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pentoo-updater: no more need to exclude swt, but let's exclude samba …

…for a little while
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ZeroChaos- committed Nov 7, 2018
1 parent e820f33 commit 4104b77b6b921404f60711f61ede913ea4452e3f
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@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ if portageq list_preserved_libs /; then
emerge @preserved-rebuild --buildpkg=y || safe_exit
smart-live-rebuild 2>&1 || safe_exit
revdep-rebuild -i -- --rebuild-exclude dev-java/swt --exclude dev-java/swt --buildpkg=y || safe_exit
revdep-rebuild -i -v -- --rebuild-exclude=net-fs/samba --exclude=net-fs/samba --usepkg=n --buildpkg=y || safe_exit
emerge --deep --update --newuse -kb --changed-use --newrepo @world || safe_exit
#we need to do the clean BEFORE we drop the extra flags otherwise all the packages we just built are removed

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