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Mondrian is an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) server that enables business users to analyze large quantities of data in real-time.
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[TEST] - allowing CancellationException in timeout tests for generate…
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bin [ANALYZER-2655] Invalid Agg table SQL generated by native filter when
demo [CLEANUP] Major cleanup of the build system. Removes everything relat…
doc [MONDRIAN-2319] - Calculating Date difference produce wrong result
eclipse MONDRIAN: added documentation about eclipse warnings
intellij Add TestContext.withOlap4j(). Will allow us to start using olap4j for…
lib [MONDRIAN-1949] Add support for NuoDB, the dialect file, and unit
misc MONDRIAN: Update copyright notices, reflecting copyright changes:
src/main Merge pull request #573 from akhayrutdinov/MONDRIAN-2155
testsrc [TEST] - allowing CancellationException in timeout tests for generate…
workbench [BACKLOG-5323] Unable to create a DB Connection in Schema Workbench
.classpath Sets the dependency to olap4j-1.1.0 for the APIs. The tests remain at…
.gitignore [MONDRIAN-1696] Makes the mondrian version a generated class.
.project MONDRIAN: dont check in
LICENSE.html MONDRIAN: Upgrade license from CPL to EPL.
LicenseInfo.txt MONDRIAN: Update copyright notices, reflecting copyright changes:
README.txt [CLEANUP] Updates the release notes.
RELEASE.txt [CLEANUP] Updates the release notes. [CLEANUP] updated versions via release version merger
build.xml [BACKLOG-4155] No Copywrite information on Schema Workbench
ivy.xml Upgrading to VFS 2.1
ivysettings.xml [ENGOPS-1416] syntax fix in ivysettings.xml
mondrian.iml PSW-168 Add esapi to configuration
subfloor.xml [CLEANUP] new sonar targets in subfloor with more test flexibility


This is a source, binary or data distribution of Mondrian,
an OLAP Engine written in Java.

This code is released under the terms of the Eclipse Public
License v1.0 (EPL); see LICENSE.html.

For installation instructions, see doc/install.html

The version is described in VERSION.txt.

Home page:
Project home:
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