Robo.Op is an open hardware / open software platform for hacking industrial robots.
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##Robo.Op ###Industrial Robots. Open for Creativity.

Robo.Op is an open hardware / open software platform for hacking industrial robots (IRs). Robo.Op makes it cheaper and easier to customize your IR for creative use, so you can explore the fringes of industrial robotics.

See this tutorial to get started.

Software Workflow

We built Robo.Op to bypass the expensive, proprietary software and hardware currently offered by robotics companies. Robo.Op enables artists and designers to (a) develop affordable custom tools for creative robotics, and (b) share tools and knowledge across robotic platforms.

Robo.Op is made of three components:

  • The Robot Tool Adaptor (RTA) – a universal adaptor sheild for developing affordable, custom tools for creative robotics.
  • A Processing Interface – a simplified, modular software interface for cross-platform programming of IRs.
  • A Centralized Knowledge Hub - this github-hosted project for sharing knowledge, tools, and code.

The full *Project Overview* can be found [here](
*** #### Opening Hardware For tutorials on adapting, fabricating, & assembling your RTA, click [here](,-Fabrication-&-Assembly).
To download the RTA fabrication files, click [here](

*** #### Opening Software For tutorials for using our Processing Interface to control your IR, click [here](
To download the code, click [here](

*** #### Sharing Knowledge Visit the [wiki]( for resources related to *Robo.Op* and creative robotics.