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Tools Include Policy

PentestBox currently contains the most efficient and popular security tools. I am aware that our users require more tools than what is provided by PentestBox, that is why we have Toolsmanager which can be used to install tools which are currently not there in PentestBox. A list of tools which can be installed using Toolsmanager can be found at

If you want to have more tools through toolsmanager then you can let me know at Facebook, Twitter, or you can create a thread on my todo list.

But if you would like to suggest some tool that should be included by default in PentestBox, then please make sure it fulfills following points.

  • The tool/software license should allow redistribution of their package.
  • If software size is large (more than 300 MB) and it's author already provides the Windows version of that tool then i won't be able to include it, because it won't be comfortable for the users to download a large size installer, also the main motive of PentestBox is to provide security tools which are not compatible on Windows by default or if their installation is troublesome.

After clearing the above points, if the tool is compatible with Windows then I will add it to the list for inclusion in the next version. But since in the most cases the tool is not compatible on Windows, I usually check it's code to see if there is possibility of porting that tool to Windows, otherwise I will try to contact the developer to provide Windows support for the tool.