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X-tag-registry is repository for xtags.



  • nodejs
  • mysql
  • elasticsearch
git clone 
cd x-tag-registry
npm install
cp _config.js config.js

Edit config.js: enter your database and elasticsearch info

 # setup elasticsearch
 node scripts/es_setup.js

 node app.js

Open your browser to localhost:3000 and voila!

Adding x-tags

X-tag registry uses github as its source for tags. All you have to do is add a POST-COMMIT hook in your repository and add a xtag.json file to your repo and we will do the rest.

Visit:[USERNAME]/[YOUR TAG REPO]/admin/hooks

Add a WebHook Url to:

Each time you commit to your repository we will get notice of it. However, the registry will only update its data when you use a tag that begins with xtag. For example:

# create a tag 
git tag xtag-v0.0.1 

# push it
git push --tags

Sample xtag.json

	"name": "Flipbox",
	"tagName": "x-flipbox",
	"version": "0.0.1",	
	"description": "The flipbox tag allows you to flip a content element with a CSS Animation to the other side to view additional content. An example use of flipbox, would be to flip and app's content to reveal a settings panel",
	"images": [""],	
	"categories": ["structural"],
	"compatibility": {	
		"firefox": 5,
		"chrome": 4,
		"opera": 12,
		"android": 2.1,
		"ios": 4

OR if you have many x-tags in one repository you can have one xtag.json in your repository root that points to all other tags.


For development you'll have to fake the POST-COMMIT hook to get data into your registry. For example:

curl http://localhost:3000/customtag/ -H 'Content-type:application/json' -d @test/github_post_commit_hook_data.json