /, not a comma, like the help says.
* (Hopefully) last remnants of old parser removed from externs.h
* @dol on an empty list now doesn't give the weird "what do you want
to do with the list" message. @dol with an empty command does. [RLM]
Version 1.6.1 patchlevel 1 January 23, 1996
* v(#), v(!),and v(N) now return the same thing as %#, %!, and %N.
Version 1.6.1 patchlevel 0 January 21, 1996
New compile-time options:
* SAFER_UFUN: when defined, prevents less priv'd objects from
evaluating ufuns on more priv'd objects, which helps a
potential security problem with side-effect functions.
This is more of a stopgap -- control and security will be
revamped in a future release -- but is recommended.
New .cnf directives:
* player_creation enables/disables "create" at login screen.
Also @enable/disable creation
* use_dns enables/disables IP-to-hostname resolution
New Functions:
* tel(thing,destination)
* oemit([room/]object,messsage)
* emit(message)
* lemit(message)
* remit(object, message)
* zemit(zone, message)
* timestring(secs,flag) converts seconds to #d #h #m #s
format. If flag is 1, the string always includes all time
periods (e.g. timestring(301,1) = 0d 0h 5m 1s). If flag is
0 or omitted, only the necessary periods are included
(e.g. timestring(301,0) = 5m 1s).
* left(string, n) returns the first n characters of the string
* right(string, n) returns the last n characters of the string
* hasflag() syntax extended to hasflag(obj[/attr],flag) for
checking attribute flags as well.
* functions() lists all enabled functions
* atrlock(obj/attr[,<on|off>])
* doing(player) returns a player's @doing if they can be see
on the WHO list
Minor Changes:
* @allquota now has /quiet switch, and works correctly when
no limit is given. [NJG]
* The restart script is now a lot smarter, and figures things
out from mush.cnf. All that needs to be set is the location
of the game directory, and if you use make customize, not
even that.
* @wall/@rwall/@wizwall with a null message fails. (src/speech.c)
* SIGHUPs sent to the MUSH are now logged in netmush.log
* Common code called when object ownership is changed has
been encapsulated into a single function for modularity.
* crypt() is now a macro on systems which can't define HAS_CRYPT
* The table() function was incorrectly truncating some
list elements. Fixed. Report by Alaric@WoP
* The match() function was returning an empty string instead
of 0 when it failed to match. Fixed. Report by Alaric@WoP.
* help math functions now list the transcendental and other
floating point functions
* map() and mix() were broken. Fixed. [TAP] (src/funlist.c)
* @grep/print is now case-sensitive, like help says. (src/predicat.c)
* Refunding money when objects are chowned
was refunding 10 coins, instead of the object deposit. [RLM]
* convtime() hadn't been converted to the new parser,
and therefore was broken. Fixed. (src/funtime.c)
* Compilation warning in src/game.c fixed
* Giving players large negative amounts of money was slightly
broken and is now fixed. Obscure, eh? [RLM] (src/rob.c)
* Misleading comment in options.h.dist about QUEUE_LOSS
fixed. [RLM]
* Help fixed to indicate that there's no longer a 10 dimension
limit on vector functions.
* Various missing prototypes corrected.
* make customize now correctly sets the restart script
executable, and installs links to netmud and mkindx.
* Improved Win32 portability [NJG]
* Fixes to default() and edefault() [TAP]
Version 1.6.0 patchlevel 5 January 17, 1996
* Extended chat: @chan/decomp shows privs correctly now
* Extended chat: When a player is destroyed, channels they own
are chowned to God.
Version 1.6.0 patchlevel 4 January 17, 1996
* Extended chat: Formerly, non-players could create channels.
No longer.
* Extended chat: Channel creation cost is now refunded when
channel is removed.
* Help text for HALT (game/txt/pennflag.hlp) and SUBSTITUTIONS
(game/txt/penn.hlp) now notes that HALTed objects do not
evaluate functions or substitutions.
* Nick Gammon's new email address is in README and win32/README
Version 1.6.0 patchlevel 3 January 16, 1996
* default, edefault, udefault now work like Tiny 2.2, not eval'ing
their arguments.
* Many fixes to the extended chat system.
* Fixed misspelling of Guest in @config.
* @function on a non-existant object no longer crashes. [TAP]
* Problems with paranoid dumps not setting the correct dbflags
corrected. [TAP]
* Problems with EXTENDED_MAIL crashing when using LOGOUT fixed. [RLM]
* @warnings for exit-msgs and thing-msgs warned when there was
no OFAIL on a locked exit/thing, which is silly. [1.6.0p1]
* Started patching the CHANGES file, like I should.
* Fixes
* Fixes so that 'make update' won't trash player_flags
(and other repeatable directives) in mush.cnf
* Fixes game/txt/README
Version 1.6.0 patchlevel 0 January 10, 1996
Major Changes:
* New function parser with improved speed, sanity. [TAP]
* Complete rewrite of destruction code. Undestroying supported
for all objects, @adestroy works sanely, SAFE is safer,
better consistency checking. [RLM]
* Support for 'plural' gender for TinyMUSH compatibility. [2.2]
* Most filenames are now 8.3, to support the win32 port
* Some options have been moved to the runtime config file
(dbcomp). Others have been removed entirely.
* 'make update' will update runtime config directives
* The chat system has been completely rewritten. Number of
channels is limited only by memory, channels are saved
across shutdowns (modifying source to add channels never
required), channels can be locked in various ways,
non-wizards can create channels, etc.
* New .cnf directives: chat_database (where to store channels),
max_player_chans (how many channels can a non-admin create),
chan_cost (how much does creating a channel cost)
* The CSRI malloc is now supported and suggested. In addition
to being extremely memory-efficient, it offers leak detection
and profiling features.
* The database format now defaults to quoting text, which is
less vulnerable to corruption, in particular the loading of
attribute locks starting with a number. [1.50-15-04,05 TAP]
New Functions:
* matchall() [2.2]
* default(), edefault(), udefault() [2.2]
* aposs() and %a return absolute possessive pronouns [2.2]
* elements() [2.2]
* mudname(), version(), starttime() [2.2]
* stats() is now an alias for lstats() [2.2]
* ulocal() [2.2]
* search() is now an alias for lsearch() [2.2]
* folderstats() returns information about numbers of messages
in a given @mail folder
* last() is the counterpart to first(), and returns the last
item in a list
* mailtime(), mailstatus(). Suggested by Alaric@WorldOfPain.
New Commands:
* @emit can be abbreviated '\\', for TinyMUSH compatibility
* The speech commands (say, pose, @[po]emit, whisper, page)
can now take a /noeval switch, which prevents them from
evaluating the message.
* 'semipose' is an alias for pose/nospace
* 'INFO' from the connection screen gives version info for
the MUSH, for use by automated mudlists and the like.
* @sitelock/name adds names to the banned names file.
* @enable/@disable guests (and new cnf file directive guest_allow)
* @decomp now takes /flags and /attribs switches to only decompile
the creation/flags information or the attribute information.
* @list command partially implemented for TinyMUSH compatibility.
New Flags:
* CLOUDY flag on exits provides partial transparency. A CLOUDY
TRANSPARENT exit shows only the description of the room beyond,
no contents. A CLOUDY but not TRANSPARENT exit shows only
the contents, no desc.
* FORCE_WHITE flag on an ANSI player forces their output to be
reset to white, necessary for some poor ansi terminals which
"bleed". [Kalkin]
Minor Changes:
* @chzone'ing an object to 'none' no longer clears its privbits.
* OXMOVE attribute is shown to the room you're leaving.
* Setting and resetting the SUSPECT flag is now logged in wizard.log
* Various outdated defines have been removed from options.h/dune.h
* Objects can now use @mail commands, as if they were their owners.
* idlesecs() now accepts "me".
* "pose" (not ":") used to discard everything after an "=".
* The "entries" entries in help.txt, etc, have been fixed a bit.
* index(a| |b,|,2,1) now returns a null string instead of "|b"
* Various memory leaks [1.50-15-01]
* When fork fails, a non-forking dump is done, and the MUSH
no longer exits. [1.50-15-02]
* Soundex() no longer hangs on non-alphabetical. [1.50-15-06]
* dist2d and dist3d are safer on non-IEEE math systems. [1.50-15-03]
* mail() now counts messages across all folders
* Better matching of del_check to add_check [1.50-15-11]
* PennMUSH now compiles correctly without EXTENDED_MAIL
* Some fixes to unparse.c to stabilize huffman compression
* Fixes to @boot [1.50-15-08,TAP]
* Fixes to variable exit handling by quick-unparse [1.50-15-07,AKM]
* Configure now tries to find a full path for uptime(1) so that
@uptime will work
* Fixes to forbidden_site and forbidden_name when there's no
sites/lockout/names file. [NJG]
* Backspace handling for really dumb terminals improved [NJG]
* When changing the text of an attribute, its flags are no longer
reset. [RLM]
* When seizing a link, coins weren't refunded if the seize failed.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 14 July 3, 1995
This patchlevel is primarily concerned with bugfixes and patch management.
Maintainer changes:
* New file 'Patchlevel' tracks mandatory patches to insure that they
are applied in the proper order
* Clearer 'restart' script. [TAP]
* The indexing script for help/news/etc now creates the topic 'Entries'
instead of 'Index', to prevent a conflict with 'help index()'.
* The file hdrs/db.h is now hdrs/mushdb.h, to match Tiny 2.2 and
because FreeBSD complains about db.h.
* The links hdrs/dune.h and hdrs/options.h were unnecessary and
are now removed.
* The noforking dump messages have been moved to mush.conf
* The @set obj1=attrib1:_obj2/attrib2 form no longer works, as
it conflicts with general attempts to set attributes that start
with underscores. Use @cpattr for copying attributes.
* EXITS_CONNECT_ROOMS, if defined, prevents rooms with at least one
exit from being announced to players as "disconnected rooms".
* RALPH_DEBUG option allows for improved DEBUG flag output. [RLM]
* When MEM_CHECK is defined, it dumps mem_check info to the
checkpt.log before each dump.
* SAFER_PLAYER_NAMES options has been removed. Player names can't
contain those funny characters, period.
* Added -D_INCLUDE_AES_SOURCE to hpux hints
* stdlib.h is now included in eval.c to get atof. This was breaking
linux MUSHes badly.
* Linux hints now use BSD signal semantics.
* Various attempts to fix possibly unusual bugs in compression.
* The internal TRANSPARENT flag bit macro is now TRANSPARENTED,
because Solaris defines TRANSPARENT
* A bug causing setq'd registers to be incorrectly munged has been fixed.
* @chzone warning messages refer to zone-lock, not elock, if RALPH_LOCKS
are compiled in.
* Examining a player who was on a null channel was reported to crash
one MUSH. Some attempts have been made to fix that problem.
* The compose.csh script in game/txt has been replaced by, which now deals properly with systems which are missing
perl (gasp!)
* Configure script hopefully won't die when checking signals on Linux.
* Fixes to some strange @mail behavior. [RLM]
* CType in compress_h.c is now unsigned long, not long. [RLM]
* Fix to converting old maildbs to mail subjects [RLM]
* Bigram compression could (rarely) cause $commands or ^patterns
to stop functioning.
* GoodObject() used to consider db_top to be a valid dbref. It's not.
* Recycling of objects was broken in pl13 and is now fixed. [RLM]
* mush.conf can now deal with the FIXED flag as a default flag [RLM]
* A lot of mem_checks weren't being deleted, especially exec.buff ones.
* Defining COMPRESSION_TYPE to be 0 (no compression) now works. [TAP]
* Paranoid dumps no longer stomp out tabs and newlines unnecessarily.
* Configure now checks for IEEE math compliance, and defines HAS_IEEE_MATH
which is used by the code to determine if some math functions need
to be limited.
* SOLARIS defines have been removed as extraneous.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 13 June 1, 1995
Patchlevel 13 was very much a collaborative effort with Ralph Melton
and T. Alexander Popiel, terrific MUSHhacks.
Major user changes:
* Complete rewrite of locks, which allows for many, many new
locks, including user-defined locks, with reduced memory usage. [RLM]
* @mail can now have a subject.
Major maintainer changes:
* The code now contains ANSI prototypes (if Configure ascertains that
your compiler likes 'em) for easier debugging.
* The help, news, and events entries are now managed in subdirectories
of game/txt/, and automatically indexed.
* The names.conf file now accepts wildcards
* New Makefile target 'update' will propagate your options.h/dune.h
settings into an options.h.dist/dune.h.dist template, ask you
whether you want to define any newly-introduced options, ask
you if you want to remove any obsoleted options, and write out
new options.h/dune.h files.
* Improvements to the autoconfiguration scripts, which now generate
a config.h and confmagic.h file in the top-level directory. These
headers tell the code what kinds of features are available.
Accordingly, the old hdrs/config.h header file has been renamed
* The 'whisper_loudness' config directive in mush.conf sets the
probability that a noisy whisper will be noticed in the room.
* If the standard Huffman attribute compression gives you trouble, you
can use the COMPRESSION_TYPE define to use the older bigram
compression system, now auto-tuning, or no compression at all.
* The TINY22_BOOLEANS option causes the MUSH's boolean functions
(and(), or(), not()) to be compatible with TinyMUSH 2.2. In Tiny 2.2,
only non-zero integers are "true". In PennMUSH's default, non-zero
integers, non-negative db#'s, and strings are "true". You pick.
* NO_NUKE_SAFE_PLAYER prevents @nuke from working (for Wizards) on
players set SAFE. You have to unSAFE them first.
New functions:
* MWHO() function is like LWHO() but always evaluates as if the
enactor were an unprivileged player. Useful for globals.
* ISDAYLIGHT() returns 1 if it's daylight savings time, 0 if not.
By Dave Sisson
* CWHO() now returns a list of dbrefs, NOT NAMES. Much more flexible.
* ITER() now can take a fourth argument, which is the output delimiter.
You can have any string shoved between the output elements instead
of a space (for example, a %r).
* TABLE() for presenting lists in rows.
New commands:
* Players can connect with 'ch name password', which is just like
'cd', but connects hidden. Activated by defining DARK_CONNECT
* @warnings now allows players to exclude warnings by using
@warnings me=!warning. [RLM]
* @ps/quick now displays only the summary line of @ps for players.
* @decomp can take a /tf switch, which makes its output emulate
the 'FugueEdit' object (originally by van@TinyTIM) which
lets you use tf to edit attributes. Idea by Lord Argon.
Minor changes:
* The 'news code' and 'news changes' entries are now in help.txt,
so you don't need to update your MUSH's news.txt files when you upgrade.
* In an ambiguous situation (i.e., @dest foo when you carry
foobar and foofoo), @dest will no longer pick one at random. It'll fail.
* #0 is now evaluated as TRUE in the context of boolean functions,
because it's a valid dbref (applies only #ifndef TINY22_BOOLEANS)
* haspower() allows players to see powers on things they control,
even with HASPOWER_RESTRICTED defined. [RLM]
* O-attributes which evaluate to nothing are no longer displayed. [AKM]
* Paranoid dumps no longer smash \r and \n.
* @mvattr no longer deletes the original attribute if the copies fail.
* Secure now stomps out ^'s
* The getrandom() function has been rewritten. [RLM]
* It's now a lot harder to have Guest and Wiz/Roy set on the same
player. Players shouldn't be able to connect to Wiz/Roy Guests anymore.
* HARSH_GUEST is now a lot harsher. Guests pretty much can't modify
the database except to lock/unlock things they control.
* players who are on a priv'd channel may speak/leave
even after they lose their privs. [RLM]
* Xenix options removed from options.h.dist, since the Xenix code
isn't supported anymore anyway.
* The size of MAX_COMMAND_LEN (and therefore all derived buffers)
has been doubled.
* Doing a 'make' from the src/ directory will now call the top-level
makefile. This helps those who use emacs (like Ralph, who came up
with this) and M-x compile from the srcdir.
* @version shows compilation flags.
* Admin WHO no longer wraps lines. Sitenames are truncated as needed. [TAP]
* Repaging a player with a multi-word name works correctly now.
* Players with the tport_anything power can teleport FIXED things.
* @map works as documented again.
* Paranoid @dumps don't give so many spurious bad attribute warnings.
* ZMO elock checking now uses PLAYER_START and MASTER_ROOM instead
of #0 and #2. [RLM]
* @pemit/list now replaces ## with the target's db#, as the help says.
* Subtle bug in exit matching fixed. [RLM]
* escape() and secure() no longer parse their arguments.
* The asterisk-line separators on the nologin messages have been
prettified slightly, at Tigger's suggestion
* Some systems didn't deal well with overflowing @doing and @poll's.
Dave Sisson patched it.
* Error in bsd.c when compiling with DARK_CONNECT but without ROYALTY
fixed. (Reported by Suud@Gohs)
* hasflag, andflags, and orflags patched to prevent mortals from
using them to see mdark flags [RLM]
* Type mismatch in warnings.c fixed [RLM]
* fun_lcstr() and fun_ucstr() have been changed slightly in order to
support unices like MachTen which appear to define tolower() as
a macro meaning (isupper(x) ? _tolower(x) : (x)), and were getting
hosed by the tolower(*ap++) call. Bug reported by Adrick.
* It was possible to overflow the buffers in do_log by having a
Wizard do @fo me=think lnum(5000), for example. No longer, I hope.
Bug report and suggested fix by Adrick.
* Removed an old bit of code that broke compiles using original mailer
* The restart script is a little smarter about preserving databases.
* Fixed a bug that caused ALWAYS_PARANOID to dump core.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 12 March 23, 1995
Major changes:
* The matching routines in match.c have been rewritten to be
reentrant, which fixes some subtle but important bugs
* New Makefile target 'customize' for setting up customized
per-mush subdirectories for those who run multiple mushes.
* An untested DELETE_POWERS define in options.h, which will remove
powers from a database, to make it easier to switch to TinyMUSH
New flags/powers:
* Things with the Pemit_All power can @pemit to HAVEN/ulocked players.
Useful for globals.
--- Fixes ---
* Previously, passing the elock of a ZoneMaster player allowed
control over *all* the ZM's objects, including the ZM player itself.
Players are no longer controllable this way.
* Incorporated patch for compiling without CREATION_TIMES defined
* Incorporated Ralph Melton's patch to warnings.c to fix core dump
with multiple exits warning.
* Nobody can @tel rooms any more. New code for @tel'ing exits has
been written, however, and players may now @tel exits they control
from rooms they control to rooms they control.
* Z_TEL bug: players could defeat Z_TEL by entering an object and
@tel'ing from there. Reported by Ralph Melton.
* Bug in puppet checks in @teleport fixed.
* Players in exactly 15 levels of container could defeat NO_TEL. Fixed.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 11 March 5, 1995
At Amberyl's suggestion, the "dune" numbering scheme has been
abandoned. This is 1.50 pl11, and future versions will be numbered
Major changes:
* All objects can now have creation dates. Non-player objects have
attribute modification dates as well. Players have number of login
failures since last logins tracked instead. Supported by
ctime() and mtime() functions to return creation/modification time.
(CREATION_TIMES define in dune.h)
* The extended @mail system now maintains the maildb sorted by
recipient, and each player descriptor has a pointer to where that
player's mail begins in the maildb. This is much faster for reading
and listing and clearing mail, only slightly slower when sending.
New Commands:
* @boot/me: boots a player's idle descriptor (to selfboot hung
* whisper has two switches: silent and noisy. Standard PennMUSH whisper
is silent, and is the default unless NOISY_WHISPER is defined.
* @grep can take two new switches, /ilist and /iprint, which are just
like /list and /print, but case-insensitive.
New Flags:
* LIGHT (as in TinyMUSH): LIGHT objects/players appear in DARK rooms.
In addition, LIGHT exits also show up.
* Z_TEL: When set on a Zone Master Room or a room in a zone, prevents
players from using @tel from that room to any room that's not in the
same zone. Useful for puzzle areas or enforcing some IC constraints.
New Functions:
* The lsearch() command can take a range of db#'s
* ctime() and mtime() functions (if CREATION_TIMES is defined)
* grepi() is a case-insensitive grep
* hasattr() returns 1 if an object has a given attribute
* hasattrp() returns 1 if an object or its parent has a given attribute
Minor Changes:
* @away/@haven/@idle messages are not sent if they're null
* Players always receive feedback when they use @hide
* Players who are FIXED are now permitted to @tel objects into their
inventory. This makes coding puppets which follow you much easier.
--- Fixes ---
* examine/mortal now functions more like it should.
* If a ZMO was elocked to an object in #2, players couldn't @chzone
things to it. Reported by Melkor@Beleriand. Fixed.
* WHO is grammatical when reporting # of connected players. Idea
from Kalkin.
* The Connected ('c') flag is no longer visible to mortals.
Version 1.50 patchlevel dune2 March 5, 1995
DuneSource pl2 changes
Major changes:
* Extensive warning system for things missing on objects, rooms, etc.
@warnings command for players to set the level of warnings they want,
@wcheck[/all] command for players to check an object (checks can also run
at a God-configurable interval on the whole db), NOWARN flag for objects
and players. Idea from Kalkin's adaptation of MUSE code, totally
New options (dune.h):
* GUEST_TEXTFILE option enables a textfile (guest.txt by default)
to be shown to Guests who log in. Idea and source code from Kalkin.
* PAGELOCK_NOT_USELOCK option causes @lock/use to fail for players,
requiring them to type @lock/page. The lock itself has not changed,
just the interface, to remind players of its function. By Ralph Melton.
* More control over possessive gets with the POSSESSIVE_GET define
and the POSSGET_ON_DISCONNECTED define. Possessive get can be
disabled, enabled for all but disconnected players, or enabled
at all times (the default PennMUSH behavior)
New functions:
* lit() returns its input totally unparsed, and without spaces compressed.
* t() returns the truthvalue of its input, guarranteed to be either
1 or 0.
* objmem() and playermem() functions, return the memory usage of
an object or all of a player's objects. Requires search_all power.
* grab(list,pattern[,delimiter]), returns the first element of list
which patches the pattern. Patterns are of the match() type.
From the TinyMUSH 2.2 code.
Minor Changes:
* You must actually own an object (not just control it) or be a
Wizard in order to set it chown_ok or dest_ok. By Ralph Melton.
* You can use #$ in the actions in a switch() function
or @switch/@select statement, and it will be replaced by the switch
expression before executing or evaluating. This can improve
efficiency and save space. For example:
is equivalent to:
but only requires a single evaluation of complexfunc(%0).
Suggested by Kenric@DuneII.
* "things" is a synonym for "objects" in @search now. By Ralph Melton
--- Fixes ---
* #-2 is treated as a "0" (false, like #-1) in functions which need a
logical value for it. Previously, it was treated as -2 (true).
* @select is now considerably more efficient - it no longer will
evaluate anything after the matched action. The old behavior
could well be a bug in the right conditions as well.
* atr_add now rejects null attribute names, so you probably can't set them
any more. Suggested by Kalkin, the code's by Mike@StarWars.
* Players can reset a DARK flag on themselves, but still can not
set themselves DARK.
* andflags(me,!Dc) used to return 1 if I am !dark and !connected,
instead of !D and connected, as the help states. Fix by Ralph
* Halting an object which is @wait'ing used to fail to decrement
the owner's queue attrib. Fixed now. Patch by Ralph Melton.
* set_flag uses strupper instead of upcasestr now, which should fix
a bug on some systems wherein "cd" command would crash the MUSH and
a similar bug wherein players connecting would crash the MUSH if
the ON-VACATION flag was in use.
* The old channel syntax (@channel foo=command) works again.
* The RULES option now works.
* The convtime() has been rewritten to work on NeXT's correctly.
Previously, its malloc failed and it returned -1.
* Systems which have getrlimit, but *don't* have RLIMIT_NOFILE,
are now supported. Notably, Aix 2.x and 3.x.
* The installation hints for Solaris 2 have been improved.
WAIT_TYPE is defined as int, and if NBPC can't be found for
getpagesize(), it'll try PAGESIZE instead. Thanks to Kalkin for these.
* Installation for AIX has been improved. AIX required inclusion of
sys/select.h in the IDENT stuff.
* Various rewrites of tests against NOTHING to use the GoodObject()
macro instead. Thanks to Ralph Melton for some of these.
* Got rid of some warnings when compiling mkindx
Version 1.50 patchlevel dune1 March 5, 1995
DuneSource pl1 changes
Major changes:
* Whem players attempt to log in to a Guest character that is already
in use, the server tries to find one that isn't, and connects the
player to that. If it can't, you get the old behavior (two connections
to the single Guest).
* Extended @mail system is available with many new mail commands.
* Dump warnings 5 minutes and 1 minute before non-forking
dump, and optional announcement at completion of dump.
* Guest players may not set attributes.
* Kill command can be disabled.
* @aconnect/@adisconnect messages on individual rooms.
Changes to commands:
* CD command at connection screen allows Wizards to connect to the game
* @sitelock command for on-the-fly sitelocking by Wizards.
* @dump/paranoid can try to fix the db in memory, too.
* @decomp/db, produces decomp output using dbref of object instead
of its name.
* ex/mortal, shows examine output as if player were mortal.
* Option to rename @destroy to @recycle, since @dest and @desc are
easy to confuse.
* @restart command. Combines an @halt with triggering @startup.
* @hide now provides feedback when used.
* @find may be restricted to royalty, the only ones for whom it might
possibly be useful.
* @function now lets you know when it updates an @function.
* The old (pl8?) @channel <channel>=<function> syntax is back, along
with @channel/<function> <channel>, for those who liked it.
* @grep can be either case-sensitive or not (the default).
* If you don't specify the destination attribute in @cpattr, it
assumes you want the same attrib name as the source attrib.
* @mvattr, like @cpattr, but removes old attribute.
* ANSI players now see their @edit additions in bold.
* Rooms and exits can @emit. Rooms @emit into themselves (like @remit),
and exits @emit to their source room.
* @squota can now be given quota levels as +<quota> or -<quota>, to
increase or decrease a player's quota from its current level.
Changes to functions:
* encrypt() and decrypt() functions.
* hidden() function for checking if a player is hidden.
* hastype() function for checking if a thing is a given type.
* pemit() function sends pemits to a list of objects.
* lparent() function, returns object's parent, grandparent, etc.
* quota() function, returns a player's quota.
* N-dimensional vector arithmetic functions: vadd(), vmul(), vsub(),
vmag(), vdim(), vunit()
* haspower() can be restricted to admin.
* "Lower math" functions: shr(), shl(), inc(), dec()
* beep() with no arguments produces a single beep.
* pmatch() will now accept *player or #dbref arguments.
* lsearchr() function does an lsearch *backwards* through the db.
Changes to flags/powers:
* Flags can be defined as dark (invisible to all but God),
mdark (invisible to mortals), and odark (invisible to mortals who don't
own the object) in flags.c.
* @cemit can be granted as a power
* The ability to set/unset the DEBUG flag on objects the player controls
can be granted as the Can_Debug power. (Idea by Kenric@DuneII)
* Optional COLOR flag to control reception of ANSI color apart from
ANSI hiliting.
* OPAQUE flag on exits. OPAQUE exits in translucent rooms look
like normal exits in non-translucent rooms.
* FIXED flag prevents @tel and home.
* DARK Wizards need not trigger @aenter.
* The SUSPECT flag is now abbreviated 's'.
* NO_LEAVE flag on objects prevents 'leave' command from working in them.
Useful for flying vehicles and the like.
Minor changes:
* &adestroy attribute triggered when object is dest'd.
* Player/room/object names can appear automatically in bold.
* Dark and Hidden players are distinguished on the admin WHO list
* Dark and Hidden players are indicated on the admin DOING list
* Wizards who idle are set hidden, not DARK. Same for royalty.
* DARK wizards enter and leave @chat channels silently.
* Royalty can now see the Wizard @channel/list
* The mortal @channel/list lists only public channels.
* @idle/@haven/@away attribs which evaluate to nothing are not
sent to the paging player.
--- Fixes ---
* TRANSPARENT variable exits don't crash the MUSH when looked at.
* @channel/delete and @channel/privs take the right number of arguments
* @decomp now decompiles flags properly.
* When logins are disabled, players may not create characters.
* The controls() function is made safer. Defining SAFER_CONTROL prevents
anyone but God from controlling God, any non-wizard from controlling
anything with a wizbit, and any non-admin from controlling anything with
a roybit.
* Player names are made safer. Defining SAFER_PLAYER_NAMES prevents the
use of [, ], %, and \ in player names.
* The strupper() function is made safer.
* Mortals can remove the DEBUG flag on objects they own.
* The set functions now take delimiters like they should.
* Revwords() takes a delimeter, like it should.
* @config displays whether function side effects are available correctly.
It used to get it backwards.
* Some checks against NOTHING have been changed to use the GoodObject()
macro in look.c and possibly other places.
* It's more difficult for players to enter themselves.
* PLAYER_NAME_SPACES works right now, use double-quotes around
multi-word names.
* haspower() on unknown powers now returns #-1 NO SUCH POWER instead
of a null string.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 10 March 5, 1995
Patchlevel 10 Changes
New additions:
- Guest is now a power. Set it on a player to restrict its command set.
- New power Announce, which controls the ability to @wall.
- Global r-registers are now preserved across the queue.
- '#@' now replaces to the list-place for iter() and @dolist.
- Timers now operate on absolute time, rather than game ticks.
- Checks of $commands now obey parent uselocks.
- Variable exit destinations. When you attempt to go through one of these
exits, it evaluates the exit's DESTINATION attribute as a
U-function, and uses the result accordingly.
- Rooms can now be set LISTENER. The flag name has been changed to MONITOR
(which is what it's called in 2.0), with LISTENER as an alias.
(Thus the MONITOR flag on things/rooms and on players mean
different things.)
- If the EXTENDED_ANSI option is turned on, it enables the ansi() function,
allowing ANSI control codes to be used.
- New wizard command @log can write information to a log file.
- @oemit now takes its target location from the person to exclude, not
the person who is doing the @oemit (consistent with 2.0 behavior,
and more flexible).
- @ps now follows the 2.0 syntax. Items deleted from the queue are now
counted, and the entire thing calls a single generic routine.
Function changes:
- More functions take delimiters. The newly-modified ones are:
extract(), filter(), first() fold(), iter(), match(), member(), munge(),
rest(), revwords(), setdiff(), setinter(), setunion(), shuffle(),
sort(), splice(), wordpos(), words()
- If function side effects are configured as enabled, the functions link(),
set(), parent(), lock(), clone() and name() can make db changes.
- controls() has been tweaked so it returns '#-1 <error message>' on invalid
objects, for consistency with other functions and with 2.0.
- delete() is now ldelete(). The new delete() function deletes characters
from a string. This is a change to be consistent with 2.0.
- lcon() is now consistent with the 2.0 convention -- no more partial lists;
either you can get the entire list, or you can't get it at all.
- locate() has some new parameters: 'c' matches 'carried exits', supported
by match_carried_exit(). Exit matching now calls match_exit_internal().
'X' allows random choice if the result is ambiguous (#-2).
- lsearch() now takes an EVAL class.
- objeval() evaluates its first argument.
- owner() now can take an object/attribute pair.
- sort() autodetects for floating point, and uses qsort.
- User-defined functions, such as U(), now return an empty string, rather
than #-1 SOME ERROR MESSAGE, because 2.0 behavior is to return an empty
string, and, generally, the empty string is easier to handle.
New functions:
- New substitution: %qN is equivalent to r(N) (also twiddled v() slightly)
- Findable(). Can <a> locate <b>? Useful for those WHO-list-type globals.
- Foreach(). Works basically like MAP(), but on strings.
- Haspower(). Like hasflag(), but for powers.
- Ports(). Returns the network descriptors a player is connected to.
- Rloc(). Returns an object's location at a variable level.
- Sortby(). Sorts a list by an arbitrary u-function.
- Stripansi(). Strips the ANSI codes from a string.
Important other changes:
- Fixed a bug in the checking of ZMO locks in the game's internal controls().
The privs parameter to eval_eboolexp() needs to be the ZMO in question,
rather than the object itself, in order for attribute locks to work as
would seem logical (the object being checked shouldn't even factor into
the equation, since by definition zone control is based solely upon
the ZMO's enter lock).
- Because people seem to want it back, the "pose" command is back, together
with a /nospace switch.
- TRACE is now an alias for the DEBUG flag.
- Player lookups on dbrefs work (i.e, '*#1' is now valid).
Version 1.50 patchlevel 9
Patchlevel 9 Changes
New additions:
- @cemit command emits to a channel.
- "Quiet" channels added. They don't show connect/disconnect or joined/left.
- '%c' returns the current command.
- @dolist/notify queues a '@notify me' after queueing the list commands.
- @pemit/list pemits to a list of dbrefs. No more @dolist/@pemits needed!
New functions:
- Center(): centers text on a field.
- Cwho(): returns the names of players on a channel.
- Isdbref(): checks if something's a valid dbref.
- Map(): like iter() over a user-defined function.
- Mix(): like map(), but takes two lists.
- Munge(): combines lists, allowing you to do things like conversion sorts.
- Objeval(): evaluates an expression from another object's viewpoint.
- Trim(): trims characters at the beginning and/or end of strings.
Other changes:
- Add(), And(), Mul(), and Or() can take up to 100 arguments.
- Channel commands are now switch-form.
- Debug-flag output is neater and more useful.
- Default input line length is 2K.
- @grep output format is neater and shorters.
- @link can link already-linked exits.
- Locate() can take an 'l' parameter to check object location.
- Output line termination is now carriage-return-newline.
- Starting quota is now a conf option.
- @wipe can take an object-attribute pattern.
Important bugfixes and modifications:
- Controls() now obeys the inherit flag.
- Enactor (%#) in idesc evaluates to the player, not to the object.
- The escape character is stripped by the parser.
- Listening objects trigger enter/leave messages in DARK rooms.
- Matching is only done on exits if there is no exact match after trying
all other possibilities.
- Non-INHERIT things can no longer @parent things which are INHERIT.
- Delete(foo%b,1) and Delete(foo,1) now return the same result.
- Replace(foo%b,1,Test) and Replace(foo,1,Test) now return the same result.
- Taking from an object is now governed by control, as well as ENTER_OK.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 8
Patchlevel 8 Changes
Major new features:
- Players can now set an @alias.
New additions:
- Player ZONE flag and ZoneMaster control provide "safer" zones.
- @hide command hides player from WHO list.
- @oemit can take a room dbref, behaving like @remit with an exception.
- mortal_dark and wizard attribute flags are settable. 'm' and 'w'.
- @pcreate power added.
- Channels can be wiped.
New functions:
- Visible(): can one object examine another object or attribute?
- Items(), Element(): like Words() and Match(), but for arbitrary separators.
- Delete(), Replace(), Insert(): list-manipulation, arbitrary separators.
- Orflags(), Andflags(): check multiple flags.
- Fullname(): full name of an object.
- Many floating point functions.
Other changes:
- Lattr() can take an <obj>/<wildcard> pattern.
- @prefix and @inprefix do pronoun substitution.
- @search can take an 'eval' parameter.
- No second arg to @lock or @link unlocks/unlinks.
- Mail() can now, for wizards, give info about other players' mail.
- Sort() now 'autodetects' sort type. Nsort() has been removed.
- Get_eval() is an alias for U() rather than Eval().
- Non-listening objects trigger @aenter and @aleave.
- @search, @find, and examine always ignore the MYOPIC flag.
- Queue deposits get refunded at startup.
- Words() uses ' ' as the delimiter, _not_ any whitespace.
Major bugfixes:
- Many problems with flags have been fixed.
- "#123's foo" is no longer matched the same as "#123".
- Switch() nesting behaves properly.
- Parser bug with '/' in pre-parsed attribute names fixed.
- Remove() no longer screws up on things like 'remove(#434 #43 #22,#43)'
- Index() and friends no longer screw up on null separators.
- Squish() trims leading spaces properly.
- Various bugs with setfunctions fixed.
- Function recursion bug fixed.
- @scan no longer chokes on '='.
- no_inherit attribute flag works for real.
Version 1.50 patchlevel 7
Patchlevel 7 Changes
Major new features:
- Powers system. Individual objects and players can be given the ability
to do special things, such as "examine anything", "teleport anywhere",
"boot players", etc. The BUILDER and IMMORTAL flags are now powers.