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Penn Spark

Penn's premier tech & design club! We work on both creative & client projects.

Penn Spark

We’re a community of students at the University of Pennsylvania that bridge tech and design to build both passion and client projects from ground-up.

Each semester, our members come together to work on a variety of coding and/or design projects. In the past, projects have ranged from redesigning a startup’s pilot program helping students with ADHD to developing a machine learning model that identifies pictures as emojis.

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  1. projects-showcase projects-showcase Public

    Showcasing the beautiful work of our beautiful members! :-) <3


  2. fa21-blue-penn-tix fa21-blue-penn-tix Public

    Penn’s premiere ticket reselling platform.

    Python 1

  3. fa21-blue-popplex fa21-blue-popplex Public

    Let’s pop your class perplexion!


  4. fa21-blue-ignite fa21-blue-ignite Public

    Dynamic website that serves to provide creative inspiration.


  5. fa21-red-commoncents fa21-red-commoncents Public

    JavaScript 1


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