Docker container for the Differential Language Analysis ToolKit
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Docker container for the Differential Language Analysis ToolKit.

Example usage

Starts a mysql docker container and then builds and runs the DLATK container; linking the two containers together. See for more info on the MySQL container.

docker run --name mysql-8 -v /my/own/datadir:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw -d mysql:8
docker build -t dlatk-docker .
docker run -it --rm --name dlatk-test --link mysql-8:mysql dlatk-docker bash


The following variables can be overridden in the DLATK docker container allowing for the user to use a different MySQL instance:

  • MYSQL_USER: Username for the DB.
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD: Password for the user.
  • MYSQL_HOST: IP/Host of the server.
  • MYSQL_PORT: Port of the server (e.g. 3306).

Loading the sample datasets

If following the tutorial you'll need run the following to load the sample data:

mysql < $DLATK_DIR/data/dla_tutorial.sql
mysql < $DLATK_DIR/data/permaLexicon.sql


  • Create a docker-compose.yml.
  • Optionally allow for the IBM Wordcloud jar to be utilized.