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Pentagrid AG

Pentagrid performs technically solid IT security assessments.

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  1. smsgate smsgate Public

    SMSgate is an open source Python-based server for sending and especially receiving SMS using multiple GSM modems and SIM cards.

    Python 145 26

  2. PentagridScanController PentagridScanController Public

    Improve automated and semi-automated active scanning in Burp Pro

    Kotlin 59 3

  3. archive_pwn archive_pwn Public

    A Python-based tool to create zip, tar and cpio archives to exploit common archive library issues and developer mistakes

    Python 41 5

  4. 5-AFL-suite-docker 5-AFL-suite-docker Public

    Dockerfile for AFL++ and helpful other tools

    Shell 20 1

  5. shreddy2 shreddy2 Public

    The Raspberry Pi storage scrub station for USB thumb drives.

    Python 15 3

  6. PentagridResponseOverview PentagridResponseOverview Public

    Response Overview Extension for BurpSuite

    Kotlin 10 6


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