A Symbian OS emulator
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EKA2L1 Status

  • Best Symbian OS emulator to install and run malware. You can print things too!

  • Requirements:

    • 64 bit OS, 2 GB of RAM
    • At least OpenGL 3.2 is supported
    • A Symbian ROM. Currently, only Symbian 9.x is supported, and no drawing (AKN - Symbian GUI libraries, and GLES), is implemented yet. Only console app works
  • Artifacts:

    • Artifacts for Windows is provided through CI. Click the status badge to get to EKA2L1's Appveyor CI
  • Information and contact

    • You can contact me through Discord channel here
  • Support

    • You can contribute to the codebase by submitting the PR. Please visit the wiki to know about the coding convention first ;)
    • You can also support me on Patreon
  • Building:

    • Update all submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive
    • Using CMakeList in the root directory to generate solution/makefile. Make sure to turn off BUILD_TOOLS (tools are broken)
    • Building GUI using Lazarus 1.8.4. Must be FPC x86-64 and Lazarus 64 bit
    • Make sure to have the unicorn.dll related and eka2l1_api.dll in your executable / system directory if you want to run the GUI (because the GUI uses external functions from C++)
  • For contributor:

    • You can starts by compiling the core and console and fixing warnings (or comment typos ;)) to get use to the code base.
    • You should learn some basic Symbian C++ (Active objects, Thread, Sync things, etc..) before getting in implementing HLE functions.
    • If you don't want to develop the core, you can contribute to the GUI. Either Lazarus (Pascal) or Qt (C++). I prefer Lazarus, but QT will make things easier