My personal website, powered by jekyll and sass.
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atom.xml—a jekyll website

This is my personal website created with jekyll and a few other tools. It's very hacky at the moment due to me being new to Ruby, jekyll, all the tools and so on.

To get this running you'll need:

  • jekyll
  • jammit
  • optipng
  • compass

cd into the repo dir, copy _config.yml.default to _config.yml and edit it. Then run jekyll --auto --server. Open up another terminal and go to the same dir, run compass watch assets/ and visit http://localhost:4000/

Default rake will run all tasks, which will build website, compile SASS, concatenate and minify and deploy (or crash if you haven't set rsync up in config). Look in Rakefile for the individual tasks.

You're very welcome to fork/fix/send an issue!