My entry to the 24th Ludum Dare 48hr game compo/jam
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The Origin of Faeces

A game made in 23 hours for the 24th Ludum Dare 48hr game creation jam.

It is a little glitchy at times, but it's worth noting I spent the last few hours before submission occasionally nodding off at my keyboard. I'll be intermittently pushing changes as I go through and fix a few bugs and get it up to where I'd hoped it to be.


The source is mostly uncommented and messy in places - as can probably be expected given the time frame. I intend to clean up the miscellaneous debugging code and comment it more thoroughly as I suspect it could be of some use to beginners.


I really don't like license stuff, or software patents. So do what you want with this source code, I'd like to know if you do anything cool though.

Let's say it's a Creative Commons Attribution License, and that Attribution could simply consist of telling me so I can point at your work and make my mum proud.


To everyone who participated in and (particularly) created Ludum Dare. Thanks to Chevy Ray for making the FlashPunk framework that I could pick up in an unfamiliar language an hour or two before entering!