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Shawn committed Oct 10, 2017
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@@ -19,9 +19,6 @@ Wrapper script for invoking cscope, a handy source code perl script used by 'make customize' perl script used by 'make distdepend'
fixdiff.scm: scheme script to convert a diff with Windows-style path
separators to Unix-style ones. Creates hdrs/rgb.h and src/rgbtab.gperf with color name
to RGB tuple maps.
@@ -45,12 +42,6 @@ perl script that turns the CHANGES.* files into perl script used to manipulate player passwords in an
offline database. Run it with --help for more. Wrapper for the splint code analysis tool to control
what warnings are printed out.
typedefs.scm: Compiles into a program used to update the list of
typedefs used by 'make indent'. Used by make to reconcile changes between
game/mushcnf.dst and your local game/mush.cnf.

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