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Add @if to Help @-general

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mike347 committed Jun 18, 2019
1 parent 7ed4676 commit 7c8ad37d8c943f69b345313f9fdeb39d49bf1bc0
Showing with 7 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +7 −7 game/txt/hlp/penncmd.hlp
@@ -51,13 +51,13 @@ These '@' commands are general utility and programming commands:
@cemit @command @config @decompile @doing
@dolist @drain @edit @emit @entrances
@find @force @function @gedit @grep
@halt @lemit @listmotd @mail @notify
@nsemit @nslemit @nsoemit @nspemit @nsprompt
@nsremit @nszemit @oemit @password @pemit
@prompt @ps @remit @restart @scan
@search @select @stats @sweep @switch
@teleport @trigger @verb @version @wait
@whereis @zemit
@halt @if @lemit @listmotd @mail
@notify @nsemit @nslemit @nsoemit @nspemit
@nsprompt @nsremit @nszemit @oemit @password
@pemit @prompt @ps @remit @restart
@scan @search @select @stats @sweep
@switch @teleport @trigger @verb @version
@wait @whereis @zemit

These '@' commands are only usable by wizards or privileged players:

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