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Pentaho BA Server Core
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This set of modules make up Pentaho's core platform and business analytics server.


This module contains common interfaces used by the platform. APIs for the plugin system, repository, security, and many others exist here.


This module contains core implementations of platform sub-systems and utility classes.


This module contains the JCR Jackrabbit repository implementation of the pentaho platform


This module contains the Quartz based scheduler implementation of the pentaho platform


This module contains a variety of capabilities used for various purposes within the platform


This module is a GWT front end for the pentaho platform, allowing users to navigate the repository, execute and schedule content, as well as administer the platform


This module creates the Pentaho Server archive and contains the samples and other content needed for the Pentaho Server.

How to build

Pentaho platform uses the maven framework.

Pre-requisites for building the project:

  • Maven, version 3+
  • Java JDK 1.8
  • This settings.xml in your /.m2 directory

Building it

This is a maven project, and to build it use the following command

mvn clean install

Optionally you can specify -Dmaven.test.skip=true to skip the tests (even though you shouldn't as you know)

The build result will be a Pentaho package located in assemblies/pentaho-server/. Then, this package can be dropped inside your system folder.

Running the tests

Unit tests

This will run all unit tests in the project (and sub-modules). To run integration tests as well, see Integration Tests below.

$ mvn test

If you want to remote debug a single java unit test (default port is 5005):

$ cd core
$ mvn test -Dtest=<<YourTest>> -Dmaven.surefire.debug

Integration tests

In addition to the unit tests, there are integration tests that test cross-module operation. This will run the integration tests.

$ mvn verify -DrunITs

To run a single integration test:

$ mvn verify -DrunITs -Dit.test=<<YourIT>>

To run a single integration test in debug mode (for remote debugging in an IDE) on the default port of 5005:

$ mvn verify -DrunITs -Dit.test=<<YourIT>> -Dmaven.failsafe.debug

To skip test

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests

To get log as text file

$ mvn clean install test >log.txt


  • Don't use IntelliJ's built-in maven. Make it use the same one you use from the commandline.
    • Project Preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Build Tools -> Maven ==> Maven home directory
For issue tracking and bug report please use
[Jira]( Its master branch is built upon commit
merges in [Jenkins Continuous Integration](
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