Tank Anarchy - Multiplayer Tank Battle Arena
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Tank Anarchy

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Tank Anarchy is an online multiplayer tank battle arena game that takes place in a single large world. Anyone who logs on can battle anyone else that's online at the same time.


  • Made with NodeJS and Socket.IO
  • The states of all the objects are all instantiated, updated, and managed server side. All calculations are done server side.
  • The client merely sends intents to the server, which are processed. The server returns a series of JSON objects that hold the state of the world to the client for rendering.
  • The server holds authoritative determination over the positions and states of all the objects.

Setting Up:

This project requires node version 6.0.0 or greater. We recommend using nvm to manage your node versions. npm, bower and gulp should be installed globally on your system.

npm install
bower install

The project Gulpfile already has a few custom processes to run.

gulp            # will compile the JS and LESS assets

gulp lint       # will lint the JS assets

gulp js         # will lint and compile the JS assets

gulp less       # will compile the LESS assets

gulp test       # will run the unit tests

gulp watch      # will watch the JS and LESS assets and compile them when
                # they are modified, recommended during development

gulp watch-js   # will only watch the JS assets

gulp watch-less # will only watch the LESS assets

gulp clean      # removes all the compiled assets


  • Fork this repository and set it up on your computer.
  • Commit to your own fork and send a pull request to the master repository.
  • Search for TODOs using git grep.
  • Note that only compiled sources are exposed on the server but are not committed to this repository. Do not commit compiled sources (/public/dist).
  • Your code will be reviewed and must be approved before it is merged.
  • gulp js and gulp test should not throw any errors in your code.
  • Please use our convention of 2 space tabs that are space characters and not tab characters.
  • Document any code that you write using Google's JSDOC conventions.


  • Alvin Lin (omgimanerd)
  • Kenneth Li (noobbyte)

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