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My LudumDare-26 entry



- I'm still brainstorming, but taking a break to just get the environment all set up and clean.


- Got a generic state machine which will be used for UI, sub-game state and Actors
- up next: add simple level map and a base actor for movement test
	- skipping any pathfinding for now, it can be added as a bonus if I'm a good code monkey


- Trying to keep things as data-oriented as possible without getting caught up on architecture too much.
	- the idea is that I get the code nailed down in the next couple of hours, then spend the remaining time on
	  art, music and balancing


- Heaps of changes, but I'll save an update for after this frantic sprint / bug finding mission
- Will have to do a bit of cleanup soon, as aspects of the control flow are getting fuzzy
	- menus work nicely, and are defined with json so it's pretty easy to beef 'em up
	- adding actors
	- constrained-time for AI player
	- finer grained time for Agent system


- added basic actor selection
- basic movement orders
- fixed some state machine issues
- actors tween a bit too
- added a scrolling background test


- now have (proper) RTS style selection and movement
	- had to patch HaxePunk in order to get an immediate mode non-filled rectangle, as a result this won't run without my patches
		I'll post my version in github too
- tweening is going to need work as the internal tweens in HaxePunk aren't really suited to this (no pausing for example)
	- likely just going to do easing between current tile and next tile in our path


- getting tired.  the electronic music I'm listening to just did a vinyl stop and I thought I was stroking out
- things are looking pretty good.  there are definitely a few things going a little weird though :)

6:53am (the next day)

- whoops. journal.  yeah.. that thing.
- back on track after a major refactor
- gonna eat Pho, have a cuppa, maybe shower and then launch into the final sprint of:
	- art
	- particles (and juicy things)
	- music / sound
	... not much for 5 hours..  should be fine

To Do (misc QA as I find it)

- "back" option in About menu takes you to the game instead of back to the Main Menu
- TutorialController isnt' hooked into the server as I rushed through and used string events instead should follow the original design:
	- is a ServerEventHandler and registers with the server
	- also provides a function for receiving client events
	- now go delete all that cruft from elsewhere :)
- Need end-stage
- perhaps add a list of locks for each level set?  eg. stage2 requires stage1 complete
- Obviously a level-select screen

- eventually:  
	- some kind of barriers
	- some kind of static enemies with high power
	- some limiting of shooting range per unit


Theme this time is Minimalist which seems mightily redundant for a 48-hr compo :)

But hey, at least we have someone to blame! (good on you klianc09 for taking the bullet and also reassuring everyone :)