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Add help references to/from lwho() and lports().

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talvo committed Oct 11, 2017
1 parent 381d40e commit bcf8f013c9b00ca0b533fb566c95820cd1859b89
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@@ -2576,7 +2576,7 @@ See also: lthings(), lvplayers(), lvcon(), lvexits()
lwhoid() returns a list of objid's instead.
See also: mwho(), nwho(), xwho()
See also: mwho(), nwho(), xwho(), lports()
& MAP()
map([<object>/]<attribute>, <list>[, <delim>[, <osep>]])
@@ -3206,7 +3206,7 @@ See also: @ps, getpids(), pidinfo()
These port numbers also appear in the wizard WHO, and can be used with @boot/port, page/port, and the functions that return information about a connection to make them use a specific connection rather than the least-idle one when a player has multiple connections open. Players can get information about their own connections. See_all is needed to use them to get information about other people's ports.
See also: player(), Connection Functions
See also: lwho(), player(), Connection Functions
& POS()
pos(<needle>, <haystack>)

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