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Streamlit Terran Timeline logo

Terran timelines

Creating face-recognition timelines on videos has never been so easy! Using the power of Terran we can easily build these timelines.


This Streamlit component requires the following packages for working properly:

# Install dependencies
pip install --upgrade streamlit terran youtube-dl

# Install the component
pip install streamlit-terran-timeline


Streamlit Terran Video animation

You can generate a timeline from any kind of video using the generate_timeline function and then using the terran_timeline Streamlit component like this:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_terran_timeline import generate_timeline, terran_timeline

# Generate the timeline information
timeline = generate_timeline("")

# Display the timeline. If the users click, you'll get the exact second of
# the part of the timeline video. By default, it returns 0.
start_time = terran_timeline(timeline)

st.write(f"User clicked on second {start_time}")

You can also check out more examples in the examples folder.

Development process

  1. First, switch the _RELEASE variable from streamlit_terran_timeline/ to False.
  2. Then, start a development server at streamlit_terran_timeline/frontend by running npm install and then npm run start
  3. Also, you'll need to install the package internally like pip install -e .
  4. Finally, run streamlit on and use the component! For example, you can run streamlit run streamlit_terran_timeline/examples/

What's Terran?

Terran is human-perception library made by Pento 🚀

With Terran, making this demo was super easy! You can take a look at the generate_timeline function to understand how Terran modules works with videos, face-recognition, and face-detection.