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pentoo-updater: seperate it out a little bit so it doesn't try to use…

… bad packages
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ZeroChaos- committed Nov 6, 2019
1 parent a561b20 commit 68ba9594e5ab4f97eb314b351c103c7e492e1605
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@@ -367,6 +367,7 @@ fi

#main upgrades start here
emerge --buildpkg @changed-deps || safe_exit
emerge --deep --update --newuse -kb --changed-use --changed-deps --newrepo @world || safe_exit
set_java #might fail, run it a few times

@@ -389,7 +390,7 @@ if [ -n "${clst_target}" ]; then
echo "pentoo/pentoo kde mate" >> /etc/portage/profile/package.use
#add in pentoo-extra to build more binpkgs
echo 'USE="pentoo-extra"' >> /etc/portage/profile/make.defaults
emerge @changed-deps || safe_exit
emerge --buildpkg @changed-deps || safe_exit
emerge --buildpkg --usepkg --onlydeps --oneshot --deep --update --newuse --changed-use --changed-deps --newrepo pentoo/pentoo || safe_exit
etc-update --automode -5 || safe_exit

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