wrapper script for easy-rsa and openvpn, create a package of ready-to-run openvpn configure for both server and clients in extremely simple steps.
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#Much-easier-rsa for Openvpn

A wrapper script for easy-rsa and openvpn, creates a ready-to-run configure tar for both server and client whthin extremely simple steps.


  • Provide tared config which ready for any server distribution.
  • Random VPN subnet will be generated to avoid conflict.
  • Random digital subffixed server/client CommonName will be assigned (if you don't provide one) for clearer management.
  • All those config files are based on examples that ship together within your distribution.
  • tls-auth enabled by default.


For new setup:


Just do as menu promote. When select 5, all the files will be packed into a single NAME-all.tar.gz, you should save it somewhere safe. And if you want to sign some more certificates from this root CA latter on, put the tared file as argument.

./much-easier-rsa-menu.sh /path/to/YOUR-VPN-all.tar.gz

At last the script also provide you iptables commands that may be useful to setup the server as a VPN gateway.