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pentoo-updater: we really need users to run @changed-deps :-(

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ZeroChaos- committed Nov 6, 2019
1 parent ac90111 commit 2bc96d77bc9f42484706bb017caf33f04dd55b34
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@@ -372,9 +372,7 @@ fi

#main upgrades start here
if [ -n "${clst_target}" ]; then
emerge @changed-deps || safe_exit
emerge @changed-deps || safe_exit

emerge --deep --update --newuse -kb --changed-use --newrepo @world || safe_exit
set_java #might fail, run it a few times
@@ -438,6 +436,7 @@ if [ -n "${clst_target}" ]; then
#remove kde/mate use flags, and pentoo-extra
rm -r /etc/portage/profile
emerge @changed-deps || safe_exit
#clean the user's systems a bit
eclean-pkg -d -t 3m
eclean-dist -d -t 3m

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